Saturn In Astrology Houses & Effect

The lord of the rings, Saturn, plays the role of a strict father who keeps teaching their children about discipline and future responsibilities. Not only that, it demands immense effort from you before you get a taste of success. That’s okay, Saturn, but it doesn’t mean you always keep us huffed and puffed. Anyways, we have come up with another fascinating blog to understand Saturn’s nature, characteristics, and traits.

If we believe in myths, it says that Goddess Parvati mistakenly cursed the Karmic planet. Later, when mother Parvati realized the fact, she blessed Saturn with a boon that natives may not perform important life events without the influence of Saturn. This malefic planet, Shani, was born to the Sun and Chhaya. it has unfriendly relations with his father. The god of death, Yama, is the elder brother of Saturn. It is a cold and dry planet of our stellar system, which is associated with the longevity of individuals.

Natives often consider Saturn as a bad professor who loves to punish their students. But if you succeed as a topper, it may give you rewards. It also judges your good or bad karma in the present life and provides the result accordingly. Natives are scared of this planet because it believes in strictness, aggression and discipline. If you fail to meet the demands of Saturn, you may find yourself amid challenging times.

Saturn Characteristics In Astrology

  • Longevity
  • Ugly hair
  • Gas giant
  • Lord of the rings
  • Son of Surya and Chhaya
  • Liar
  • Follower of Yama
  • Obstructions
  • Giver of sorrows
  • Significator of night-born natives
  • Thefts and robberies
  • Hunter

Significance Of Saturn In Astrology

The planet Saturn has great importance in Vedic astrology as it is the significator of lifetime, technicality, or misery. And therefore, it is necessary to check its position in the individual’s chart. If you have a well-placed Saturn in your kundali, it may help you earn name and fame. But if you have Saturn in a debilitated sign or weak Saturn, it may form obstacles in your life. Moreover, Saturn is the Karak planet for the 6th, 8th, or 10th houses.

In the zodiac circle, Saturn rules over the Capricorn and Aquarius sign of the 10th and 11th houses. It takes almost 30 years to complete its revolution in one zodiac sign. Besides, Shani is the lord of Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. Natives having Saturn in the exalted sign may face fewer troubles. Whereas if it conjuncts with Mars, you may be prone to unexpected accidents. Saturn in the Libra zodiac sign becomes exalted, while it becomes debilitated in Aries.

By analysing the placement of Shani in the individual’s chart, one can know about the period of Sade Sati and Dhaiya. If the natal Moon is in the second house and Saturn passes through the 12th house, it will form the period of Sade Sati. This period will be seven and a half years, and so, it is called Sade Sati. If Saturn is in the 4th or eighth house from the position of the natal Moon, it will form Dhaiya (Mini Panoti).

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Now, let’s move on to dig deeper into its placement in different houses and conjunction with other planets.

The Placement Of Saturn In The 12 Houses

If Saturn is sitting in the houses of 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th, it may give you positive results as these houses offer a comfortable seat for the malefic planets. On the other side, 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses are considered bad houses. Below are the results of Saturn according to its placement in the different houses.

Saturn in the 1st house

If Saturn is placed in the first house, it determines the health, strengths, weaknesses, and personality of the native. You may have excellent managing skills, and you work in an organized way. You may not mind investing more time and energy into your work as you would be keen to complete it. However, if the ringed planet is debilitated in this house, you may suffer from difficult times at a very young age.If Saturn is placed in the first house, it determines the health, strengths, weaknesses, and personality of the native. You may have excellent managing skills, and you work in an organized way. You may not mind investing more time and energy into your work as you would be keen to complete it. However, if the ringed planet is debilitated in this house, you may suffer from difficult times at a very young age.

Saturn in the 2nd house

Saturn’s presence in this house may bless you with more money. You may find multiple ways to increase your income. But you may not be able to save money until you are at the age of 35. This combination makes you hardworking, focused and disciplined so that you can strengthen your financial status. It signifies that essential comforts or luxurious items could be on the cards for you. Read more

Saturn in the 3rd house

Natives having Saturn in the 3rd house may experience ups and downs with their siblings. You would be poor at communicating, and therefore, your words may hurt others, especially if they are your brothers/sisters. However, if this house is aspected by Venus or Jupiter, it may not have any harmful effects on you. With this placement, you will be a great admirer of knowledge and philosophy. Read more

Saturn in the 4th house

The fourth house is connected with your mother, happiness, and early age. If Saturn occupies this house, it may damage relations with your parents. This is an unfavourable placement of Saturn, which may have adverse effects on your family. This combination indicates that you are likely to grow up with your grandparents or guardian as parents may not play a huge part in your life. Read more

Saturn in the 5th house

This placement of Saturn in the 5th house determines how you express yourself to others. It may also affect your father’s income. Besides, a strong Saturn in this house represents that you may put more efforts and creativity into your work. Natives who are already married may face difficulties at the time of childbirth. You may enjoy less intimacy with your life partner. Read more

Saturn in the 6th house

If the 6th house is occupied by Saturn, you may take your job too seriously. You may give more time to research work. You make sure whatever details you enter are correct or not. This may earn you admiration and appreciation from your seniors at the workplace. If you have weak Saturn in the sixth house, you should be attentive to your health. Read more

Saturn in the 7th house

The 7th house Saturn planet in astrology may bring disturbance and disharmony in your marriage life. So, it is suggested that you should get married after the age of 30. If Saturn in the house of marriage is aspected by the auspicious planets, it may give favourable outcomes in your marriage life. In regard to professional life, you may develop new collaboration with business partners. Read more

Saturn in the 8th house

This position of Saturn will increase burdens on your shoulders as you may have extra work responsibilities. This combination is another bad placement of Saturn, which creates hurdles and problems in your professional life. This placement may negatively impact your health, and you may have long term health issues or death. Also, it states that your spouse may experience a money shortage.

Saturn in the 9th house

The combination of Saturn and the 9th house will incline you towards spirituality and religious activities. Also, it may lead you to career growth following your period of ups and down in your education. You may stay busy making business trips to get a stable income. Saturn of 9th house will make you self-centred, narrow-minded, and aggressive.

Saturn in the 10th house

This placement may give you positive results as your hard work may turn into success. You may get more than one career achievement. You may earn good wealth and prosperity. Saturn of 10th house may serve you opportunities, but you also get obstacles along with them. However, in personal life, this combination may not work well for you as you will have chances to spoil relations with your father.

Saturn in the 11th house

If Saturn is placed in the 11th house, you are likely to have multiple sources of income. It represents that you and your spouse may have proper earnings to get stable financial growth. If you have a strong Saturn in this house, you may receive unconditional support from your friends and close ones. But if it is weak, you are likely to become introvert and may find it difficult to make friends. Read more

Saturn in the 12th house

Natives with this combination in their birth charts may usually stay alone. This is because you may believe in individual efforts, and therefore, you may end up working at secluded places. You may even plan to settle in foreign countries, and this may help you find success. Slowly you may also find spiritual interest in your life. If Debilitated Saturn occupies the 12th house, it may pull you down in depression.

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The Conjunction Of Saturn With Other Planets

Friendly planets: Mercury, Venus
Enemies planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Ketu
Neutral planets: Jupiter

If Saturn unites with its friends like Mercury or Venus, it may bless you with working abilities and desire success. However, if the conjunction happens between Saturn and the enemy planet, you fall prey to your hidden enemies or are prone to accidents. Let’s see what happens when Saturn forms conjunctions with other planets.

The conjunction of Saturn and Sun

If these two planets unite in the same house, you may fall short of your career success. You may be unable to complete your graduation or higher studies. This is one of the dreadful combinations, which delay success by forming life hurdles. This union of Sun and Saturn may cause issues in the father-son relationship.

The conjunction of Saturn and Moon

The combo of Saturn and Moon may help you to progress in the correct path of your career, but you may fail to meet success. Besides, you may also face difficulties in marriage or progeny. This union indicates that you may have a pessimistic approach in life. In short, you may not get much help from this conjunction.

The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury

The association of Saturn and Mercury may help you accomplish your goals. You will be punctual, practical, and focused on your ambitions. If this conjunction takes place in the exalted sign, Mercury may sharpen your speaking abilities, while Saturn will make sure your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

The conjunction of Saturn and Venus

If Saturn is sharing the space with Venus, it may give you challenges and hardship until the age of 30. Thereafter, you may have a convenient and comfortable life. Natives getting married before turning 30, should take care of their health and marriage life.

The conjunction of Saturn and Mars

The conjunction between Saturn and Mars may give you unfavourable results. It indicates that you may misuse your energies and strength to fulfil your wishes. As a result, you may have anxiety and depression. This conjunction may affect your health, or you may succumb to road accidents.

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

This rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter may bless you with an optimistic approach and punctuality in life. These two slow-moving planets will make you disciplined, inclined, and systematic towards your work. You will understand the real meaning of your life after the age of 29.

The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu/Ketu

If Rahu is united with Saturn, you may indulge in illegal activities like theft, robbery, or corruption. You will earn more money by unrighteous means. Whereas, if Ketu comes closer to Saturn in the same house, you will become stubborn and aggressive. Saturn-Ketu may hamper the relations with your close ones.

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Remedies to reduce the negative effects of weak Saturn

The sole meaning of Saturn in astrology is that no matter what situation arises, you need to keep working hard. Some of you may still get negative results from the taskmaster, and that is possibly due to weak Saturn in your birth chart. Nevertheless, below are the remedies to reduce the bad impacts of weak Saturn.

  • Donate things like seeds, iron or leather
  • Refrain from eating non-veg food and stop consuming alcohol
  • Offer milk to the roots of the tree
  • Insert an iron nail at the main door of the house
  • Always keep water-filled earthen pots while performing important life events

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In a Nutshell

Considering the astrological theories, we conclude that Saturn is a significant celestial body of the cabinet. Also, we learned about its good and bad impacts from the different houses. Following that, we found the results of Saturn’s conjunction with other planets. This was indeed interesting to learn about the traits of malefic planets. In the end, we shared tips to reduce the effects of weak Saturn, which may keep your hopes alive of living a luxurious life. That’s all for this edition. We hope you cleared your queries related to Saturn.

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