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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage – What’s In Your Destiny?

When will I get married? Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? These questions are common nowadays and have driven many of us crazy. And we bet you are also looking for one hint of whether your marriage will be a love or arranged. And the good news is we have a clue for you. Yes, Vedic astrology has that answer.

Of course, the popularity of arranged marriage turned into love marriage in today’s modern world can’t be ignored. It goes without saying that all relations do not end in marriage. This is where the love or arranged marriage prediction astrology by date of birth comes into the picture.

If you are dating someone, it doesn’t mean your romantic relationships end up in a lifetime of companionship. Your birth chart must have strong yoga (combination of the planets) for relationships to turn into a marriage. But in case there are no love marriage yogas in your Kundli, you can face disappointments and breakups in your romantic life. But there might be other planets that may turn your life around in 2022. Know what twists and turns you are likely to face in 2022 with your Free Yearly Report.

7th House - Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Based on Astrology

Love Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

Arranged Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

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