Chinese Zodiac Wood Pig: Everything You Need to know

The Chinese zodiac called the sheng xiao is a 12-year cycle in which each year is symbolised by an animal and its supposed characteristics. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig are the 12 Chinese zodiac animals in sequence.

The 12 signs are commonly explained by a legend that describes that all creatures on Earth were summoned to compete in a race while the Jade Emperor (the greatest immortal) was building a calendar. The first 12 participants to cross the finish line were given Chinese zodiac signs and thus a place in the Chinese horoscope.

The year a person is born defines their zodiac sign, which is said to influence their personality and many people believe in their destiny too. People have used horoscopes to foretell future events from ancient times, depending on zodiac sign characteristics.

Five elements are identified in Chinese astrology: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element is linked to a motivating factor in the lives of individuals. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is related to one of the five elements, which is referred to as the sign’s fixed element in Chinese astrology. The Chinese zodiac Wood Pig is one such zodiac sign which has its own unique characteristics.

Who is Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac?

Is the Pig Yin or Yang? The Pig is a Yin zodiac sign. The Wood Pig is a subcategory of the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac’s 12-year cycle, which corresponds to the Chinese calendar. The individuals born in the year of the Pig, which falls under the Wood element, can be serious yet sweet at the same time. The calm Wood Pigs will address their difficulties one at a time, and they will form strong, long-lasting relationships. The Pigs with the wood element are very convincing and friendly, and they will gain others’ confidence and appreciation. They are unlikely to remain aloof when difficulties develop because it is in their nature to become engaged. They will always want to be a part of the solution, no matter how difficult the problem is. Their friends and family admire them for their dedication and willingness to help without asking anything in return. These people are likely to have an easy existence because they are always looking for the positive side of things. Not to mention their sense of humour, which usually comes in handy in the most trying of circumstances.

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What are the Personality Characteristics of Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac?

The wood pig Chinese zodiac has a highly affable and persuasive demeanour, and he has little trouble gaining the trust of others. The Wood Pig is always interested in what is going on around them and enjoys becoming engaged in whatever is going on. The wood pig Chinese zodiac is devoted to their friends and family and derives tremendous joy from assisting those who are less fortunate than themselves. They are constantly upbeat and have a wonderful life. They’ve got a fantastic sense of humour.

The Pig is a gentle and understanding creature who is well-known for his ability to keep the peace. They despise any unpleasantness and will go to any length to address the problem. They are excellent communicators who always go right to the point. When justice is not upheld, they despise it and will do everything in their power to correct it. The wood pig Chinese zodiac is usually quite popular and enjoys being around other people. They have a high level of tolerance and are often willing to forgive others for their mistakes.

They excel at organising fundraisers and other events of this nature. The Pig is a hard worker who is well-liked for his dependability and honesty. They will try their hand at a variety of jobs in their early years, but they will be happiest when they feel like they are helping others. They are highly regarded by their colleagues and employers and are willing to give up their time for the greater benefit. The wood pig Chinese zodiac has a great sense of humour and always has something to say to make others laugh. They enjoy amusing those around them.

But some people take advantage of the Pig’s good nature and take advantage of the Pig’s charity. They have difficulties expressing no at times and would benefit greatly from learning to say no on occasion. After an initial setback in life, many pigs have gone on to become entrepreneurs and carve out a lucrative career path for themselves. Although the Pig has a tendency to spend money recklessly, they are usually quite financially savvy.

Another trait of the wood pig Chinese zodiac is its capacity to quickly rebound from failures. Nobody can stop them once they’ve made up their minds to achieve something. Pigs enjoy spending their money on extravagant vacations and shopping sprees. Their house is frequently furnished with the most up-to-date technology and furniture. Before settling down with their preferred companion, the Wood Pig will have several relationships. Even though they are not as emotional as Water Pigs, they nevertheless require a loving and faithful companion. They get anxious and confused when they are not loved and emotionally safe.

Wood is known for its practicality, which is one of its best qualities. Pigs are usually dreamy and spend a lot of time thinking. However, this is not the case because Wood has the ability to change everything. These natives will be hardworking, well-organized, and efficient. Because they aren’t great at dealing with specifics, it’s best if they don’t take on too many complicated projects. When it comes to anything they care about, Wood Pigs are determined and hardworking. They are well-known for having a nice heart and always assisting people. These natives are calm, productive, and practical, and they are always up for a new challenge. They will operate well in groups because they get along with others. It’s all about being kind, innovative, and empathetic in the world of wood. Those born under this element are constantly striving to improve and increase their knowledge. Their principles will be elevated, and others will respect them because of their dignity.

The Wood Pigs, like the rest of the Pigs, enjoy attending parties and having a good time. They have the ability to motivate people to be more compassionate. The moral of their storey is to avoid being negatively influenced. They should also be more honest while seeking or offering assistance, as they are capable of manipulating others without even realising it.

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Characteristics of the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac

The Wood Pig man is constantly upbeat and has a great sense of humour, which he uses to deal with any scenario. He’ll spend a lot of time having fun with his buddies because he’s outgoing and open.
This man is so helpful that if strangers approach him with a problem, he won’t hesitate to provide whatever he has to help them. He will always maintain his modesty. Many people regard him as a wonderful leader since he can deal with any scenario without being discouraged. He will be respected, trusted and valued.

Without even realising it, he’s a master manipulator who doesn’t need to be asked twice to get what he wants. He’s compassionate and perceptive, yet he gets himself into a lot of trouble because he doesn’t pay attention to the little things.

This Wood Pig will take failure extremely seriously, yet he will not exhibit his true feelings. He’s too arrogant to complain, and he’d rather make a joke than express his displeasure. Anyone could be charmed by a man like him. As a result, he understands how to win a woman’s heart. Many females will be at his feet since he is well-mannered and handsome. He has numerous admirers, but he only wants to spend the rest of his life with one person.

It’s nearly impossible for him to focus on just one girl. He doesn’t mean it, but he only thinks about himself and doesn’t care if he can shatter people’s hearts. He’ll act as if he’s a knight in shining armour, constantly attempting to please and make a lady feel that she’s the most important person in his life.

He knows how to be a good spouse, a decent father, and a family leader as a married guy. His family will have all they require because he enjoys being the breadwinner.

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Characteristics of the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac Woman

The Wood Pig woman’s pals will constantly want to be by her side since she is happy, active, and compassionate. She’s devoted, yet she expects a lot from those she cares about. This girl will occasionally fail because she places too much trust in others.

She’s a goal-oriented person who puts in a lot of effort. Because she has a tendency to become a workaholic, it’s possible that she will fall in love with her profession. You’ll never hear her moan about being exhausted from her job. She can arrange people to get things done in the most effective way because she is one of the most professional females in the Chinese zodiac. Her friends and coworkers will want to be in her presence since she can solve any difficulty.

This woman adores her family and is concerned for their well-being. She is friendly because she is of the Wood element. This is the type of person that maintains friendships with her ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. She doesn’t mind being the centre of attention, and people adore her.

Having her in love can be quite challenging. She fantasises about having passion, devotion, and love with a man. When she falls in love with someone unexpectedly, she usually ends the relationship since she realises she rushed into it. She will work hard as a wife to provide a comfortable and happy life for her husband. She can also be a fantastic party hostess because she enjoys having people over. A female born in the year of the Wood Boar is warm and inviting. Even if a man does not succeed in winning her heart, she will remain friends with him. She has a large following because she is always in the spotlight. True, winning the Wooden Boar’s heart is a challenging task. This woman yearns for a tremendous love, which she cannot find in a mutually advantageous relationship devoid of passion. It is simple to abandon your chosen one if you fall in love unexpectedly, albeit you will suffer greatly psychologically. Married, she will do everything she can to establish a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in her home. She is a superb hostess who enjoys seeing visitors.

Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac: Suitable Career Paths

Despite their avaricious reporting in the real world, in the workplace, someone born in the year of the Wood Pig will demonstrate their informed and diligent skills. Regardless, they are prone to indifference. However, if they work in a sector that allows them to develop their talents, the Wood Pig will be able to achieve great career success.
Pigs are docile creatures who rarely get angry. Even when they do, there’s never a big fuss. They’ll always try to find a middle ground and reach an agreement swiftly. They are well-suited to careers in charity and fundraising since their life purpose is for everyone to live in peace. They are also incredibly understanding and tolerant. If someone makes a mistake, they will try to assist the person in rectifying the situation. They are patient and genuinely care about everyone’s well-being. As a result, they make excellent teachers and coaches.
Pigs should be braver if they want to do business. Take certain investment risks, but only to a certain level. The road to prosperity would be smooth after a few minor setbacks. Real estate is a viable alternative for the Wood Pigs.

Recommended career path: dancers, veterinarians, editors, cooks, painters, secretaries, singers, teachers, gourmets, bakers, restaurateurs, specialists of pasturage, gardners etc.

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What is Lucky for the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac?

  • Yellow, grey and brown are lucky colours
  • Agate is a lucky mineral
  • 2, 5 and 8 are lucky numbers
  • Southeast and east are favourable directions
  • Wealthy directions include northeast
  • Hydrangea and daisy are lucky flowers

What Should the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac Try to Avoid?

  • Numbers: 7, 1, 9
  • Colours: Blue, Red and green
  • Directions: Southeast

Years of the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac

1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 and 2031 are all Pig years. Out of these, 1935 and 1995 are believed to be Years of the Wood Pig.
Certain qualities arise and become dominant when the Pig’s sign is tempered by Wood. The Wood Pigs are adamant. You might be taken aback by how generous they are. A Wood Pig will give of himself until he or she has almost no more to give! As a result, persons born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Wood Pig should be mindful to take time to rest and renew, or they risk burning out. A Wood Pig is always willing to assist a buddy in need and will not accept “no” as an answer—even if the buddy does not want the assistance! Wood Pigs, as you might think, are a little pigheaded, so it would be easier to just quit protesting and accept a Wood Pig’s assistance. Wood Pig can persuade and enjoys entertaining; he also knows how to establish a trusting environment wherever he goes. Because he is cheery and kind, people admire his dignity and flaws.

2021 Horoscope for Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac

2021 is expected to be an amazing year for the Wood Pigs. People born under the Wood Pig zodiac sign will have bright job prospects in 2021, with numerous options for advancement at work. The Wood Pigs will have a strong sense of self-motivation this year. Wood Pigs are naturally positive and open-minded. They will have good luck in their jobs in the coming years if they can persevere!
In 2021, the wood pigs will be emotionally stable, and Pigs’ relationships with their lovers will be quite stable. Despite the fact that single Wood Pigs will have little success romantically this year, it will be beneficial for these Wood Pigs to devote attention to work and studies.

Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac: Eminent Personalities

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Timothee Chalamet
  • Logan Paul
  • Bethany Mota
  • Kim Taehyung
  • Brad Simpson
  • Kehlani

How to get Along with Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac?

The majority of Chinese zodiac Wood Pigs are unconcerned with minor details in life. Their natural qualities aid them in forming harmonious interpersonal relationships. In private, they are able to pass judgement on others. They may, however, become enraged at any time. They will not be influenced by negative feelings for a long time. Because of their forthright demeanour, they can inadvertently damage others in a conversation by using inappropriate language. It is recommended that those in the immediate vicinity exercise more patience and tolerance.
Individuals born under the Wood Pig zodiac sign have a positive outlook on life. They have low living standards and are just looking for peace and compassion. The Wood Pigs women are so trusting that they are easily deceived; however, they seldom accuse those who have deceived them, preferring to flee and behave as if nothing had occurred. As a result, many people believe that the Wood Pig women are trouble-free. But even if the boar women do not give you indications about their knowledge of them being deceived by you, do not mistake it as her ignorance or her carefree nature. She surely does not want to be deceived, so don’t try it with her even if she shows no effect to it.
The Wood Pigs have a high sense of self-esteem and admiration for themselves. Typically, they will not put themselves in an embarrassing situation and will seek out ways to change the situation. Do not try and do anything to hurt any of these self aspects of the Wood Boar.
The Wood Boar follows its gut instinct and chooses a partner based on that instinct. It isn’t looking for superheroes, and the Cavaliers aren’t required to do something extraordinary for her. The Wood Pig woman chooses to be with a man “in his place”: serious, dependable, and capable of supporting a family. The Wood Pig female considers the guy to be the potential father of her children when they first meet. As a result, even minor gaffes in action could be detrimental to a future husband nominee. Since the wood pig is well-educated and well-read, it adores intelligent individuals. True, their experience is usually shallow, and they are not prone to philosophising or delving into everlasting subjects. The Wood Pig was predicted to have a simple life by the ancient Chinese. The Wood Pig isn’t one to overcomplicate things and solve ten problems with one solution. Pig is easy to interact with and will always help and advise you. There will be no Mexican passions with them, but relations will be stable. Chivalry and attention are valued by the Wood Pig individuals. Individuals who are lewd, cruel and rude have no chance of winning the Wood Pigs’ hearts. Following some of this can make the wood pig your true buddy! Have fun impressing them and trying to get along with them! We are quite confident that you will do great with all this information from MyPandit!

Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Wood Pig or wood boar compatibility with a rabbit, sheep and tiger is believed to be the best. It is also recommended for a wood pig to avoid forming love relationships with a monkey, snake or a pig.
The Wood Pig are straightforward, straightforward, and charming. They are understanding and sympathetic to other people’s issues. They are also easy to get along with because of their friendliness. They have a liberal, upbeat outlook on life. As a result, they are unconcerned about potential problems or setbacks. They are, however, simpler to give up halfway due to their rapid anger. As a result, they must complete everything according to their plans. Due to the same reason, their partners will not be chained in the relationship with the Wood Pigs and are more likely to be content.

In a nutshell, the wood pig Chinese zodiac has:

  • Compassionate, generous and determined as some of its qualities.
  • A bit of inexperience and a tendency to make rash decisions as to its challenges.
  • They want to be heard and taken seriously as a secret urge.
  • Been advised to put greater trust in their partners and give them greater autonomy.

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