water snake chinese zodiac

Water Snake zodiac loves a peaceful and comfortable life. Water Snake hate it when someone tries to make a decision and prefer not to be around the loud and active surrounding. Snakes usually do not take advice from other people and would not welcome anyone to take part. Sometimes the Water Snake may appear quite restricted. They are silent and reserved, and sometimes for others, it can be difficult to communicate with them. However, in times of crisis, they have a great sense of humour that is very useful.

Water Snakes are uncompromising, extremely charismatic, and curious. They are unbelievable, clever, and perfectly concentrating economic, business, and materialistic people. The water snakes are excellent planners. They never lose their purpose or their link to reality. Water Snake male natives are quiet and reserved people. They are well-trained, intelligent, and can talk continuously on a number of subjects. Water Snake loves to spend time alone and think a lot. If they wish, they can reach great heights, but they sometimes tend to lack a strong desire.

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Types of Snakes and their characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle, Snake’s years: 1905, 1971, 1926, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

1953 is the year of the water snake, and according to the Chinese five elements, it is the year of the waters, so the people who are born in the year 1953 are known as Water Snake. In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Snake is the sixth position. The animal sign that occurs in a 12-year cycle is associated every year, according to Chinese astrology.

Types of Snakes, Years, and their Characteristics

1. Wood Snake [1905, 1965] Smart, with a gift to appreciate famous celebrities and a sophisticated taste.

2. Fire Snake [1917, 1977] Intelligent, insightful, active, and fond of fame.

3. Earth Snake [1929, 1989] Calm, strong self-control, Hard-working, but not reliable.

4. Gold Snake [1941, 2001] determined, courageous, confident, and able: a born leader.

5. Water Snake [1953, 2013] Clever, creative, lively, and communicative, but sentimental.

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Water Snake Chinese Zodiac: Horses are gentle, vibrant, and active

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac born in 1953, is very intelligent, gentle, vibrant, and active. Water Snakes have a flexible mind and a keen understanding of things, love adventure, and are clever and capable, so that opportunities may be used easily.

Water Snake — one of the smartest snakes of all; interests are very wide. Their knowledge is merely encyclopedic, but they constantly work for themselves, looking at the novelties in the field they work in. The water snake is most often found in science, astronomy, and economy.

Water Snake Zodiac is very practical, artistic, and bookish natives. They know people well and manage them and help them with finance. They are calm and passionate, but they are actually resentful and rescue all the grievances of their life, but their bite is very poisonous. They got endless patience.

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Water Snake Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

Water Snake has a vast array of interests in life. They like to study all kinds of subjects and can carry out thorough research. Water Snakes are highly smart people with good memories and may handle financial circumstances very well. They will look very quiet and reserved at first sight, but they will be able to hear their opinions without any difficulty. Water Snake always plans and finds ways to make use of their considerable skills. They like to sit back and think about all that is happening around them through meditation sometimes.

The Snake takes care of its friends, and while they control their finances tightly, they may be very generous to the ones they love. They will not hesitate to bring lavish gifts or teasy meals to their friends and loved ones, but they expect their friends to be loyal to them. If the confidence of a snake person is broken, they can be badly hurt by this.

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac personality: Snake is mostly uncompromising, in fact, they are passionate. They are romantic, decent, sophisticated, and eloquent, making them move. When talking to them, people may feel comfortable and relaxed. Water Snake seldom get angry because their actions are thoughtful. They are talented to think, and to create, particularly good in spiritual work. They always have clear objectives and plans for their career and they will plan and finish their step by step. They may remain calm and rational when they encounter problems. They take every opportunity with their innate sense and insight.

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac: Love and Relationship

For 1953 Water Snake natives, the love relationship is pretty harmonious. In all aspects, their wife can support them, making them very confident to do it all. While some differences may arise between them and their lover, their feelings are usually not affected. Some snake individuals may find it hard to communicate with their children. You might need to renovate your speech from the perspective of small children.

Water Snake zodiac for Male: Male Snake tries in public to be attractive and has plenty of opportunities to get to know the girls. These native males may be more aggressive in a relationship. They are very skilled and passionate about what every they do and also sensing other people’s feelings. However, they don’t want to talk out their own minds, so it is hard for them to find a partner to comprehend them. They want to be honoured by their wife and children and will remain loyal, although the current situation doesn’t really satisfy them.

Water Snake zodiac for Female: Female natives are frank, possessive, jealous, in love. They tend to be open and straightforward. Despite having many options, they are seriously committed to their partners. Females look forward to romantic relations. They do not care about what they may gain from others but what they can give. Water Snake female natives hope that lovers can accept who they are. They are highly possessive when the relationship is stable. Their weakness is that even on trifles, they are jealous. The female natives can be good housewives, caring for husbands and children.

The reliable Ox, the stunning Rooster, and the clever monkey are the best accompanying people born in the year of the snake. Since the Ox people usually work uncomfortably without considering their personal gains or losses, they can work well with the Snake people. It would be better for the snake to avoid contact with the difficult Tiger people, who do not enjoy the Snake’s penetrating eyes. The Snake is mostly slender and diplomatic, and the Snake is honest, so the Pig could not get along well with the snake.

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Water Snake Horoscope Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac snakes are fully compatible with Dragon and Rooster signs, and couples in highly compatible relationships can gain a happy and eternal relationship, regardless of love or matrimony. They should be very careful about the Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Pig, or they may draw a harmful lesson from the relation.

Snake Compatibility: The perfect matches with snakes are Dragon and Rooster. The Complementary match with Snake is Ox. The acceptable Match with Snake is Dog. The Intimate friends of Snake are Rat, Horse, Monkey. The Snake should avoid Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, and Pig.

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Water Snakes are thought to be late beginners because often they take some time to find a job. They can do something they are interested in. Water Snakes usually do well in all areas of research and writing, and they get the opportunity to develop their own ideas and plans. Snakes may be good teachers, politicians, staff managers, and social consultants.

Water snakes can use the money to purchase value-added products, such as homes, gold, or inventories. However, before making certain investments, they need to see the situation clearly. In order to avoid financial problems, the Water Snakes should also plan to spend money. The snake people may always be in an invincible position in the garment industry, with great taste in clothes and advanced fashion.

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

Water Snakes do not worry about working hard and may always be thorough in their work. One thing Water Snakes need to be careful about is high blood pressure and diabetes because, after every physical activity, they burn off so much energy and need to rest a little.

As per the 2021 prediction, Water Snakes have good health; they may need to be physically examined on a regular basis. After all, many of its physical functions have not been as effective as before. To improve their fitness is very helpful maintaining an optimistic attitude and frequent exercise.

Hints for Water Snake Chinese Zodiac

Natives with Chinese zodiac Snakes should be careful not to get cheated by bad companions around them. Furthermore, if someone borrows money from Snake, please ask Snake to draw credit lines and date of return, so money difficulties may be handled easily and are even brought to justice.

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