Career Prediction By Date Of Birth: A Full-Proof Way To Achieve Success

It might sound superstitious but career prediction by date of birth is actually a concept, that too a beneficial one. With so many changes in lifestyle and demand in the world, one is often conditioned according to the general norm. Since childhood, depending on the environment and outside influences, you are made to do something that might not even suit you. That’s why Vedic Astrology plays such an important role. It gives a clear picture based on your natal chart of what career you should choose. If you are struggling in your current work or unable to find a new job, go for an expert astrology consultation to get a real picture of the issues.

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How To Determine Your Career In Astrology?

The astrologers prepare divisional charts that are intensive and specific. There are not one or two but many divisional charts and sixteen among them are crucial ones. One gets clear information to the extent that it seems impossible to believe how accurate they are. Let’s say you are in medicine and want to know which branch of medicine or what position to go for; consult an expert astrologer.

The astrologer, after analysing your Kundli by date of birth, advises you to be a nurse, orthopaedic, dentist or surgeon. You can find out that where the clusters of planets are posited in your natal chart and what they signify for your best career options. For instance, your success in the medical field can be revealed by looking at how Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in your chart are positioned.

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Give your birth details, including your birth date, time, and place, to a career expert astrologer, understand what planets are in your 10th house and what they imply. The 10th house is ‘the Karmasthan’, which reveals what your karma is. There are four types of Karma – Prarabdha, Sanchita, Agami, and Kriyamana. All four have to be performed, and if one misses seeing the complete picture, he/she struggles a lot in the work area. So, it’s better to take the advice of an experienced astrologer to get your accurate career analysis.

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Is Saturn in your 6th house? Are you not listening to your heart to be a service to humanity? You might be making a mistake. Saturn is the tenth house lord, and it is about discipline, order, and structure. Where in the chart it is placed makes a huge impact. Also, the ‘Drishti’ (aspect) of Saturn in the house helps to give you a clearer picture of what you are supposed to do when it comes to your suitable career choices. Hence, Saturn can make a huge impact on your career choices.

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How Do I know When I Will Get A Job?

If you have been putting in a lot of effort for a long and still not finding success, astrology can help you in overcoming the challenges. It’s best to keep the first step right with expert guidance; instead of putting your effort into the unsuitable field of your career. The question- when I get a new job based on astrology can be only solved by an experienced astrologer.

Well, the 3rd house is the house of efforts, and the 11th house is ‘Labh Ghar’ or the house of gains. It will indicate what amount of effort you will put in, what direction you will move in, and how much gain is in your destiny.

One interesting fact about astrology career prediction is that Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Ketu are not considered while doing horoscope interpretation? But they can have an indirect effect on your career by being positioned in certain houses. They can bring about a lot of cyclical or sudden circumstances, which can be either an obstacle or a breakthrough in the career field.

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Job Prospects Through Kundali Analysis

Moon and Rahu can reveal what you are passionate about. Rahu is ‘obsession,’ and the Moon is ‘mindset’. If you are still wondering what are your job prospects, then their placements in your chart can tell a lot. In fact, the 2nd house is also a signifier of a career as it is where your conditioning and values come from.

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Career Path Prediction By Date Of Birth In Indian Astrology

Wonder what really affects your career path? It has a lot to do with your Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka. On a high key, Atmakaraka is your soul’s purpose, and Amatyakaraka is the guide to your soul.

Amatyakaraka is like a cart that takes your soul to fulfil its purpose. So, you might start your career in a certain field and might end up doing something you never thought of. Like many actors and actresses, they start their careers in the film industry and shift to politics or social services afterwards.

There is a lot of aspects that need to be seen in congruence with each other to come up with relevant careers. An astrologer not only points out where you are going wrong but also shows the right career path.

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The Final Takeaway

Hence, career prediction by date of birth can be a good choice in order to succeed in life. People seek it to figure out a suitable career path. When you are satisfied with the work you do, success easily comes to you.

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