Ox and Rooster Compatibility – Ox Chinese Zodiac – Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Chinese astrology runs on the lunar calendar, which links an animal with a 12 year repeating cycle. The major difference between Chinese and the western astrology is that the western astrology runs on a monthly pattern against an yearly pattern of the former. The animal is further linked to one of the 5 elements i.e. earth, water, metal, wood and fire. Here we are going to discuss Ox which is an earth element and Rooster which belongs to metal type.

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Ox and Rooster Chinese Zodiac Personality

Both these Chinese Zodiacs have few similarities. They are “doordarshi” and think about long term goals. Materialistic gains attract them, and they will work hard to achieve them. So similar, but the materialistic attraction shall be different for both of them. One may love gold and other diamonds. Chinese astrology predicts a decent pair for this combination. Let us deep dive into their personality traits and determine whether they are a perfect match for you.

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Male Ox Personality

OX! You can judge by the name. It relates to inertia. Too much physics? Ok, let me simplify. They are obstinate and do not like changes. They strictly follow the method and do not want any hassle in their life. However, they are honest and serious souls. They will quietly do their work and do not wait for an appraisal from their boss or peers.

They are reserved lots and kind of loners. You can say introvert. As mentioned earlier, they avoid a hassle in their life. In love, too, things remain the same. They do not want any unnecessary drama and try to avoid them. They are the ones who like a peaceful and calm environment when they reach home. They do not like to cross their boundary and take risks. Male Ox are very trivial and can put the crowd in order. They are family men and like people who love tradition and hard work. You can be in their good books if you are diligent and hardworking.
No one can stand Ox’s devotion and love towards his family. The man of the house is caring and protective. So they thrive for a gentle partner, which will enable them to protect their lady love. However, if there is no one from their side, you should not even try to be near them. They are stubborn and headstrong.
They would like to work alone and do jobs that do not require much imagination. A clerical or table work is okay for them. Male Ox can have a business of their own. They are not bothered by the monotony of the job. Instead, they take their own time and set their own space. Long term assignment and repeated work are acceptable for them. They can excel in government jobs or any corporate house. Also, they can be a good office clerk, government officer, doctor, teacher etc. Ox can be a perfect match for those who like to be family and value traditional views.

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Female Rooster Personality

Roosters are crowd pullers and famous among their peers and family. They are vocal and are mirthful. They want the adrenaline rush pumping in their veins all the time. They are street smart and use their charming personality to their favour. This helps them get through many tough situations. But their outer self is quite different from the inner one. They may be popular but also weak from inside.

They revolve around attention and for that they will open up, be the social mingler and do everything to turn your head towards them. However, if you don’t give them their due recognition, they tend to become irritated and feel low on confidence. This will lead to an irrational behaviour. They tend to panic and start criticizing. They want to create their own perfect zone where everything is right for them. They are the my way or highway kind of people. But at the same time they are methodical, voguish and trailblazers.

You will probably say an extrovert, crowd loving person will be unstable, but here is the catch. Female Roosters are faithful and dedicated towards their partner. Their affirmative smile is infectious. As in social life, they also take lead in love life and are the first one to take steps. However, once the initial rush is settled they allow their partners to do the talking. They will woe their partner with attractive personality and charming smile

On the career front, they want a job where they can deal with people. They are good influencers and negotiators. They will excel as politicians, public speakers, beauticians, film personality or comedians.

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Ox and Rooster Compatibility

This pair is a perfect one. Both are hard-working and determined. Also, both of them are honest, smart and intelligent. They like to get deep into the topic. Due to this similar quality, they can be a good match and a happy couple. Sexual compatibility is also high. Ox will fulfil Rooster’s expectation, like a perfect lock and key match.

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Male Rooster and Female Ox Compatibility

Oxen and Rooster can be soulmates. There is nothing complex about their relationship. Everything goes smooth like a river flowing through the terrain. Both have similar beliefs, and any difference can easily evaporate. They complement each other well. Both follow the instructions and are trivial. Rooster’s personality is of a perfectionist, and he expects the same from Oxen.

Both trust each other, and honesty is an essential virtue for them. Both in love are unlikely to be suspicious about their partner’s behaviour. Oxen will live up to the Rooster’s expectation. A fruitful love relationship also develops into a good business relationship or vice versa, whichever sets first. Their compatibility chart shows a score of more than 85 %, which is very good.

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Male Ox and Female Rooster Compatibility

Female Roosters are charming in nature, and Ox tends to fall for this easily. Roosters like to tell the truth on their face, and Ox can take the criticism positively. Females want to enjoy the materialistic bliss, and Ox shall fulfil their demands. Though outgoing, Rooster respects the family value, leading to a good match with Ox. Both are punctual in their own ways. One followed the line, and another made the line follow her.

Rooster is a perfect match for the Ox. Though Ox being a loner, they like their partners to be glittering and bubbling with energy. Roosters are faithful, so Ox will respect this quality and do whatever it requires for him to satisfy his partners’ needs.

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What to do if your Partner is Ox?

An Ox is a family person. For them, traditional family values hold high importance. They like people who are patient and practical. Maturity is the key to success if your partner is ox or oxen. No hassle, no drama. It is the mantra of their life. Be in their excellent books, and they will shower you with all the love and luxury.

Who is the best match for Ox? Any guess! As per Chinese astrology, the best match is the Rat. The combination of Earth and water sign complement each other. Water is required for the earth to make the shape perfect. However, Ox and Snake paring is also great, as both share the same philosophy, which creates an attraction for the pair.

But, they should avoid getting paired with Tiger, Dragon, Horse and Sheep. There will be differences of opinion and a clash of egos. As mentioned earlier, no hassle, no drama.

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What to do if your Partner is Rooster?

If you land up with a Rooster, you should know they like attention. So please give them attention and more attention. They like perfectionists, punctual and honest people. They ride high on the way of life and want to be the centre of attraction. Family is also important for them.

Rooster woman will keep the house in order and want everyone to fall in line. So just allow them to take the lead. Sensible in love, they can be a great mother and wife. She is a person who likes to finish the work rather than just talking.

Talking about the best match for a Rooster, here are few candidates. Ox and Snake become an ideal match for the Rooster. Ox can give support, and Snake can provide the warmth a Rooster is looking for. However, they should avoid Horse, Dog and Rooster.

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