Characteristics and Importance of the Sun in Vedic Astrology

The Sun is a planet as per Astrology and is considered to be the King of all planets. It is because all the planets in the solar system shine by the light of the Sun. Hence, it plays an essential role in astrology and is the most powerful and authoritative planet.

So, today we will discuss the role and importance of the Sun in astrology, how is the influence of the Sun in different houses, and what happens if the Sun is weak or afflicted in your horoscope.

Everyone knows that there are 9 planets and 12 houses, and these planets keep moving. So all the planets, including the Sun, will be placed in one of the houses in your Janam Kundli. As here we are talking about the importance of the Sun in astrology, we will skip other planets.

Now, coming to the Sun, do you know what the planet Sun represent in astrology? If not, no worries, let’s have a ride through the role and importance of the Sun in astrology.

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Characteristics of Planet Sun in Astrology

  • Indicator of Soul
  • Giver of life
  • Rules ancestors
  • Father
  • Your ego
  • Honour
  • Status
  • Your heart
  • Your eyes
  • Fame
  • Respect
  • General Vitality
  • Power

Importance of the Position of the Sun in Astrology

The results that the Sun presence in your horoscope delivers is as precious as Sanjivani. Single herb capable of curing all kinds of illness. Wow, what power! So, the importance of the Sun in astrology is quite high. And this is why the consideration of the Sun’s placement is essential during the analysis of the birth chart.

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is the ruler of the 5th house, which is Leo. In other words, the Sun is the lord of the 5th house as well, while the Sun is exalted in Aries. Suppose the transiting Sun is at 10 degrees in the sign Aries. In that case, the Sun is favourable as it is in a highly exalted state. On the other end, it becomes subdued if it is at 10 degrees in the sign Libra.

However, the Sun governs the nakshatra (constellation) too. Any guesses? It’s Kritika Nakshatra in Aries sign, Uttara Phalguni in Virgo sign, and Uttarashadha in Capricorn sign.

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Relations of the Sun with Other Planets

Natural Friends: The Moon, Mars, and Jupiter
Neutral: Mercury
Natural Enemies: Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu

Now we know the relationship between the Sun and other planets, it will be interesting to understand the effects of the Sun’s conjunction with these planets.

  • The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon

Natives having Sun and Moon together in one house are determined, focused, and strong-willed. The combination will make you full of energy and allow them to work tirelessly to accomplish whatever they aspire for. Read More…

  • The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury

Having Sun and Mercury in one house will form an auspicious called Budhaditya Yoga. The combination will bless the natives with lots of intelligence and knowledge. Also, the learning and understanding ability will help them to progress in many areas of your life. Read More…

  • The conjunction of the Sun and Mars

The combination of the Sun and Mars forms Angarak Dosh. As the name suggests, Agarak means fiery and hot. So the natives are hot-headed and lose their temper frequently. However, nothing to worry about this as their temper will remain for a short time only. But your impulsive and sudden decisions may lead to some problem one day. Read More…

  • The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter

Powerful spiritual effects will pass on to the natives having the Sun and Jupiter in one house. It goes without saying that the Sun is the soul. In contrast, Jupiter represents our inner-self as per Vedic astrology. Hence this combination will create an inclination for religious activities and spirituality to the natives. However, it would be best to avoid restricting yourself as this conjunction can make the native relatively rigid. Read More…

  • The conjunction of the Sun and Venus

Hooray Henry! The combination of the Sun and Venus is auspicious. How? Venus offers enthusiasm, and immense energy is radiated by the Sun. And the King with a sophisticated planet, royal attitude is bound to come. But there may be some dissatisfaction when the Sun and Venus are placed under the same roof. Read More…

  • The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn

The father and son are pairing up in one house! Needless to say, Saturn is the son of the Sun, and the relationship between them is not healthy. So, when in conjunction, it forms Shrapit Dosh. Hence, the natives have to struggle a lot to achieve their goals. Also, the relationship with your father as well as your son may not remain cordial. 

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  • The Conjunction of the Sun and Rahu or Ketu

Shadow planets combined with the Sun are not considered auspicious. It forms Grahan Dosha. As you know, the Sun represents your forefathers. So, the conjunction of Sun and Rahu or Ketu also forms Pitrudosha. The path of success and growth is full of obstacles. Also, never-ending difficulties and constraints may deplete your self-confidence. Read More…

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However, the results of conjunctions altogether depend upon the sign and houses that the planet Sun occupies. With no ado, join us to know the influence and role of the Sun in different houses

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Influence of the Sun in Different Houses

Talking about the houses, the Sun could be very powerful in the 1st (ascendant), 10th or 11th houses. But the influence will not be too spectacular in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses though it is a friendly sign.

  • The Sun in the First House

The Sun will bless you with ample vitality and optimistic energy. What charisma? Yes, the influence of the Sun in the first house makes you cheerful. Although you are reckless and hot-tempered, at times, you are lazy too. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Second House

This placement of the Sun will impact your emotions, feelings, and also your relationships with your close ones. You will be adamant about your ethics and moral values. Also, your approach to life is logical and practical. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Third House

You will analyse all situations tactfully. Bow down to your intelligence and the knowledge you possess. The more you do, the more you master it. This is the mantra of your life, and don’t mind sharing your knowledge and ideas with others. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Fourth House

You are a homebody and are family-oriented too. So it goes without saying that you will take good care of your close ones. Also, you will fight from tooth to nail to ensure that your family enjoys all the pleasures and luxuries in life. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Fifth House

The inclination for sports and athletics will be there as the Sun is placed in the fifth house. Also, your performance will remain good in different tournaments. Your love for self will not be dangerous unless it turns into egoism. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Sixth House

The Sun placed here makes you very cautious. You will try hard to inculcate skills, the ones you lack to progress in life. However, this will help you to grow at a personal level also. Getting along with others is quite easy for you. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Seventh House

There may be a strong urge for sharing and caring. Once you meet your soulmate, you are likely to progress in your personal life and professional life. However, you will give your all in the relationship, but expect the same from your partner too. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Eighth House

Your response would be quick in crisis times. However, your ability to control challenges and sudden difficulties is worth-noting. So, you can be the first one to approach in times of uncertainty. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Ninth House

You are likely to have an interest in learning foreign languages. Also, you may incline to spiritual activities. Your curiosity may lead you to explore the whole world. This is why you travel a lot to nearby and far-off places. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun’s presence in the House of Profession may help you be successful in your career. Also, your burning desire to be at the pinnacle will get fulfilled by the blessings of the Sun. However, you will work hard too for achieving new heights in your respective field. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Eleventh House

Your only goal in life would be winning the hearts of others. However, making new friends is your cup of tea. When it comes to organisational activities, it’s hard to match you. However, you always wish to change the world and make it a better place to live. Read More…

  • The Sun in the Twelfth House

You will continuously be involved in reshaping your past deeds knowingly or unknowingly. On the professional front, you need clarity to achieve your goals, but a proper plan is required to perform well. Otherwise, you are a great performer. Read More...

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Results of Sun Transit

As you know, the Sun stays for a month in one sign and completes the zodiac cycle in one year. During its transit from Capricorn to Gemini, the Sun moves Northward to change signs and creates Uttarayan. While it moves Southward during its transit from Cancer to Sagittarius, creating Dakshinayan.

BTW, the change of season also happens due to the movement of the Sun. So, let’s walk through the Sun transit in 12 zodiac signs, forming a different season.

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Sun Transit in Zodiac SignsFormation of SeasonRepresenting Planets
Transit in Capricorn and AquariusWinter SeasonSaturn
Transit in Pisces and AriesSpring SeasonVenus
Transit in Taurus and GeminiSummer SeasonSun and Mars
Transit in Cancer and LeoMonsoon SeasonMoon
Transit in Virgo and LibraAutumn SeasonMercury
Transit in Scorpio and SagittariusPre-winter SeasonJupiter

What Happens When The Sun Is Favourable in the Horoscope?

Benefic Sun in your Janampatri may lead to an enhancement in your respect, fame, prestige, and glory in society. When the Sun is in conjunction with Mars or Jupiter in Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces sign, the natives will enjoy phenomenal results.

The planet Sun will also bring good results like in its sign and exaltation. The planet Sun is friendly to Mars, Jupiter and Moon. Suppose it is posited in the house of Mars and Jupiter, i.e. Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. In that case, it will bring phenomenal results. Well, the house in which this combination is taking place too plays a pivotal role.

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What Happens When the Sun is Weak In a Horoscope?

Malefic Sun in your Janampatri may lead to fever, heart-related issues, headache, and trouble in your eyes. Also, the ill-placed Sun may not reap good results in their career and profession, especially in the field of administration and management. However, politicians and medical science professionals need to go the extra mile to attain success, name, and fame.

Afflicted Sun may bring never-ending problems and obstacles in your life. So, you may feel like hell if the Sun is afflicted in your horoscope. All your hard work may go in vain, and you will not also get credit for the tasks performed by you. Your colleagues may bring difficulties for you.

Your relationships with superiors and subordinates may not remain cordial. Generally, the conjunction of the Sun with naturally malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu can make the Sun afflicted.

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How can You Make the Sun Placement in a Horoscope Powerful?

If the Sun in your horoscope is weak, ill-placed, and afflicted, you can still rest easy. Yeah, it’s not crazy. Vedic Astrology has many remedial solutions for every problem. So, how can the Sun be left out of this?

  • Wearing a Ruby stone embedded in a gold ring on the ring finger and that too on the Sundays of waxing Moon.
  • Ek Mukhi Rudraksha will help to energise the placement of the Sun.
  • Offering water to the Lord Sun with chanting of the Gayatri mantra every morning before 8 AM can be helpful.
  • Reading Aditya Hriday Stotram daily can help to neutralise malefic results.
  • As the Sun represents your father, serving and taking care of your father can protect you from the malefic results of the Sun.
  • Chanting Om Hram Hrim Hraum Saha Suryaye Namah can also help to attain favourable results from the Sun.
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