Know The Importance Of Ashoka Tree At Your Home

Ashoka Tree: A Symbol Of Spirituality

The Ashoka tree or Saraca Asoka/Indica is a rainforest tree with agreeably rich foliage. It is covered with attractive yellow or orange flowers. And these flowers make it even more beautiful. This tree has lots of flowers with fantastic, substantial and aromatic aromas. The Ashoka tree or plants are generally found in the lower regions of the Himalayas, Deccan level and the Western Ghats.

The Ashoka tree is popularly known as a spiritual tree. Especially in countries like Nepal, India, and Srilanka. The tree is strongly attached to the likes of Hinduism and Buddhism.

What Indian Myths Say About Ashoka Tree?

As per Hindu myths, the Ashoka tree has a prime significance in old Hindu folklore, craftsmanship, design. Its importance is also mentioned in Ramayana by the composer Ved Vyas. When Maa Sita was in Lanka, she took shelter under the Ashoka tree. The tree is hallowed for Buddhism as it is said that Shakyamuni/Gautam Buddha was born under the Ashoka tree in Lumbini Garden.

How Ashoka Tree Is Beneficial To Ladies?

Ashoka is a Sanskrit word that signifies the one who is without sorrows pain. This Ashoka tree is acclaimed as lady favourable as it can drive away all the agony and stress of the lady through its ability to gift great wellbeing.

Importance of Ashoka Plant

The Ashoka tree is associated with Lord Kama, the God of adoration, and it is considered as perhaps the most spiritual trees in Hindu culture. God Kama has incorporated the flowers of the Ashoka tree among the flowers in his garden, which address great spellbinding among the flowers. This tree is consolidated with Yakshi legendary as the occupant of Yaksha. It is found close to the entryways of the Hindu sanctuary. The tree has become a standard enhancing component of the Hindu model. Moreover, the Ashoka tree is venerated in the Chaitra month, the primary month of the Hindu schedule by Hindus. In Ramayana, Sita Mata also visited Ashoka Vatika during her stay in Lanka. Thereafter, Lord Hanuman initially met Sita Mata in Ashoka Vatika, the garden of Ashoka trees. And till present, it has the same importance in our lives.

Benefits Of Planting Ashoka Tree Inside Your House

The Ashoka tree is effective in treating gynaecological issues, depression, women issue, hemorrhages, diabetes, gastric issues and muscle spasms.

  • Make the use of dried stem, bark, and blossoms to relieve pain and infections. The seeds, bark and flowers of the tree are broadly utilized in making numerous tonics and containers in India for treating various types of wellbeing diseases.
  • The tree is additionally advantageous in relieving contagious contamination, worm disease, skin consumption, hypersensitivities, clotting the blood in the body, restoring looseness of the bowels and diminishing the danger of the event of a kidney stone.
  • The bark of the tree is utilized in the planning of various restorative things which assists with improving the skin composition of a person.
  • The dried flowers are utilized in making cases to fix diabetes.
  • With Ashoka Tree, you can utilize Ashoka leaf for Antibacterial properties like fever, contaminations and cold.
  • You can likewise utilize Ashoka Tree for Menorrhagia. Ayurveda has been utilizing Ashoka for menorrhagia generally.
  • The methanol removed from Ashoka showed positive outcomes against rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Ashoka bark has been generally utilized as a solution for inner hemorrhoids.
  • It is likewise advised against dysmenorrhea. You can utilize the Ashoka tree for Dysmenorrhea.
  • Ashokarista is a compelling medication for women hormonal issues in a month.

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Some Astrological Benefits

The Ashoka tree can be useful in many ways. As per Indian Astrology, the Ashoka tree flower removes the pain and distress of the individual and brings prosperity to his life. Ashoka tree can be utilized to resolve monetary issues, marriage issues or to reduce Mangal Dosha.

The best solution for the people who are dealing with financial issues is to develop Ashoka trees in the garden of their house and pour water day by day. By doing this, one can presumably tackle the issues identified with cash.

One can also plant the foundations of the tree on Sunday and perform Abhishek of Gangajal on the roots. From that point onward, the roots ought to be kept in a protected spot. By doing so the method of achievement gets open for people.

Another incredible tip from Expert Astrologers to tackle marriage issues is to bring 7 leaves of the Ashoka tree and keep them in the garden of your house. Thereafter, sprinkle water on it on daily basis. The leaves must be held under the Peepal tree on the following day. After this, you need to bring another seven leaves. This interaction must proceed for 40 days. By doing this you would presumably see the miracles in your wedded life or the issue of postponement in marriage can be settled.

Offering the bark of the Ashoka tree to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday would probably reduce the effects of Mangal Dosha present in the birth chart of a native.

You are probably going to see accomplishment throughout everyday life if you chant mantras facing the east direction under the Ashoka tree.

If you put a ghee or diya under this tree, it is probably going to draw good health and abundance in your life.

You would have a positive air in the house by draping the Toran of the Ashoka leaves on the primary entryway. This is the reason the Toran of Ashoka leaves is seen in the principal entryway of many houses during puja or during the promising service.

There are a lot more advantages of Ashoka trees. There are numerous customary advantages of Ashoka trees like we use them on celebrations like Akshaya trityl or Diwali and many others. Also, You can put rosary of Ashoka leaf on your staircase at home to receive positive vibes.

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In A Nutshell

On a conclusive note, we learned how beneficial Ashoka tree can be for your entire life. This tree gives medical benefits, happiness in life and many more. Ashoka tree is a sacred tree and must be considered with due respect. If you still unable to find your answers, then consult our professional astrologers to get the ultimate benefits of the Ashoka plant. So, what are you waiting for? Bring the Ashoka Tree in your house now!

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