About Us

Who are we? 

The brainchild of a technocrat Mr Kalpesh Shah, Predictive Technologies was started in 2019 to provide authentic astrology services. MyPandit provides accurate predictions and practical solutions for concerns regarding career, business, love, and other areas of life.  Operating from across India, Predictive Technologies has provided multilingual consultation to more than 3.5 lakh satisfied customers in just a span of a few years. And the number is increasing day after day. MyPandit is an authentic, affordable, and one-stop astrology destination. The best astrology and user-friendly mobile app that will allow you to instantly connect with Expert Astrologers, Numerologists, and even Vastu Experts any time of the day. The app offers personalized online consultation across the globe on phone to address your concerns in life. The services are provided by over 150+ verified experts who can speak multiple languages. The accuracy of our predictions and personalized consultations remains at the core of our business model. MyPandit is an ideal astrology app for knowing personalized daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope predictions. It also provides personalized matchmaking and compatibility with spouse, love partner, friends, colleagues, and bosses. You can enhance your home and office based on Vastu tips. You can know the Muhurat timings for the inauguration of office or house welcome parties and auspicious functions like Marriage, Mundan, and Godbharai.

Founder’s Profile

Mr Kalpesh Shah, the founder and CEO of MyPandit, is a firm believer in astrology. His belief in this Vedic science is deeply embedded in his family value system. The accuracy provided by Astrology always baffled him, and with every accurate prediction, his belief got stronger. This accuracy that Astrology provided always baffled him.  A detailed study of these Vedic principles firmed his belief that astrology is deeply rooted in science. According to him, there is a rationale behind everything that astrology decodes.  As a technocrat, the one sector that he saw a huge gap in was astrology. With a single focus of making the ancient heritage of Astrology accessible for all, MyPandit was launched.  With the core mission of providing authentic personalised astrological services at affordable prices, MyPandit was launched on June 21, International Yoga Day. “Yoga is wellness for the body; astrology is for the mind. Healthy is the one who lives a life devoid of stress, has clarity about the future and is full of positivity,” says Shah. This is where MyPandit’s astrologer can help you deal with stress.     

Our Vision

To help people across the globe have access to the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology.

Our Mission

To be the most reliable astrology solutions provider, delivering quality, affordability and personalised services with modern technology.

MyPandit Team

MyPandit believes in offering nothing but the best when it comes to astrological guidance. We believe that it is our mission to give authentic guidance to those who are in need of astrological advice. This is why MyPandit astrologers have been handpicked after a rigorous screening process to onboard them. Bearing in mind the clients’ expectations, a strict and systematic process for certification and validation of the team of astrologers has been created.