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Interested to know about Chinese Astrology and Zodiac Signs? Are you aware that as per the Chinese zodiac the animals associated with your natal charts tell you so much about your unique personality and your life ahead? Chinese Astrology is as old as 2000 years. Chinese Astrology plays a significant role in their culture and everyday lives. The Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by the 12 animals. These animal-based Zodiac Signs could be understood as a cycle of about twelve years and each year is represented by a separate animal.
In this blog, we will explore the unique characteristics of the Zodiac of Tiger and Boar, Tiger and Rooster compatibility and much more.

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Tiger Chinese Zodiac Personality

As per Chinese Astrology, a Tiger is a royal king and it can accept no-nonsense of anybody. Tigers like to lead and be in charge of everyone. They enjoy control over every situation. They find it challenging to be lead by others. Tigers enjoy being in charge of each and every situation of their lives and they can rely only on themselves in a dangerous situation. Tigers find power in conquering the unachievable and they love to show off the fact that the unknown and unthought of could also be done. However, it is also quite easy for them to lose interest in any situation, a person or a thing if they get bored of it. Or they even might lose interest once they have captured the situation.
When it comes to male Tigers they are quite adventurous, optimistic, serious and prudent. They enjoy making good friends and have refined tastes and speeches. Their mannerism is sophisticated. Also, certain male tigers can get quite dictatorial. They can often make certain wrong decisions. They might even get suspicious of people around them. At the same time, these men are very emotional. You might see them shedding tears when they get upset or they might even laugh like kids when they are joyful. However, they fell quite short of romance and family happiness. Yet they are the backbones of their families. This might be a plus point in Rooster Tiger Compatibility.

When it comes to relationships the male tigers can get very jealous of their partners. They might get overly protective and quarrelsome in certain situations. These men are quite attractive to a woman and they enjoy understanding what is going on in a woman’s mind.
While tiger females are quite friendly, very articulate, free-spirited and charming. They remain updated with the latest trends. These Women are very lively and very well mannered. They are prone to succeed in any situation because they are strong-willed and vivacious. They are also very patient and highly tenacious and brilliant ladies. However, on the other side, they can get very rebellious, careless and emotional in certain situations. And they might desist change and would want to put up with their old ways.

However, they are very much capable of managing their family. They enjoy teamwork and collective activities and they believe in living life to its fullest potential. You will often find them playing with children. They are actually quite popular with the younger kids. When it comes to matters of the heart, you would probably not see a lady tiger get infatuated with anybody. Because they have a mad love affair with themselves! They might look gentle however they are very strong from within. They might get narcissistic and wild in certain situations. These ladies are very reliable and loyal in relationships. They have the ability to subdue men.

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How does Tiger behave in Love?

When Tigers are involved in romantic situations they enjoy the game of seduction. They like to seduce their partner. Like all the other cats’ Tiger knows that there are rules of this game and they compete to win it at any cost. They could even go on a battle to win the admiration of their partners. Tigers are natural leaders. Hence, they enjoy seducing their partners into submission. Tigers are not always these hardcore players as is visible of them. They can get quite moody and sensitive as well.

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Rooster Chinese Zodiac Personality

As per Chinese astrology, the individuals born under Rooster Zodiac month are best known to be quite meticulous, farsighted, independent and ambitious. In accordance with the traditional Zodiac, an individual who is of Rooster Zodiac is an embodiment of confidence and intelligence.

Those who are born in the month are known to be quite earnest, smart, responsive and distinct, out of all the other Zodiac Signs. Roosters are known to be quite strict with themselves.

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How does Rooster behave in Love?

As per Chinese Astrology, a Rooster is very gentle, responsible and considerate in a romantic relationship. Roosters are known to pursue simple and straightforward relationships minus any drama. They are quite romantic by nature hence their partners can receive many surprise gifts! Being a natural romantic a Rooster seeks to create an amicable and romantic atmosphere in its love relationship. However, on the flip side, a Rooster can get very possessive and jealous in love relationships. They might face emotional ups and downs in certain situations. Hence their partners are expected to be considerate of their emotions.

A rooster believes in the institution of marriage and will be quite successful in holding a happy family. They will have harmonious relationships. Roosters are quite charming by personality. Hence they will share a joyful bond with their partners and family members.

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Rooster Wife and Tiger Husband

Moving to Rooster Tiger compatibility, the Rooster Wife is the one who would look for small faults that would get unbearing for the proud Tiger Husband. The Wife is quite clever and loaded with a bucket full of intelligence. The Tiger husband might get quite panicked and aggressive in this Relationship. The Husband might find it very difficult to put up with the complaining and carping attitude of her Rooster Wife. The Wife is very tight-fisted, very competitive and a stickler for small details. On the other side, the Tiger is an open book, quite straightforward and very benevolent.

The Husband is very keen when it comes to ideals while the wife is very brainy. The Tiger will not pay a lot of heed to conventions and he is ruled by his strong emotions. While the Wife is ruled out and out by logic and she is very erratic. Both of these individuals the Rooster Wife and the Tiger Husband are egoistic individuals. They are quite opposite to each other. They will find it very hard to put up with one another leaving aside building a lasting relationship!

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Tiger Wife and Rooster Husband

As per Chinese Astrology and Zodiac, the relationship of Tiger Wife and Rooster Husband is not up to the mark! They might build a very fiery and bumpy relationship if they get together. Both of these Zodiac, the Tiger and Rooster are quite advanced signs as per Chinese Astrology however they both hold very diverse opinions on life and matters.

Their outlooks are quite in contrast to each other. The Rooster husband is very self-centred and only cares about himself. While the Tiger Wife is bold and demanding. The Husband might put off his royal wife by finding minor faults in her. The tiger wife will not take this lightly. She is very belligerent and will not give in to his attitude.

When these signs the Tiger and Rooster combine with other signs they might build a very active relationship. However, in the compatibility of Tiger and Rooster, they both become passive and careless. They will not be able to form a very serious relationship.

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Ending Note

Hey guys, hope you understood about Rooster and Tiger Compatibility. Relationships are important and hold a significant place in our lives. Because they have the ability to fulfil our lives with joy and peace. However, imagine if you are stuck in the wrong relationships how difficult might your life become.

We do not want to suffer the pain of difficult relationships especially when we know that we have the ability to build fulfilling and lasting relations in life. Only we need to take certain steps early on in our long term relationship like marriage. Hence, whatever actions you take in a relationship, take it wisely.

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