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Astrology has many branches depending on which part of the world it was invented. Cultural influence plays a great role in it. It’s an ancient science and Chinese astrology is no stranger to the world. It has yearly based zodiac signs represented by various animals. Each animal is assigned a cluster of years and possess different personality traits. They are further categorized into 5 elements and Yin & Yang principles.
So, let’s begin reading more about Dragon and Boar compatibility.

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Boar and Dragon Chinese Zodiac Personality

Speaking of Dragon and Boar compatibility, Dragon and Boar have totally different perspectives in life and vary tremendously in their traits. Dragon belongs to the ‘Earth’ element and Boar is the ‘Water’ element. One may nurture the other. They are like two completely different species. Their priorities may be to live a fulfilling life but the approaches are divergent.

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Male Dragon Personality

Dragon males are spectacular, confident and mesmerizing individuals. Their high and vibrant energy can light up the room. They are born leaders and their managerial skills can be ascertained quite early in their lives. They are risk-takers and often do large projects of their own. These individuals achieve great success and often reach their goals before they cross middle age.

They are highly social beings and also have an enchanting effect on the crowd. They win lots of hearts and popularity. They are loved by their friends and who wouldn’t, when they are the life of a party. They love having fun, getting things done collaboratively and serving as a supporting pillar to their friends and family. Dragon males are said to have something supernatural about them when it comes to their irresistible charm.

These males are highly ambitious and do not stop at anything. Time is of great essence to them, since they are involved in so many projects. They often get overburdened by the amount of work they take up. Money comes to them easily as they use their intelligence, dexterity, observation skill and right kind of striking actions.

They want to indulge in several luxuries and comforts, hence, they do earn a lot. They become independent at an early age. They have a tendency to become impulsive and critical of others as they themselves are perfectionists. Even their partner has to be beautiful apart from certain other qualities.

Stagnation kills them, be it in work, love or anything in the world. This makes them a voyager in the job sector. They change many jobs till they find a perfect job to do – something that gives them opportunities to make an impact in the world.

They become good doctors, fashion designers, writers, economists, politicians and CEOs or CFOs in a company.

They need to learn work-life balance for better health. They might go under a lot of stress too. They have a fondness for sports and it suits them best.

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Female Boars Personality

Female Boars are highly emotional, creative and artistic. Their personalities are very pleasant. They have such a gentle heart that it has room for everyone. That is why they are loved by their family and friends. Their element is water and it signifies emotions. They have a tendency to become hypersensitive.

These females are very devoted to their families. They love to take care of others. They live their life with the motto of ‘LIfe is Beautiful’. They are very adaptable and have a good sense of humour. They want to have fun in life along with comfort. They have an extreme sensual appetite.

They usually pursue creative careers. They also have a good sense of fashion. Apart from this, they do a lot of humanitarian work. They become good nurses, artists, veterinarians, architects, fashion designers, interior designers, chefs, teachers and authors. They are highly intelligent in Emotional Quotient. This makes them a good managers or leaders as they care about other’s growth too.

Female Boars are light-hearted individuals and mostly quite satisfied in life. They are naive and rarely have any ulterior motive. When hurt, they can carry that emotional burden for years but do not let their dear ones get affected by their aching heart. These females are very reliable and shower generosity on others.

In love, they are very devoted and nurturing. They love the family environment. They want to live simply and joyfully. They are faithful and sincere in love. They need to pay attention to their health as they can suffer from ailments like heart failure, fatigue, diabetes and high cholesterol. Overall. the compatibility of Male Dragon and Female Boar is low.

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Dragon and Boar Compatibility

To build a strong relationship, both will have to put conscious efforts. One may get ignored emotionally by the other and it’s usually the Boar that feels unattended. They match at the level of fun elements in their behaviour. In Dragon and Boar compatibility, both of them enjoy the company of friends and have a huge friend circle.

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Male Dragon and Female Boar Compatibility

In terms of Dragon and Boar compatibility, male Dragon, being practical in nature can hurt hypersensitive female Boar. His goals are very dear to him and he is a visionary. He would be spending hours and hours towards building his career as he is quite ambitious. On the other hand, female Boar is not very ambitious. She excels in a career that is close to her heart and requires channelization of her emotions. Unlike the male Dragon, she is okay with working in a stable job.

Male Dragon is high in IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and female Boar is high in EQ (Emotional Quotient). It’s a deadly combination as it takes an enormous amount of effort to go well together. Male Dragon likes a woman who is very outspoken, confident and ambitious – someone who matches his level of vigour. Female Boar does not fit in this frame. She is gentle, does not say things that might hurt others and is content in life. She is not aggressive in her career at all and believes in taking people together towards betterment.

Male Dragon and female Boar are highly optimistic. Both of them love to enjoy life and luxuries. Female Boar, being the nurturer and devoted, gives in to the dominance of the Dragon happily. But her emotional needs have to be met too. The male Dragon’s independent outlook might give her some sense of insecurity sometimes.

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Male Boar and Female Dragon Compatibility

Male Boar is a happy go lucky sign. They love to keep others happy too. They have a good sense of humour but sometimes they end up making fun of others which turns into one of their negative traits. Female Dragons are confident and outspoken females. They are extremely active in the world and considered doers. Both these individuals are contrastive in terms of energy level.

A male Boar is extremely laid back and may get overindulgent. Whereas, a female Dragon is active and controlled. Despite her love for fine things in life, the female dragon knows when to stop. She is blessed with high willpower. She always needs change. Male boar, being adaptive in nature, has no problem with the constant movement of the female Dragon. But at some point in time, he needs to get that stability and grounding.

He is not very ambitious which might irritate the female Dragon. The female Dragon might attract many admirers, hence, the male Boar will need constant assurance from her that she loves him. They gel up well in creative pursuits together but when it comes to family, the priority differs.

The female Dragons’ blunt and critical comments can hurt the male Boar. He is too gentle for this. Hence, Dragon and Boar Compatibility is not considered very balanced and complementary despite having some similarities.

What to do if Your Partner is Dragon?

Keep it Easy and Light! The Boar is a happy person and highly emotional. He might take insults easily because he does not like conflicts. Do not judge him as being a weak person because he is not. He has a big heart to forgive others.

Make sure you are respectful towards his friends and family. They are dear to him. He stands by them at the cost of his own peace. If possible, support him in this. You also shouldn’t push him too hard to pursue some specific career. He usually does things in which he finds happiness. There are work opportunities that may yield lots of profits but his priority is contentment.

Pay attention to his health. This is the one thing he is careless about. If you really care about him then do not nag but encourage him to do exercises or Yoga. Instead, talk it out and work it out.

Boar loves to be friends first before entering a relationship. So if you feel that you haven’t received commitment yet, then maybe you guys have not built a strong friendship.

Rabbit, Sheep and Tiger are the best matches for Boar. The worst matches for the Boar are Snake, Boar and Monkey.

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What to do if Your Partner is Dragon?

Let them be free. These are free-spirited individuals. Too much restriction may drive them away. If you don’t want that, you should probably not force them to be homebound on weekends!

They are success-driven and may want you to understand their busy schedule. Not complaining about how occupied they are will help a lot. They simply cannot sit still and laze around is a complete No-No. If you are bothered about many cancelled dinner dates or any other occasions, try informing them early. End moment engagements do not work because they need to find a space in their calendar to attend it.

They can have a high temper if they find you completely impractical. If something is bothering you, just express your concern when they are in a good mood. Also, do not poke fun at the Dragon if you don’t want to be burnt with their fire.

The best matches for Dragon are Rat, Rooster and Monkey. Dragon and Dragon can be compatible moderately but they suffer from ego clashes. Signs that are not compatible with Dragon are Ox, Sheep and Dog.

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