Wine, Women & Wits – A Toast to International Women’s Day 2023

For more than a century now, people all around the globe celebrate 8th March as International Women’s Day. We all know, ‘Who run the world?’ GIRLS. (Just listen to Queen B aka Beyoncé). But are you aware, why is it an important day? Is it really a celebration or a protest? Who started this and what for? Soon enough we will talk about the strong women of each zodiac sign but before that let’s talk about how it all started. All you gotta do is scroll.

Let’s Take a Sip of History

A Synopsis to Know the Reason Behind Celebrating International Women's Day on 8th March?

Talking About the Symbol of International Women’s Day

Aries Women

Taurus Women

Gemini Women

Cancer Women

Leo Women

Virgo Women

Libra Women

Scorpio Women

Sagittarius Women

Capricorn Women

Aquarius Women

Pisces Women

Did You Know That Each Country Had Their Special Way to Celebrate Women's Day?

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