Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac: All You Need to Know About Chinese Zodiac Fire Horse

The fire horse Chinese zodiac holds the seventh position in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The people born in the years 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014 are considered to be born under the Chinese zodiac horse.

In the Chinese zodiac calendar, there are 12 zodiac signs in total which forms a cycle and the horse forms a part of it. Each part of the cycle starts with a day in February every year which is the Chinese New Year according to the Chinese calendar.

Here we will get straight to what are the types of horses according to the Chinese zodiac calendar? what is the type of personality that both fire horse man and woman hold? Along with this, we will get to see the different faces of a fire horse’s personality like love compatibility, career, finance and health.

Chinese Fire Horse: What is a Fire Horse in Chinese Astrology?

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar in which each one represents a different personality. The various signs include the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the Pig.

In this, the fire horse is represented by the people born in 1966.
Some of the famous celebrities who belong to fire horse are Mike Tyson and Patrick Dempsey.

Chinese Fire Horse Zodiac: What are the Characteristics of a Fire Horse?

Chinese Zodiac fire horse is considered very energetic and joyful. Here are the characteristics of a fire Horse:
Fire horse is intelligent and joyful people who are energetic and never bore people around them. They are so fierce and forceful that they strive to achieve what they want, and their aura of intelligence attracts many people around them.
They are very blunt and straightforward sometimes, and their energy and excitement are just unmatchable.
They are a very honest and straightforward personality who likes to speak to the point which people like, and they enjoy this attention which they receive in return. They can be found at social gatherings and parties as they are social animals, and they don’t like to be cornered.
In terms of professionalism, they are quite blunt. They like to get into debates as they grasp and recall facts and figures very easily. Along with this, their leadership quality is just another thing for which they are always appreciated wherever they go.
As it is said that too much of anything is harmful to yourself, their honesty might sometimes lead to sinking their boat down. If this is not enough, their short-tempered behaviour does the job. They might regret it later about their words. Therefore, they must be careful about speaking when they have a high temper.
They are very trend centric people. They don’t like to sit idle. They don’t like to be left behind from the world and try to participate in every activity they see being followed. The negative side to this is their inability to complete the current activities. They will not stick to their interests and favourite activities and run away to do what the world is doing. Getting carried away will lead to incompletion, and at the end of the day, they might end up not finding their sweet spot.
The horses are said to be independent people with freedom of expression which don’t like others interference or judgement in their story. They don’t like the stereotypical mentality of society, but the irony is they like to be appreciated and supported by people around them.
Horses are very ambitious, and as their natives did, they always starving for success. They don’t like to fail at something and never gets any fatigue until they reach their destination. Although this attitude of their might create hindrances because they do take a lot of time to recover from any failures, their determination will take them a long way.
They are very focused on their long term goals, and this benefits them in the long run. They are never short of finances as they know how to manage things well. They are always on the journey of new discoveries in their professional life in which they taste out different dishes and keep the previous options open until they find out one sweet spot for their life.
The horses are very much committed to their responsibilities. They know how to manage things and keep them manageable. The most interesting thing about them is their versatile personality. They have many preferences and a part of them is travelling. They like to travel to different places and explore new things. They are very fond of travelling abroad, and their distinctive personality will support them to mingle well in any situation. They have a distinctive personality in terms of clothing and appearance as they like very colourful and differentiated outfits which attract people towards them.
In terms of attracting and romanticising things, they are very much into it. They like to flirt a lot and be on a beautiful romantic date, but this doesn’t say that they are not loyal to their partner. Instead, once they find their true another half, they will be very protective and loyal towards them and will fulfil every responsibility they have provided. They still get that freedom to explore their inner self from time to time.
Although this gives us a complete picture of their personality, let’s look at their compatibility from different angles.

Year of the Fire Horse: Who is Fire Horse Compatible With?

Although the tiger and the Dog already have a great relationship with the horse, they also fall in the third compatibility triangle in the Chinese Horoscope. The horse falls in seventh place in the Chinese zodiac calendar and has a secret friend like everyone else, which is the Goat.

Let us discuss the compatibility of the horse in detail:

Horse and Tiger Compatibility

In terms of Love Compatibility, they have a very strong and passionate connection as they get along. They have a strong character which distinguishes them from most of the signs, but they admire and understand the Tiger well, and that goes with the Tiger as well.
The Tiger likes the cheerfulness of the horse and admires it where the horse also has someone to talk to and appreciates the importance they get from the Tiger.
In terms of Friendship Compatibility, they are nothing less than before. Their bond plays an equally remarkable role when they are in a friendship. They support each other and have a clear understanding of what the other one is going through. They are always there when their friend feels weak and makes them feel valued at the time of their lows.
In terms of Career Compatibility, they are equally compatible in a career as in friendship and love. They know what the other one is going through and support them equally with their choices. In fact, their passion and forceful nature help their partner to achieve what they want to.

Horse and Dog Compatibility

In terms of Love compatibility, they fall under the same love compatibility triangle in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. Their unimaginable charm makes them melt down in front of each other. They have a peaceful relationship which makes sure that their relationship lasts long.
The humour and social skill of the horse fascinate the dog when they meet for the first time. The dog has an insightful and comforting presence which makes the horse live comfortably with them. They are always searching for that simple, comfortable lifestyle that is not the choice of living for the horse. They like to socialize, make new friends and make long trips to explore new places. This makes the dog jealous of their partner’s superficial abilities, which makes their living difficult.
In terms of Friendship Compatibility, their interests are too different when they are in friendship. Their tastes differ in terms of choices and behaviour; therefore, their long term equation doesn’t verify each other.
In terms of Career Compatibility, although they have different choices and preferences, their work territory doesn’t overlap with each other at any point, which makes their living comfortable in terms of career and job.

Horse and Goat Compatibility

In terms of Love Compatibility, the relationship compatibility of the horse and the goat is very harmonious and happy. The only thing provided is the level of privacy they are provided with. They like a little bit of privacy in their married life as well.
The horse is always seeking undiscovered adventure and thrill out of their frequent trips. On the other hand, the goat is very much comfortable with it until they are at home resting or spending time away from their journeys. They are always grateful for the time the horse invests in their personal life, but the only thing provided here is their individual privacy since they have quite different choices.
In terms of Friendship Compatibility, both the horse and the goat is made to be together, whether it is friends or lovers,
In terms of Career Compatibility, the serious advice of the goat is very important for the horse, and they abide by it, especially in matters of love and relationship. On the other hand, the horse’s professional advice is very important for the dog, which is very useful.
This implies that the horse is well suited with the Tiger, the Goat and the Dog. On the other hand, they find the Ox too serious and intolerant for their liking. In the case of the monkey and the rat, they might face difficulty in matching their wavelength together.

What is a Fire Horse Woman?

The fire horse woman is the concept of hinoeuma followed all over the Asian subcontinent. It is an Easter Asian culture that promotes that women born in the year of the fire horse are unlucky for their spouse as well as their family. Infact people there believe in this myth so deeply that according to some studies, the people were afraid to have babies last year. Birth rates in Japan dropped by a whopping 15 per cent which is almost equal to 4,63,000 births.

People consider them as a curse. They believe that if such a woman is there in their family they will never grow financially, their career growth will never happen and they might face unwanted deaths or illness.

It is very obvious that these superstitions are nothing more than a fake beliefs. According to Astrology, if the fire horsewoman is given a chance and motivated they can be very tough at the professionalism and will perform great like a Queen in their life.

What is a Double Fire Horse?

The double fire horse Chinese Zodiac element is nothing but the amplified version of a fire horse. It would be a clear understatement if you call a fire horse adventurous.

The stimulus to search for their elixir moves them from friendship to friendship, job to job and home to home. They have been living their life searching for extreme pleasures which they nurture in their personality.

So this is it, hope you understood about Fire Horse even more. And also, congrats on learning all the good qualities about Fire Horse. Cheers!

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