Are you a Manglik? - We have Best Remedies For Mangal Dosha

Best Remedies For Mangal Dosha That Can Help A Manglik

As soon as someone says the words ‘mangal dosh’ or someone being a ‘manglik’, it creates a sense of fear! Even in popular media, it is often misinterpreted as bringing only negative impact on an individuals horoscope, especially in marriage. It is important to understand what the effects of Mars, a planet which is known for its aggression, means in Vedic Astrology. It has to be handled very carefully!

Traditional Indian wedding takes place after evaluating the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. This process is called ‘kundali matching’. All the aspects of compatibility are looked at by astrologers. This process is also known as ‘Guna Milan’. If the boy or girl, has Mangal Dosha in the horoscope, there is a possibility that the marriage fails miserably. Furthermore, it is a misconception that people with Manglik Dosha should have a partner who has Mangal Dosha too as astrology has remedies to offer you.

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Let us try and understand what Mangal Dosha is and find some crucial Manglik dosha remedies.

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What Does The Mangal Dosha Mean?

Remedies For Mangal Dosha

Characteristics of Mangal Dosha

Wrapping Up

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