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The harmony of the Rat and the Rabbit is mediocre. They are so dissimilar that they find it impossible to agree on something. The slowness and superficiality of a companion who does not take it seriously irritate an active and fussy Rat. Her emotionality contradicts Rabbit’s calm. The Rat perceives its softness and inertness as weakness and would not hesitate to exploit it. She will begin to behave demandingly and violently against the partner, not understanding that such actions will lead to a breakup.

A Rat is an action-oriented person who looks for stability and trust in the future. The Rabbit has had enough of the partner’s infinite resources. He values peace and likes to live by the adage, “you know less, you sleep better.” A Rabbit is a creative person who lacks motivation and is very lazy. This sign’s representative tries not to overwhelm his brain with negativity, which allows him to still land on his feet, no matter how nature kills him. Rat and Rabbit compatibility horoscopes indicate that they have no chance of having an excellent long-term relationship.

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