Horse and Dog Compatibility - Horse Zodiac - Dog Chinese Zodiac

Horse and Dog Compatibility – Horse Chinese Zodiac – Dog Chinese Zodiac

The Eastern calendar is widely followed by the Chinese and their neighbouring countries. Unlike the western calendar, which depends on the planets and star alignment, the Chinese calendar depends on the animals and their essential elements. Here we are going to talk about two such animal zodiacs named the Horse and the Dog. The horse is a fire element, while Dog belongs to earth cadre. The horse is a sign of positivity and enthusiasm. They are warm-blooded and like to achieve milestones in their life. At the same time, the Dog, by its innate nature, is loyal, frank and diligent. Both these signs have many similar beliefs and thoughts. Let us see whether their pairing will be a match made in heaven.

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Horse and Sheep Chinese Zodiac Personality

Male Horse Personality

Female Dog Personality

Horse and Dog Compatibility

Male Horse and Female Dog Compatibility

Male Dog and Female Horse Compatibility

What should you do if your Partner is Dog?

What should you do if your Partner is Horse?

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