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The Tiger is always keen to engage in a challenge, and everything he thinks has an interesting future or something that captures his imagination. They are willing to take risks. They do not like to be bound by convention or by what other people dictate. They like freedom and act according to their choices, and they may have a spontaneous breakdown at some point in their life. Occasionally the Tiger can be restless. Fortunately, Tigers are lucky in most of their projects. If things do not work out as they had hoped, then they may be depressed, and it might take a lot of time for them to come out of it. Tigers are very adaptable natives who are adventurous, which seldom cause them to stay too long at the same place. They are likely to try several jobs that will make them move around.
The personality of the Tiger is of firm determination. They may not change it easily once they move forward. Water tigers are never going to regret what they said. They have been born with stability and trust, so people are always impressed with their power image. They are open-minded, willing to express their feelings, and hence they easily gain the confidence of others. They have problems accepting failures, and as a result, they are hard on themselves to succeed. They are very well equipped, full of a sense of justice and fairness to solve the problems of others warmly.

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