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Know The Characteristic Of Metal Ox Chinese Zodiac

The Metal Ox is the zodiac’s second animal. According to legend, the order would be determined by the order in which they came to the Jade Emperor’s party. Rat deceived the Ox into giving him a ride when he was about to be the first to arrive. The rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox just as they arrived. Thus, the metal Ox Chinese zodiac was called the second animal. The Earthly Branch Chǒu and the hours 1–3 in the morning are likewise related to the Ox.
The Metal Ox is Yang in terms of yin and yang. In Chinese culture, the ox is a respected animal. Because it is related to positive characteristics such as hard work and honesty in agriculture. There is a 60-year calendrical cycle when used on the Celestial Stems. Although Chou is connected with the earth, the years also cycle through the five natural elements.

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