How To Build A Successful Career According To Astrology?

Every person faces a problem in their lives over which career to follow and which area would provide them success and happiness. Choosing the right career path may not be easy for some aspirants. Especially in today’s world, where a lot of things are changing in education, it affects careers on a larger scale. Many colleges and courses are available online nowadays, but it’s really difficult to find a suitable career. You must know what you like the most, and then only you can move ahead. Sometimes whatever you like may not go in your favour.

So here is the solution to your question – How to choose the right career? You should take the help of astrology, which determines your true potential. In astronomy, planets play a crucial role in finding a suitable job. With the help of Native’s horoscope, one can see the planetary combinations and further decide what job they should get. Also, know the impact of planets on your life and personality with your Free Janampatri Report! Alright, let us learn in detail about how to choose the right career according to astrology.

Important Factors To Consider For Successful Career

Consider the below important factors for how to choose the right career according to astrology. Planetary transits and dasha systems should be favourable in your horoscope, which signifies overall success in the professional field. Career astrology will assist you in analysing your career with different calculative methods of astrology. In Vedic astrology, the 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house are considered in measuring success in an individual’s life. Let’s have a look at what these houses represent:

  • 2nd House: It represents the income of your work.
  • 6th house: It shows your daily routine and service.
  • 10th house: It determines career status and image.
  • The position of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in certain houses plays a very crucial role in determining success in a professional field.

Moreover, Saturn represents your discipline and hard work, while Jupiter is all about wisdom and knowledge. The planet Mercury shows your logical and analytical mind; the Sun symbolises the chance of a government job with authority and power. The red planet, Mars, shows your ability to pass competitive exams. The god of love, Venus, represents artistic talent and beauty with glamour and whereas Rahu may send you away from home for a foreign job.

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Powerful Planetary Combinations For Career Success

  • One must consider the ascendant and 10th house in one’s horoscope, and at the same time, the position of Sun, Moon and Saturn must be checked. There is no single specific planet that is responsible for a career, but Sun, Moon and Saturn are the prominent ones that show your hunger for success. Your professional success depends on what stream you choose, so you must be attentive while choosing the educational stream. Choosing the right career as per astrology helps you know things much better that you might not know earlier. Below are some powerful combinations you must know while analysing career success.
  • If the 10th lord is placed very well in Kendra and Trikona, the native may get closer to success. You may choose the right field in your professional life.
  • Parivartana yoga between the 10th house lord and the 5th or 9th house lord is considered very auspicious. So, those natives who have this combination may find career success.
  • Natives who have exalted 10th lord may find immense success in their career as well as in professional life.


On a conclusive note, we found how astrology plays an important role in digging career prospects and success. However, it also totally depends on what stream you choose for your career. You must stay alert in this and don’t take things casually. Career astrology is beneficial to find a desired field of profession. Consult our Expert Astrologers for choosing the right path of career.

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