water pig chinese zodiac

Pigs are persevering and diplomatic. They are receptive and sensitive to the inner thoughts of others, they talk competently and attentively with their opponents and yet, under the influence of Water, they see the best in people, and they reject the evil intentions of others until the last minute. The pig believes in loved ones. They believe in miracles, and other people can manipulate them if they are not careful.

Unfortunately, some other natives take advantage of the good nature of Pigs and their generosity. For pigs, it is hard to say no sometimes, but they have to learn to speak no every now and then, which would really benefit the pig in the longer run. Many pigs become businessmen, and after a previous deception in life, they set a successful career course for themselves. Although the Pig spends money freely, in financial matters, they are usually extremely clever.

Types of Pigs and their characteristics

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac: Pig represents humbleness and earnestness

Water Pigs Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

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Water Pig Horoscope Compatibility

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Hints for Water Pig Chinese Zodiac

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