The Effects of Saturn Transit on Zodiac Signs

Saturn is the tough taskmaster in terms of Vedic astrology. It is the significator of hard work, discipline, patience and delay in life. So, it plays a crucial role in everyone’s life for overall success and happiness. It transits through one sign and takes around two and half years to complete its transition. Overall, Saturn takes 27 years to transit through all 12 zodiac signs. It is a slow-moving planet, so it takes a longer time than other planets. Saturn is malefic, and so it may create hurdles in your path. Under Saturn’s baton, it could be difficult to achieve success, but after a long wait, you may get rewarded. Thus, it becomes necessary for us to check its placement in the individual’s birth chart.

About Saturn's Transit

Saturn teaches you responsibilities and regulations, which is why it is considered the most difficult planet of all. As per Indian Vedic astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius signs. In Capricorn, Saturn shows responsibility, whereas, in Aquarius, Saturn represents intellectuality. One may find it easy to recognise its influence on their areas of life.

Saturn position in the birth chart reveals where and how we want to make our mark in society. In other words, one may know about its social status. Some of the positive traits of ringed planet are trustworthiness, tenacity and discipline. Whereas negative traits are self-pity, depression, obstacles and difficulties. Saturn has friendly relations with Rahu, Ketu and Mercury, while its enemies are Sun, Moon and Mars.

Saturn's Transit In Zodiac Signs

Below is what happens to the natives when Saturn arrives in their zodiac sign. One must know the placement of Saturn as it affects everyone more strongly and differently. So let’s discuss Saturn transit through all zodiac signs:

Saturn's Transit In Aries Sign

When Saturn transits through the Aries sign, you may enjoy good things in life. This is a time when we achieve great things. This transit brings the desire to harness our inner power. Your working capacity may increase. You may feel better, and things may come fast in life. You may become very much self-reliant. You may become stubborn from the inside and need things at your best.

Saturn's Transit In Taurus Sign

If Saturn transits through Taurus, you would be serious about your money, comfort and security. You may get a clear picture as to where you are standing right now. Your beliefs may come for review, and you may understand the values more easily. If you understand the real meaning of life, you may find it easier to move forward in life.

Saturn's Transit In Gemini Sign

If the ringed planet Saturn enters Gemini, you may have a change in your thought process. You would be stubborn, so you may only do the things you like the most. You may become more curious, and your quest for proper knowledge may increase. You may get a chance to travel abroad. You may learn how to be more careful and be clear for your future. You may enhance your communication skills.

Saturn's Transit In Cancer Sign

Saturn’s presence in the Cancer sing may emphasise your family life and your involvement in it. It would be a good time for the construction of your home, and you must start if you have any plans. You may plan to settle with your partner, and both of you may prepare for conception. You may form formidable connections with your close family members or friends.

Saturn's Transit in Leo Sign

Saturn’s arrival in the Leo sign makes you more creative, and unique ideas may come to your mind. You may face problems conveying it during this time. You may understand your egos and try to overcome your prideful tendencies. You may become a very generous and loving person. Your courage may increase, and you would no less than stubborn.

Saturn's Transit In Virgo Sign

The transition of Saturn in the Virgo sign may affect your routine life. You may meet new challenges in your professional life. You could be a part of conflicts inside your workplace. You would be more practical and analytical. You may new ways to make your life efficient. You may invest more time thinking about your future to get maximum benefits.

Saturn's Transit in Libra Sign

If Saturn passes through the Libra sign, you may need extra efforts to impress your loved ones. You may need to turn your attention towards your relationship goals. You may try to balance all the things in your life. During the transit, you may become an honest person to maintain all relationships very smoothly. You may learn new things with time.

Saturn's Transit in Scorpio Sign

If Saturn transits through Scorpio, you may get worried about your personality. Transiting Saturn may bring a difficult time in your professional life. You may make big and meaningful changes in your life. You may concentrate more on your efforts which you may need the most. This transit will help you to eliminate unnecessary things from your life.

Saturn's Transit in Sagittarius Sign

Saturn in Sagittarius will give you the strength to review all your principles. So, you may build a solid and enduring beliefs system in our lives. You may find changes in law, culture, religion, education and spiritual growth. This transit may help you find happy moments back. You may plan to shift your house or you may consider moving into new house.

Saturn's Transit in Capricorn Sign

Saturn transits in Capricorn may help you to build a strong and solid base using your powers of endurance, productivity and adamant. Saturn may demand hard work, but it may also teach you lessons in life. As a result, you may get motivated and have an optimistic approach to life. Transiting Saturn may assist you in setting a goal, but to achieve it, you must work hard.

Saturn's Transit in Aquarius Sign

Saturn’s transit in the Aquarius sign is a nod to enter the love relationship phase of your life. You may indulge in getting together and have fun with your dating partner. You find various ways to impress him or her. Slowly, you plan to take your relationship to a higher level. Both of you may tie a knot in the near future.

Saturn's Transit in Pisces Sign

If Saturn is passing through the Pisces sign, you may do introspection. It would be a great time for you to come up with new ideas. You plan to develop a new business, and you may put your maximum efforts into it. You would be confident, and your imagination power may enhance. Overall, it could be a great time for business owners and commuters.

In A Nutshell

This is what happens when Saturn transit through your zodiac signs. It is the planet of restriction and limitations, so you must know how to deal with it. Otherwise, Saturn won’t mind teaching you life lessons with extreme difficulties. This planet may guide you on the right track of your career. Due to Saturn’s transit, success and happiness may come at a slow pace in your life.

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