The Facts You Must Know About Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Rabbit ranks fourth in the Chinese zodiac cycle. And it takes place every 12 years. When Chinese New Year falls, individual born in January or February should take note. Rabbits tend to be gentle and very responsible. They always treat people politely, making people feel credible, says the Earth Rabbit zodiac. They are never discouraged when encountering tough difficulties but instead remain persistent in their efforts to find solutions. Apart from having a pretty appearance, they have also a pure heart. But still, they are reluctant to reveal their Astro Experts’ Advice For Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiacminds to others. Also, they are faithful to those around them.

According to the Earth Rabbit zodiac, they have a tendency to escape reality. They miss good opportunities because they are likely to be cautious and conservative. They are good at developing a successful career as well as wealth. They have a gift for calligraphy and painting because they have a pair of dexterous hands. They are also good at tailoring and cooking when it comes to opportunities, says the Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac. They are gentle and considerate and have good social relationships. They can turn a dispute into a good discussion with a good sense of humour and can make enemies into friends. However, they may have conflicts of interest because of the excess of universal love and charity.

Rabbit Compatibility

Individuals born in the year of Rabbit are quite sensitive and mysterious in love. They are fond of dating in romantic and decent places and are good at rational thinking too. They seldom get angry in a relationship and are well educated with a good temper. Sometimes, they may hesitate to face enthusiastic pursuers, but proper encouragement can win their heart, says the Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac. They rely on the other when they adapt themselves well to a relationship. Therefore, they are most likely to get deeply broken when out of love.

Natives with the Rabbit sign should compile with other natives born under Pig, Dog, Monkey, or Sheep. They will make each other more confident and brilliant. They can bring passion and enthusiasm to their lives and would be attracted by each other at first glance, says the Earth Rabbit zodiac. They can create a better-off financial status and can lead a harmonious life. They are well-matched and want a sweet life together. Their support enables their relationship to go smoothly, and their understanding can tolerate each other’s weaknesses. They compliment each other perfectly to put their name on the list of perfect couples.

Is Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Lucky In 2021?

The Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac explains that they will suffer from wagging of tongues, damaged career, disputes, multiple diseases or disasters, and hindered luck while minting money. Your career and wealth may decline, which may hamper your health. Despite the impact of inauspicious stars, you will confront many challenges. Whether in life or at work, you may earn your strength to face the difficulties positively this year, says the Earth Rabbit zodiac. No matter single or married, you will be more blessed when it comes to a love relationship. Singles may enjoy quality time with their dating partner. You might get the chance to start a new relationship.

Those who are already married or enjoying a love life might get vulnerable to temptation and land up in an extramarital affair. This might cause a crisis in your marriage. So, keep a certain distance from and pay attention to your words and deeds to resist temptation. As the Earth Rabbit zodiac says, you can expect more pay from the work progress. This year, you should refrain from investing in financial products because it might lead to your loss.

Why Rabbit Is The Luckiest Sign?

A Rabbit is considered for attracting good luck charm as it brings life to earth, according to the Easter legend. It is believed to lay, hide, and decorate Easter eggs are a symbol of new life. That is why Rabbit is the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac, says the Earth Rabbit zodiac. Some old English superstition suggests that you can get a lucky charm for an entire month just by saying ‘Rabbit’ thrice in a row on the first day of the month. It symbolizes elegance, peace, beauty, and mercy. The Rabbit gets extra chances at good fortune with three lucky days each month. As per the Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac, a Rabbit’s relationships may grow on these three days because of their connectivity.

Those three lucky days of Rabbit each month are 26th, 27th, and 29th. They are gifted, discreet, friendly to be with, and ambitious people. They are wise and set realistic aims to achieve what they want. According to the Earth Rabbit zodiac, they are extremely hard workers, especially in financial matters. They are polite, intellectual, and peaceful people. They think very highly of them and will always try to steer clear of arguments. Their views and advice are always appreciated by others and will rarely get angry, says the Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac.

Astro Experts Advice For Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The elite astrologers suggest being a Rabbit, you are blessed with many superior quality and traits in life. You are quick thinkers, learners and talented as well. You may sometimes put pleasure before work because you live a life free of problems and pain. At the same time, they are quite sensitive and often see any form of criticism as an insult. Therefore, it is suggested that you should understand the situation before reacting to anything.

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