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Interesting and fascinating. That’s what Chinese Astrology is all about. It is more than 2000 years old science and is embedded in their culture intensely. What’s more Chinese Astrology and Compatibility also forms a part of their everyday lives. It is no doubt a very unique way of interpreting Zodiac Signs. Chinese Zodiacs are twelve in number and are represented by twelve animals. Each of the animals represents each month of the year. Hence the month that you are born in is represented by an animal and you are likely to have unique attributes assigned with the particular animal! Accordingly, you would or would not be compatible with the other individuals who are born in the same or different months of the year.
In this blog, we will explore the Dragon and Sheep compatibility.

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Sheep Chinese Zodiac Personality

The Ram or Goat or Sheep are very gentle and genuine beings as per Chinese Astrology and Compatibility. They are Soft by nature and easy-going by their personality. These creatures are the followers. They have no intentions of hogging the limelight. They are happy to follow. Just like the animal Sheep who is meek and obedient by nature, so are these individuals born in the Sheep birth month.
They have a wide friends circle.

They are also quite popular among their people. More so, they are very much liked by the people around them. Mostly because of their obedient nature. You might just notice a Sheep run farthest away at the sight of a tussle! They can’t stand disagreements and arguments. They are likely to lose their confidence in such a situation. However, otherwise, they are very cheerful beings.

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How does Sheep Behave In Love?

When it comes to romance and relationships the individuals who are born under the Sheep Zodiac sign are very shy and gentle. They might not take the first step. Hence a Sheep might come across as somebody who is very passive in a relationship. This is not very good for them. They would not lead in relationships. However, they would be quite happy to follow!

The natives of Sheep descent are also very soft and sober. However, they cannot resist temptations. They might get attracted to individuals more often than they should and end up taking all the wrong decisions. They might even get infatuated with the wrong kind of people.
However once in a committed relationship, the native of the Sheep Zodiac Sign are very faithful and obedient. They are very considerate of their partner’s feelings and they care for them very deeply. They enjoy romance and especially the dating period a lot.

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Dragon Chinese Zodiac Personality

As per the Chinese Zodiac and personality traits, an individual born under the month of Dragon is considered to be quite mystical, very imaginative and overly ambitious. Among all the other twelve Zodiac Signs in Chinese Astrology and Compatibility, only the Zodiac of Dragon is mythical. Dragon is an imaginary animal that poses characteristics similar to the other Animals of the Zodiac. Dragons are considered to be holy and auspicious in Chinese Culture. The culture boasts of elaborate legends that talk about the might and valour of dragons.

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As per Chinese mythology, those who are born in the Dragon Zodiac are actually believed to be the descendants of Dragons. The individuals who are Dragons are very noble beings. They are also superb leaders and possess much expertise, capabilities and knowledge to lead from the front. Dragons are driven to realize each and every bit of their dreams and they are very ambitious. They are also very eloquent beings. However, on the other hand, they might look elusive to people around them. They might get arrogant and push people away from them.

Being quite ambitious, these Dragons have the tendency to get frustrated very easily in the face of any setbacks. They might also be impatient as they want the results of their hard work almost immediately. However most of the times they remain full of energy and enthusiasm.

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How does Dragon behave in Love?

As per the Chinese Astrology and Compatibility individuals of Dragon descent will be generous, quite an idealist and a little passive when it comes to matters of heart and longing. They are the ones who would seek perfection in every area of their lives including in their love and relationships. They might look quite passive in love however they are the ones who would gain very little while they actually are the givers. They remain very self-disciplined with their partners and are generous on their part while in a long term relationship. Because of their glamorous and attractive personality they might find themselves surrounded by many pursuers. However, they can get attracted to only those partners who are intelligent, understanding and elegant. Their partners should know how to spoil them with praises to win the golden heart of the confident Dragon.
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Dragon Wife and Sheep Husband

As per Dragon and Sheep compatibility, both of these Zodiac Signs could build a long term association. They could be called possibly compatible! The Sheep husband will remain fascinated by his Dragon wife’s intelligence and her confident and dominating nature. On the other hand, the Dragon wife will be enthused by her Husband’s faithful and compassionate nature. The Dragon will be quite ambitious however the Husband will be too sober to get along with her desires.

The Dragon wife could find her husband very easy going and this will suit her well. She might appreciate his intuitive nature. However, being a dragon, the wife might goad her Sheep Husband beyond his tolerance level. This relationship of Sheep and Dragon will be a difficult one and both of them will have to work hard to sustain their relationship. Yeah, this is how Sheep and Dragon compatibility rolls!

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Sheep Wife and Dragon Husband

As per Chinese predictions and Dragon Sheep compatibility, the association of Sheep and Dragon is not a very appealing one. And it will need a lot of work and tremendous efforts from both of them. For the Sheep Wife and Dragon, husband to make the association work in the long duration will be a task.

The Dragon husband is quite an outgoing being and fiercely self-reliant while the Sheep Wife is temperamental, moody and emotive. The wife is quite homely and highly values the family life while the Husband will not care much about domestic affairs leave aside from being domesticated! The Sheep wife is emotional and might weep at small things while the Dragon husband fails to understand how to console her with the softness and gentleness that she craves for.

The husband is quite ambitious and resolute. And the Wife is quite emotional and creative. The dragon is a chivalrous being and is happy to support his troubled lady but he cannot do it every time!
Out of all the Zodiac signs and their very unique attributes you should look for the one that is compatible with your own personality and characteristics.

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Ending Note

Few words of Sheep Dragon compatibility, what a pair! A proud and confident dragon who would want to explore the world and an emotional and compassionate Sheep who craves family and stability.

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