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The Eastern calendar is widely followed by the Chinese and their neighbouring countries. Unlike the western calendar, which depends on the planets and star alignment, the Chinese calendar depends on the animals and their essential elements. Here we are going to talk about two such animal zodiacs named the Horse and the Dog. The horse is a fire element, while Dog belongs to earth cadre. The horse is a sign of positivity and enthusiasm. They are warm-blooded and like to achieve milestones in their life. At the same time, the Dog, by its innate nature, is loyal, frank and diligent. Both these signs have many similar beliefs and thoughts. Let us see whether their pairing will be a match made in heaven.

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Horse and Sheep Chinese Zodiac Personality

People born under both these signs are generally good-natured and will mingle in crowds quite easily. They are often happy to get lucky symbols and lead an active social life. However, the Dog can have occasional mood swings. The Horse has a magnetic character than the Dog and is more dynamic and able to handle the situation tactfully. At the same time, the Dog will be happy with himself and are more philosophical. The Horse will like this quality of the Dog as he lacks on his own. To know them better, we must do a deep dive into their personality traits.

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Male Horse Personality

They are independent and do not like to be placed under any restriction. By nature, they are courageous and have confidence in what they do. They will follow their intuition and will succeed in whatever they do. They have a high sense of fashion and will dress accordingly. This helps them to steal the limelight from the peers. Witty and nimble-footed, it’s difficult for others to catch them on the slow side. They are born athletes and generally very active and very healthy. Due to their warm blood nature, they tend to lack patience, which can be their shortcomings. They will defer to anyone’s advice and turn a deaf ear to them.

In life, they are hot geysers of energy. Their strength lies in being confident. They do not like a particular routine and will constantly change their activities. They will get attracted towards high intellect and any physical activities like athletics. As they lack patience, they are often getting in and out of a relationship quickly. They get fascinated instantly and can mistake that for love. Once they realise it, they may tend to get away from the relationship. So it will be safe if they develop the friendship and then take the relationship a step forward. But once they are confirmed about falling in love, they become broke in a relationship and tend to lose everything on their partner.

They are the dictators in your team, and the job of leading the group will suit them. They are multitaskers and will accomplish their work at the speed of light. Intuition works best for them, and anyone’s advice may not fall into their ear. How well do you match against the Horse?

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Female Dog Personality

Like our earlier blogs, we have mentioned that female Dogs are traditional and laid back types of personalities. They will do minimal makeup and jewellery with very ordinary dressing. You may not find them much charming and will think twice before taking her to any party. But they are the lucky charm for their husband. However, there is a slight difference between the female Dogs born in the day and evening. The ones in the evening are a little bit more advanced and are better looking.

Women under the sign of Dog are likely to be dressed very plainly, and they will maintain themselves like actresses of the retro age. They are very considerate and cooperative, but when they get angry, you will surely not like to cross their path. Though homely, they tend to have few outdoor activities like dancing, swimming and tennis. A male Horse will appreciate this quality as this will match his liking for physical activities.

In love and family, they do not open up so fast and timid. Husbands and lovers find it hard to get intimate with them initially. This may lead to monotony in relationships. So even if she loves you, it will be a kind of secret which she will seldom express in a reserved manner. So even if they are in a relation, they will find themselves alone. They are considered as good wives but not a good girlfriend because of them being less adventurous. Marry a female Dog with closed eyes. Due to their ordinary dressing and fashion sense, they are less likely to spend on these items.

Career-wise, they work like typical tortoises who are slow and sedate. For them, stability in income and job security is more critical than an enterprising job with more adventure and risk. But once they are sure of the strength, they will do well in business matters.

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Horse and Dog Compatibility

Both will live with peace and euphony. Whether it is love or friendship, you both will like to grow old together. A native of these signs likes to mingle in crowds. The adventurous horse shall make the Dog follow his path. The Horse will infuse energy into the Dog’s mind. The Horse is witty, joyful which will attract the Dog. At the same time, the honesty and loyalty of the Dog will force the Horse to surrender before her. The Horse is the enhancer, while the Dog will accept the Horse’s negative point and leave together in solace. It can be a match made in heaven. The compatibility score is about 90% which is very good..

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Male Horse and Female Dog Compatibility

Generally, a Dog woman is dependable and honest. She is a steady player. She is a good homemaker. They tend to be emotional and suffer from mood swings. However, the Horse will not mind this, and he will treat this as a new challenge. Horses like challenges and will see this opportunity to spice up things in his love life. The Horseman sometimes will use tyrannical words against the Dog. However, he doesn’t mean to ruin the relationship. But the partner may feel that he is too aggressive or offensive. She may get hurt and tend to withdraw from him.

The Dog’s nature is so sober that she will compromise for her relationship and do whatever it may take to save the pair. She is a thinker and will utter any word carefully. Her calm nature will allow the Horse to cool down and tackle the free-spirited Horse.

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Male Dog and Female Horse Compatibility

A Dog man and a Horse woman are linked romantically according to the eastern calendar. This is a perfect combination as Dog is a stable and loyal sign. Dog males are generous and considerate towards their partner. A Horse, though free-spirited, will enjoy the protection and security the Dog man provides. Dogs will create a base for this stable relationship. This will make the Horse grounded and committed to the relationship.

Horse woman is extroverted and will not be shy about expressing her opinion on issues in the relationship. At times, the Horse woman will get angered by the passive and mild nature of the male Dog. The Dog being traditional will often test the patience of the Horse woman. But the Dog will handle this situation calmly and help in keeping the relationship smooth and less toxic.

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What should you do if your Partner is Dog?

Whenever Dog is paired with someone, there will be a sense of understanding. If not from both ends, but at least from the Dog’s side, you can be sure about this. However, you need to give the Dog their credit for their patience and let them have their privacy. They are tolerant but do not push them to the brink. They are not good decision-makers and cannot often distinguish between right and wrong.

It will be better if they have a partner with a strong sense of decision making. Dogs should take advice from such people, and it will be good for them. They are frank on the surface but from the inside sometimes feel insecure and lack confidence. More encouragement will help them get out of the trouble as soon as possible.

Female Dogs get will along with Rabbit, Monkey and Boar. They will have a sense of responsibility and maturity. However, they should avoid going after Rooster and Sheep. They may try to get involved romantically with Dog, but this will not be a fruitful match. There will be a trust and opinion issue. Male Dogs will love Rabbit, Rat or Tiger as their better half. They are sweet and understanding in nature. Males in this domain should avoid getting married to Dragon, Sheep and Ox. Truth, the difference in opinion and lack of trust will foul play in this marriage.

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What should you do if your Partner is Horse?

If anybody likes freedom more than anything else, then it has to be the horse. They value freeness a lot, so people should let them alone and give their due space. They should not question them either, or this will make them irritated. Individuals under Horse Zodiac have a high taste of freedom and dressing sense. Also, they would like people to praise their dressing sense. They wanted to be applauded when they tried something new and came out with a new form.

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Although they are talkative and friendly, they do not like to take people’s advice. So if you want them to listen to you and eventually follow you, you need to be discreet in your conservation.

They are well-matched with Tiger and Sheep. As time goes, the pairing will get stronger and stronger. Rabbit, Monkey and Dog can be an acceptable match. Their positive energy will attract the Horse to complete the family. However, they should avoid getting paired with Rat, Ox and Rooster. There will be trust issues, and one will not be ready to give up in the relationship.

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