Dog And Snake Compatibility Analysis and Personality Traits

When you land in Chinese astrology, you land up in an animal farm, as it is an animal-based classification, unlike the Vedic one. The Vedic astrology is derived from the planets, star alignment and their combination. In contrast, Chinese astrology is chained by 12 animals. These animal zodiac signs repeat themselves after every 12 years. They are further linked to their earth element. For example, Snakes belongs to the fire genre, while Dogs are inclined to earth. These elements play an important role in their personality traits and compatibility factor.

Chinese Zodiac Dog and Snake: Personality Traits

Snake Man: Personality Overview

Female Dogs: Personality Overview

Dog and Snake compatibility

Male Snake and Female Dog Compatibility in Love

Male Dog and Female Snake Compatibility in Love

What to do if your partner is Dog?

What to do if your partner is Snake?

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