Your Lucky Number And Lucky Color As Per Astrology

Have you ever been asked by anyone about your favourite colour? Our life is full of colours when seeing it. Colours help you to freshen up your mind and body. With different colours, you can have different characteristics. Do you know about your lucky number as per astrology, lucky color as per astrology?

Colours and Numbers bring some extra boost to your luck and fortune. The Vedic Astrology suggests that each colour and number has its significance. Also, they connect with your zodiac signs.

You might be wondering how to find lucky number as per astrology? After you get to know your lucky number or colour, you can understand life better. Also, you can use them for better luck and enjoy the benefits out of it. As per Vedic astrology, the Lucky number has a special energy to affect your life in a positive or a negative way.

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How to Find Lucky Number or Colour as per Astrology?

Astrology has a different method and base to decide the lucky number or lucky colour for you. Below is the list of the factors that help you to know the lucky number or lucky colour that benefits you.

Factors To Determine Lucky Number as per Astrology:

  • Lucky number as per astrology birth chart
  • Lucky number as per astrology by date of birth
  • Lucky number as per zodiac sign

Factors To Determine Lucky Color as per Astrology:

  • Lucky colour as per astrology birth chart
  • Lucky colour as per astrology by date of birth
  • Lucky colour as per zodiac signs

How Colours Affect Our Lives?

Every individual can use the benefit of a lucky number or lucky colour. Different numbers and colours have specific effects on a particular zodiac sign. We bring you a list of colours and numbers along with their impact as per astrology.

  • Red: It is one of the solid colours, and it signifies love, happiness and prosperity. Red is also the colour that is used to symbolise aggression. In many signs of danger, red is used to inform people about the risk. Mars and the Sun both rule two different reds. The red ruled by Mars signifies aggression, whereas the red led by the Sun is a symbol of royalty. In order to know about your lucky colour and its ruling planet, use your birth chart.
  • Yellow: The colour Yellow is a sign of intelligence and positivity. It is also the colour of knowledge and upgrades your thinking abilities. You may find inspiration and encouragement to reach your targets. As per Astrology, Yellow stands for the positive aura, logical thinking and decision making. Jupiter is the ruler of this colour, and it is associated with abundant good luck.
  • Green: This colour symbolises growth, fertility and goodwill. Green is the colour associated with family life. The Vedic Astrology suggests that Mercury rules green. It also signifies harmony and hope. Green is used to calm the anger of people. It helps them regain their senses.
    Blue: This colour is associated with the Water element. Blue is the symbol of positivity and protection. It also signifies faith, trust and stability. People believe Blue colour is the representation of heaven. It is the colour of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Violet: This colour possesses the mixed energies of Blue and Red colour. Violet is the colour of intellects, High-values and principles. It denotes growth in life. Characteristics associated with Violet are goal-oriented and excitement. Also, Violet brings loads of good luck and wealth.
  • Black: Saturn and Rahu are the rulers of Black colour. It has the ability to compromise other colours. Black is the colour of power and attraction. This colour also possesses negative factors like hesitation, opposition, and obstruction.
  • White: White means pure and simple. It is also the colour of new beginnings in life. The Vedic astrology suggests Venus is the ruler of White. However, this colour has the capacity to bring freshness to life. It also helps to gain insights into the business.

We hope you now understand the importance of colours in life. The perfect use of suitable colour helps you to bring good fortune. Success and Happiness in life are deeply associated with the choice of colours.

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How Numbers Affect Our Lives?

  • One: If your zodiac’s lucky number is One, you are ambitious, optimistic and determined.
  • Two: This number is linked to imagination and romance. If your lucky number is two, then you might be on the back seat and not lead.
  • Three: If Three is your number, then you are observant and worthy of trust.
  • Four: People with Four as a lucky number are loners and emotional.
  • Five: A person with Five as a lucky number is business-minded and possess extraordinary decision-making skills.
  • Six: Lucky number Six means you are a kind, creative and organised person in life.
  • Seven: This is a number that signifies restlessness, innovation and freedom.
  • Eight: If you have eight as a lucky number, then you are a workaholic and clever. But mind well as this number is not friendly with other numbers.
  • Nine: This is the number of bravery, lucidity, and solidity.

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We End Here

We hope that all the facts about your lucky colour and lucky number are pretty clear to you. In case you are still confused or else keen to know more, then an Astrologer might help you.

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