What is an Earth Rooster and what year is it? - Chinese Zodiac

Earth Rooster Chinese Zodiac: Meaning And Facts

The Rooster is active, patient, reliable, and social. Chinese astrology is based on animals, and they embody the characteristics according to the year they were born in. In the Chinese zodiac, the Earth Rooster is a sub-component of the Rooster. They have their own uniqueness and characteristics. They are the tenth animal in the 12-year cycle. They are good at managing financial affairs and are trustworthy, says the Earth Rooster personality. They have a great intellectual mind, too and are tricky to fathom. Although they are flamboyant to a degree, they give very little away.

They have an extraordinary presence, and they certainly always get whatever they want. According to the Earth Rooster Chinese zodiac, they are compelling and practical creatures. They are quite professional, and they could do things with lightening up just a little. When it comes to compatibility, they are most compatible with the Ox and the Snake. They are considered deep thinkers. They can be very persistent and are goal-oriented, reveals the Earth Rooster personality. They may lead a happy and everlasting life together. Also, they must be aware while teaming up with the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, and Dog. They can be quite brutal with each other.

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