Astrology Planets and Their Meanings – Welcome to the Planetary World

Welcome to the astrology world! As you know, astrology is science and analysis based on the planetary transits in the solar system. No need to mention, there is a total of nine planets. But in the astrology world, apart from the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered as planets. By the way, our body is made up of Panchmahabhuta, and each planet plays an equally important role in our life. It is a complete cycle. So without ado, let’s discuss the nine planets in Vedic Astrology.

Sun in Astrology

Moon in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology

Venus in Astrology

Mars in Astrology

Jupiter in Astrology

Saturn in Astrology

Rahu in Astrology

Ketu in Astrology

Which Planet is Powerful in Astrology?

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