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Changes in the climate

How much pollution will our atmosphere withstand until it permanently alters our planet?
Methane and nitrous oxide, two greenhouse gases 25 and 300 times more active than carbon dioxide, is released by animal waste. We are approaching irreversible tipping points, according to climate scientists. Frozen tundra (icy soils) emit methane as the earth warms. This fuels the engine even more.

A ‘positive feedback loop’ has been identified in relation to climate change.

Wildfires are another example of constructive feedback. Hotter temperatures trigger more fires, which release greenhouse gases, raising global warming and fueling more fires.

To escape these disastrous ‘runaway’ scenarios, civilisation only hopes to restore atmospheric carbon to a safe level. According to scientists, 2°C of global warming can be safe. To do this, CO2 levels in the atmosphere must be kept below 350 parts per million (ppm).

We’ve surpassed 400 parts per million.

Governments currently subsidise fossil fuels with more than $5.3 trillion a year (6.5 percent of global GDP). It is critical that we band together to address the vast economic distortion that continues to accumulate wealth and influence in the hands of individuals and corporations who have little regard for the global commons or future human lives.

If we do so, one of the most effective lifestyle changes we can make to combat climate change is to reduce meat intake.

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Conclusion: Veganism is likely to be the Zodiac Sign

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