water pig chinese zodiac

Pigs are persevering and diplomatic. They are receptive and sensitive to the inner thoughts of others, they talk competently and attentively with their opponents and yet, under the influence of Water, they see the best in people, and they reject the evil intentions of others until the last minute. The pig believes in loved ones. They believe in miracles, and other people can manipulate them if they are not careful.

Unfortunately, some other natives take advantage of the good nature of Pigs and their generosity. For pigs, it is hard to say no sometimes, but they have to learn to speak no every now and then, which would really benefit the pig in the longer run. Many pigs become businessmen, and after a previous deception in life, they set a successful career course for themselves. Although the Pig spends money freely, in financial matters, they are usually extremely clever.

Types of Pigs and their characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle Pig’s year: 1923, 1931, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

1923 and 1983 is the year of the water pig, and according to the Chinese five elements, it is the year of the waters, so the people who are born in the year 1923 and 1983 are known as Water Pig. In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Pig is twelfth position. The animal sign that occurs in a 12-year cycle is associated every year, according to Chinese astrology.

Types of Pigs, Years and their Characteristics

1. Water Pig [1923, 1983] Gentle, earnest, responsible, but subjective in life.

2. Wood Pig [1935, 1995] Easy going, brave but irritable, good-natured, lovely.

3. Fire Pig [1947, 2007] Persevering, ambitious, but impatient.

4. Earth Pig [1959, 2019] Punctual, communicative, popular among their friends.

5. Gold Pig [1971, 2031] Amicable, broad-minded, and willing to help others.

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Pig represents humbleness and earnestness

According to Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Water Pigs are humble, earnest, and responsible natives. Water pigs are better negotiators because their natural peacekeeping talent may expand and deepen the ability to shrug away stressful moments.

They are diplomatic, trying to maintain calm relations with others, but may tend to blindly trust. They should therefore learn to be stronger, defend their interests, and keep an eye on everything without paying attention to people’s words. In general, natives are tactful, and externally, their life may seem calm and measured. In the meantime, however, such a person’s circle of interest is very wide. They are cheerful and humorous. Because they have an exceptional sense of responsibility, they mostly are successful in their respective careers.

Water Pigs Zodiac must ensure that they don’t trust the unknown too much. Because of their blindly trusting nature, it is easy for a water pig to be used. When a Water Pig first meets new people, they can avoid this fate. A Water Pig makes a great friend, colleague, or partner in all things.

Water Pigs Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

The water pig has a golden heart and will earn much respect for their sincere and kind character from others. They are always very generous and loyal to others and will always try to stay in good books without getting annoyed. The Water Pig is always ready to go extra mileage to satisfy others, but some people may take benefit from this. They enjoy outside activities such as camping and fishing and love party and social events. They are hardworking and perform well in their job.

The Water Pigs are kind and intelligent people and known for their ability to maintain peace. They hate disagreements and will do whatever they can do to resolve a problem. They are great speakers and always speak to the point. The pig is often very popular and enjoys the company of other people. They are highly tolerant and often willing to forgive others for their misdeeds. They are excellent at organising fund collections and other similar events.

The Water Pig is reliable and honest and is respected. In their early life, they may try their hands at different jobs, but usually, they will be happy if they feel that they serve others. They give up their time for the benefit of the common good and are greatly appreciated by their fellow workers. The Water Pig Zodiac has a good sense of humour and is always encouraging people. They love entertaining people around them.

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Love and Relationship

As per the 1983 Chinese zodiac element, Water Pig behaves directly and also harshly if they fall into love, which may upset the other partner. They have dual characteristics. They may flash over the line sometimes. If they want true love, they need to open their heart sincerely and confidently.

Water pig zodiac for male: In their lifetime, water pig men dream about a romantic and exciting marriage. They are often shy about chasing the person they love. Sometimes the opportunities may be missed. They may make every effort to support the family once they get married. Their wives may mostly be completely loyal. However, most of them do not express their feelings well, which could result in some misunderstandings.

Water Pig zodiac for Female: In other people’s eyes, water pig females are gentle, lovely, and kind-hearted, who can protect their partners if time demands. Furthermore, they have intrinsically stable and reassuring properties. They are good at taking their soul mates into consideration in married life. Most of them always find time and a relaxing atmosphere to stay with family members. These benefits can provide partners with a sufficient sense of security.

As per 1983 Chinese zodiac element shows that the signs of Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep are likely to fall in love with this native. These couples share common interests and are compatible with high levels of love. Most natives may have their married lives in perfect harmony, but the Snake or Monkey people are not compatible. There may be great differences in living habits.

Water Pig Horoscope Compatibility

Water Pig behaves directly and even grossly when they fall in love and may irritate the opposite sex. Water Pigs have two personalities. They may cross the line sometimes in a flash. If Water Pig wants true love, they need to be sincere and open their heart.

As per the 1983 Chinese zodiac element: The best matches for male pigs are Tiger, Rabbit, and Rooster. The bad matches for the male pig are Ox, Dragon, and snake. The best matches for female pigs are Horse, Sheep, and Dog. Bad matches for female Pig are Monkey and Rooster.

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Pigs are soft and lose their temper seldom. Water Pigs are always going to try to compromise and resolve things fast. Since the goal of their lives is for everyone to live in harmony, they are suitable for caring and fundraising careers.

Although they appear to be working all year round, few may make substantial progress, according to Water Pig Zodiac. The biggest reason is that their tasks are trivial and sluggish, leaving little area to improve their skills. Some may therefore, soon, leave the job. Given the instability of the market in 2023, some natives may risk losing their jobs. When faced with financial shortages or other external threats, resources may help.

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac natives will suffer minor injuries this year, but there are no major or serious accidents. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the year of Ox; Pig indigenous people may feel very tired and worn out, so they can stress physically and mentally. Make sure that you have enough sleep and relax on vacation. They should avoid getting close to sick friends or relatives during this time, and if it is important, choose hand gloves and face masks that cover you correctly.

Water pig may have a good physical condition, but they often do overtime and sleep late at night. Gastrointestinal problems may arise over a long period of time, and immunity may decline. Outdoor sports are essential to improve body conditions in daily life.

Hints for Water Pig Chinese Zodiac

They are suggested to be cautious about whom they trust and share their feelings with. Not everybody cares about your best interests. Financial planning is also important. Life is good when you have money.

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