2023 Namkaran Dates with Muhurat for January Month

According to Hindu culture, the name you give to your child has special energy that allows it to resonate with the appropriate cosmic energy. It helps in the all round development of the child in a materialistic as well as spiritual way. In Hinduism, there are various rituals to be performed in one’s life right from birth. One of those important rituals is the naming ceremony at home which is a formal event in which a child is named and welcomed into the family and community. The traditional naming ceremony helps the child to gain good power in the society when he grows up. But it is very important to find the right Muhurta for every function to be held. In this article, we provide all the details regarding the dates and timings of your baby boy or girl naming ceremony 2023. If you are unsure about the correct procedure for naming, contact an expert astrologer and he will analyze your baby’s horoscope and decide when to celebrate the naming day.

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Namkaran In January 2023

DateMuhurat Time
January 4, 2023 08:40-10:00, 12.00 -16:00
January 23, 2023 07:50-08:50, 10:30-17:30
January 26, 2023 07:55-11:30
January 27, 2023 10:30-11:30, 13:20-17:10

Winding up

So, are you ready to keep the naming ceremony or barsa ceremony for your baby? Talk to an Expert Astrologer to check your baby’s horoscope in detail. He will assist you in fixing the right muhurat to perform the naming day ceremony in the right procedure.

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