Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics, Compatibility, Love, Health and Career

The Water Monkey Zodiac is very materialistic. They are kind but can keep secrets. With their intentions, they are neither straightforward nor open. They may make their way patiently. Instead of spending energy and time trying to overcome it, Water Monkey may beautifully compromise and bypass obstacles.

In their lives, Monkeys love to be free to act and might feel disappointed by rules and restrictions. If they are held back, they may soon lose interest, and once they get bored, they tend to move forward. They lack persistence which may slow their progress, and in the long run, they will do much more in their lives if they can concentrate on one thing at a time. Water Monkeys are good organizers, and they may always have an action plan, and if their action plan does not work out, they are glad to accept their failures and grow out of it. They like to impress people and will always be crowded with fans admiring their sense of humour and confidence.

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Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

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