The Significance Of Winter Solstice And It’s Effects On Zodiac Signs

Winter Solstice is one of the most important days of the year. It occurs when the Sun makes its presence in the southernmost point. This celestial event occurs every year in late December. Some of you might take it as the birthday of the Sun. Well, it’s true. The Sun begins its journey towards the north every year, starting from the winter solstice. The Solstice is quite powerful when other planets like Jupiter or Saturn forms a conjunction with one another.

About Winter Solstice

The winter Solstice is said to be the shortest day of the entire year. Spiritually it is quite a phenomena that bear an impact on human life and the mind. The Winter Solstice comes with new aspirations and brings in fresh changes in the season. This day has a very significant role from the perspective of astrology.

We know that all lives thrive upon balance. But we do need to sustain this balance for a longer duration for living a fulfilled life. These two extremes should be balanced to sustain our lives. So, nature also bears two equinoxes to maintain a balance. The Spring Equinox comes on 21st March and the Autumn Equinox falls on 23rd September. This is the time when the duration of days is almost equal to the duration of nights in the entire world. The Summer Solstice takes place on 21st June. On this day, we experience the longest duration of the day in the whole year. An equinox and a solstice further help us to realize the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. Also, it marks the beginning of a new season and the end of the previous one.

Astrological Significance

A solstice is considered to be quite an interesting astronomical phenomena. It occurs twice every year. During the solstice, the Sun will reach its bottom-most point or at its peak in relation to the celestial equator. The celestial equator is considered a huge imaginary circle going around the planet earth and remains on the same plane as the equator. The very basic meaning of solstice is that the Sun stands still to this day. We could experience the stillness of the Sun on the same day of solstice.

Winter Solstice represents the shortest day out of 365 days. If we look at it astrologically, then it is the time when the cardinal zodiac sign of Capricorn begins. Looking at the Winter Solstice from a spiritual perspective marks the rebirth of life on the earth. From the day of the solstice, the days start to be longer while the Sun begins to shine a bit brighter. This time period is symbolic of Positivity, hope and faith. Such geological phenomena have the ability to create some or more astrological impact. As per Vedic Astrology, the Winter Solstice is known to have an immense impact on human life and the mind.

Jupiter And Saturn's Conjunction During Winter Solstice

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs after every 20 years. Before the very outer three planets were discovered, Jupiter and Saturn were the farthest planets from the earth. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter made the astrologers believe that such an alignment of the planets marks the longest cycles among any planetary combinations. So, the astrologers called the Saturn Jupiter conjunction as ‘The Great Mutation’, which became a representation of a new cultural zeitgeist. A culture zeitgeist is defined by the mood or spirit of a particular time period and characterized by the beliefs and ideals of that situation.

If we look at the last 160 years of history, such conjunctions brought tremendous changes and affected the core of the material plane. Industrialization, with all of its perks and advantages, have seen tremendous growth and the very center of attraction. In today’s world, the great conjunction has aspect on the social and mental part. This can aid in the intensification of previously unheard of and unimaginable technological advancements. Such a transformation may impact our lives, too, as it can transform the cultural outlook from nationalism to universalism.

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Winter Solstice Impacts On The Zodiac Signs

Below are the effects of winter solstice on the natives of the different zodiac signs.

Effects On Individuals Of Aries

During Winter Solstice, your ruling planet is Mars. Hence it will be a good time for you to implement the plans and new projects that you have been thinking of for some time. However, success will be highly dependent on your ability to be patient. You should let your plans evolve over a period of time after the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Taurus

During this phase, your focus might move to the primary relationships of your life. In fact, you might start thinking about all the relationships in your life. Your creative ideas will find a voice at such times. However, it is advisable to move your focus in finances and potentials in the months following the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Gemini

The month of Winter Solstice may open all the lines of communication for you. You are sure to grow in this growing phase. Share the information that you have and give emotional support to the ones in need. However, you can also be quite vulnerable in this transit phase. But such vulnerability will enhance the intimacy of the situations in the later months.

Effects On Individuals Of Cancer

The full moon in and around Winter Solstice can activate your inner feelings. The natives might get clear and comfortable with their emotional side. You may get quite supportive towards the ones who are going through some emotional pain. You may find yourself healing the emotional pain of others in the coming months after the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Leo

Winter Solstice will mark a transitional phase for you overall. You should work on resolving your health issues. It is advisable to be proactive during these months, so pay special attention to your work and diet. You may find yourself being focused on gaining information and refining your awareness in the months following the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Virgo

The Winter Solstice period will mark new heights of confidence in your life. You are expected to be at your creative during this time. You may indulge in new activities with your friends and family. You may find yourself positively charged in the months following the Winter Solstice

Effects On Individuals Of Libra

In this phase of Winter Solstice, you may get connected with your friends and family. You might look for social connections as well. You can have gatherings in your home or outdoor spaces to feel more connected. In the months following the Winter Solstice, you will see yourself basking in happy relationships.

Effects On Individuals Of Scorpio

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of a creative phase. New projects may arrive soon. You might feel the tendency to control other people, so be cautious of the fact. Do not let any situation become explosive. Of course, you should own your authority, but at the same time, do not expect others to oblige. This holds true for the months following the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Sagittarius

This shortest day of the month may have effects on your professional life. You may see changes around your working space, or you may get the transfer notice at far places. Business owners should look after their work as you may not earn desired profit during this phase. Young individuals should focus on their career. You may have social gathering as well.

Effects On Individuals Of Capricorn

This phase of Winter Solstice may light up your dark world. You might want to be more accepting and involving in your social life. At the same time, you may find yourself being very attentive and accepting of the newer parts of your own character. You should be attentive to your personal and professional life during the Winter Solstice.

Effects On Individuals Of Aquarius

The Winter Solstice phase is full of adventures for you so, you may learn new things. Practical achievements are favourable during this phase. You may find yourself lost in contemplation during this phase. In the months following the Winter Solstice, you would work towards progressing your unique and productive nature.

Effects On Individuals Of Pisces

This phase may assists you in focusing on the inner aspects of your life. You may find yourself spending more time with yourself. You may become self-introspect and contemplate. You may find yourself being indulgent in spiritual rituals as well. In the months following the winter solstice, you may boost your confidence too.

Wrapping Up

We understood how the union of day and night have multiple effects on our lives. Also, Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction play a vital part during the winter solstice. Eventually, we learned that there is an astrological significance during the occurrence of this celestial event. With this, we hope you have a pleasant time reading this.

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