What Job Should I Have? Phew! At Least Astrology Has Answer

What job should I have?- A question that mostly baffles us once we complete our education. And why wouldn’t it be since a career is a vital part of life? Life can be a little bit easier if there is a way to predict a future job? Actually, future profession prediction does exist and people can really gain quite an advantage from it. Questions like how to know my future job or how to predict my future career have their answers in astrology, that too an accurate one. Yes, definitely and probably quite an accurate one. Vedic Astrology reveals future profession predictions based on an intensive analysis of your birth chart.

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What Job Should I Have?- An Astrological Insight

The best person to answer the question called what job should I have is an experienced astrologer. An astrologer can create various relevant charts to predict your future career. Dasamsa charts are in-depth blueprints of your life, including what work you might do. The D1 chart is analysed in relation to D9 and D10 charts to ascertain the line of work you will be in. If your Lagna lord is sitting in your first house and there are good aspects from other planets, then you might be self-employed in future.

If you have Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga in your 4th house, you might get into property dealing, agriculture, hydroponic, marbles & tiles business, e-commerce business or even own vehicle showrooms. It is to be noted that Saturn’s placement has to be favourable and it should not be aspected by malefic planets.

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Whether you will be doing a government job or not can be known by seeing the placement and strength of the Sun in your chart. By consulting an astrologer, you will get to know if your Sun is exalted or debilitated. You can crack competitive exams to get government service if your 6th house is strong and placements of Saturn & Jupiter are conducive.

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What Job Should I Have?- The Way To Predict My Future Job

What job should I have- It has one more astrological answer. No matter what you are doing currently, if your D10 chart, Lagna chart and navamsa chart indicate different lines of work, then probably you will make a huge career change in future. You can be a lawyer now but might become an artist later. The placement of Venus can surely make someone very creative and pursue a career in this line.

If your Sun and Moon are debilitated, and you are not working as per your Lagna lord, then you might be making a mistake. Of course, you also have to consider where your 10th lord placed in the chart. If there are benefic planets in the 10th house, then you will have a smooth ride when your career starts.

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If your 3rd house is stronger than your 6th and 7th house, you will go for independent professions like freelancing work, authorship, chartered accountancy, YouTubing, web designing and more. You will get into the kind of work where you will have freedom.

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What Job Should I Have? - My Future Job Astrology According To Houses

If your 6th house is stronger than your 3rd and 7th house, you will be doing a 9 to 5 job; or maybe a 9 to late-night job depending upon the long hours your Saturn will make you work.

If there are favourable planets making your 7th house strong, you will get into business. If your Mercury is strong and sitting in the 5th house with Jupiter aspecting beneficially, you might get into share market and commodities trading.

With Sun and Mars conjunction and lord of the 10th house positioned favourably, you can get into the military. If your 2nd house is strong and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are placed favourably, then you can get into the banking & finance sector, educational institutions and creative fields such as art, music, writing and acting.

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What Will Be My Profession In Future Astrology According To Planets?

  • Sun: The fatherly figure in astrology can lead to the government job and the fields which need leadership skills.
  • Moon: The cool and calm planet can lead you to creativity and beauty. As a result, media, movie industry, and fashion designing are some of the options that forth due to Moon.
  • Mercury: It stands for calculation and analysis. Therefore, Chartered accountant, mathematics or accountant tutoring, or the overall field of accounts are some of the suitable jobs.
  • Jupiter: It is responsible for making a person wise and developing intellectual skills of a person. Hence, don’t be surprised, as the natives mostly end up as a teacher, counsellors, and writers.
  • Mars: This aggressive and fiery planet mostly brings jobs which are related to construction, merchandising, and property dealing.
  • Saturn: The planet which governs fairness can bring stone-related jobs such as textiles and manufacturing.
  • Rahu and Ketu: The tricky aspect of these shadow planets are that they give most benefits if placed in the benefic house, but if posited in the malefic house; they can everything from the native. The jobs which Rahu and Ketu bring are related to pharmaceuticals, import, and export of chemicals and drugs, etc.

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The Takeaway

Getting to know what your future job would be is can be extremely helpful. You will also get insights on what preparatory skills you need to develop for a smooth transition into the career you are meant for. You should always get a detailed astrological report on your career from knowledgeable astrologers. They have the expertise to derive reliable information about this.

What job should I have or how to know my future job are questions which may give stress. Talk to astrologers to gain a solution. First consultation is Free.

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