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Vedic astrology and Chinese are two different forms of astrology. They mainly differ based on symbols, derivatives and prejudices. In Vedic Astrology, there are many representatives, but in Chinese Astrology, there are 12 signs that derive the signs in the Chinese Zodiac Chart. There are mainly five Chinese Zodiac System – Metal, Wood, Fire, Water and Earth.

Chinese Zodiac Calendar is 60 years and each year in this Calendar represents an animal from the Chinese Zodiac Chart.

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Tiger and Ox Personality

Each individual born in the Chinese year of the Tiger and Ox has a unique personality based on the characteristics of the symbol. If a tiger and an ox meet, they could make an excellent match. To do so, one must first understand the whole personality profile of these signs.

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Male Tiger Personality

Male Tigers are optimistic, aggressive and adventurous. They have good taste in behaviour and are talkative and therefore like to make friends with the people around them. Their ability to make hasty decisions puts them under suspicion.

Male Tigers are very short of romance and happiness are yet supportive and loyal to their family members. They are a very emotional imbalance that is sometimes b happy or can cry at the very next moment.

When Tiger man comes into a love relationship, they usually are very possessive and thus protective. They are very much attracted to the woman and like to get into their partner’s deeper layers.

They exhibit good results in a career as they are hard-working and dedicated and never give up until they achieve their desired goals.


Serious and Conscientious: Male Tigers are very serious when it comes to their work. They never procrastinate and delay their work for someone else to do it. Also, they rarely engage in extramarital affairs and therefore are considered ideal marriage material.

Honest and Affectionate: Male Tigers act just the way they think. They are the man of their words and never step back from their promises. They are coolheaded, generous and social animals. They are always ready for engagements and are prepared to help their friends whenever they need.

Ambitious: Male Tigers never procrastinate. They always move on with whatever opportunities they have. They are forward-looking individuals and never miss any chance to open up a company and expand. They have such an ambitious personality, and they are unstoppable.

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Female Ox Personality

Female Oxen are very practical and rational. They make decisions by being open-minded and understanding; therefore have no sense of humour, which will result in people around them finding them boring, but they will be known for their seriousness and dedication.

Ox females are very much determined and look towards life optimistically. They look at their goals strategically and possess the dare to struggle at any moment. They approach things with orderly patterns.

Female Oxens are very rigid and determined when it comes to love relationships. They never look back once they decide to do something. They look for the desired qualities, and once they are not convinced, they wait for their Mr Right instead of making changes to that person.


Patient and Unyielding: Since the Female Oxen have been through various circumstances in life, they possess the perseverance and endurance to go through anything and keep on hustling until they reach their goals.

Responsible and Down to Earth: They are down to earth. That is, they don’t have high living standards and high expectations from people. They are very responsible and hence like to do their work without any excuses and tantrums; instead, they know the industrial behaviour and professionalism needed to perform any task and achieve their goals on time.

Rational rather than Emotional: Among all the Chinese Zodiac Signs, the Female Oxen are very reasonable and never bring their sentiments while brainstorming on any issues and acting coolly until they find any specific solution to these problems. Also, due to their integrity, they don’t indulge their matters in any issues.

Male Tigers and Female Ox are highly compatible.

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Tiger and Ox Compatibility

The compatibility of Tiger and Ox signs is minimal. This is because they will face conflicts from each other’s end when it comes to the question of leading roles. They will not agree with each other. However, this relationship will work if they stress enough on communicating and intend to make it through.

The Tigers are charismatic, bright and prone to change in emotions and plans frequently. On the other hand, Oxen is not used to frequent changes in plans and doesn’t understand their partner’s attitude. However, they will come together in some circumstances.

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Male Tiger and Female Ox Compatibility

The Ox partner is well organised and practical. They don’t see emotions in any sense, whereas tigers, on the other hand, are emotional and have moody nature, which changes from time to time. But this nature of the Tiger is not acceptable by Ox, and neither tiger sees the stubborn behaviour of their partner in any sense. Also, Ox might feel the flirtatious nature of Tiger as crossing the line.

Although both the signs in this relationship are poles apart, the connection can be built successfully. As nothing in this world is impossible if two people promise to bring it together, they can reduce this distance by agreeing upon a mutual understanding. For this, Ox needs to understand the emotional nature of the tiger, and the Tiger needs to trust their partner’s rational nature and should not test their patience.

Ox woman is more concerned with the comfort of their homes and wants their partner’s involvement in this. Tiger man, on the other hand, is too extroverted. They can keep their things to themselves. They have the desire to succeed at their plans and actions and to succeed in these things. He needs to come out and deeply indulge with people holding different exciting ideas and possible resources. Therefore, the need to fulfil individual desires can lead to building a hurdle in both of their paths.

Although having so many thought differences, they can get possibly weak them together by giving commitments. Ox is known for their loyalty and responsibility, and Tiger always completes the promises or commitments they’ve made. Therefore they should commit to focusing on their relationship first.

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Male Ox and Female Tiger Compatibility

Tigers are very emotional and strive to achieve whatsoever they think and commit to themselves once. When it comes to love, they are passionate, possessive and jealous, and when it comes to intimacy, they are above average players.

Tigers usually need their partner’s support when they are emotionally down. The Ox may talk logically, but this doesn’t quench the emotional thirst of a Tiger. They need to be told that the other person is always wrong and guilty, which isn’t acceptable by Ox as they are known to be honest and straightforward.

Tigers are intense lovers when it comes to love and relationships. They quickly get attached to their partner, but there is a twist in this story. They are often seen flirting with other people from the opposite gender, which might seem an issue of trust for honest and loyal Ox.

Tigers, as said before, are very emotional beings, and their emotional rollercoaster is often a big turn off for straightforward Ox. The Ox needs to work as a guide and give them a direction which they will also like.

These two signs seem incomparable, but if the Ox decides to tolerate the emotional mood swings of Tiger and the Tiger on the other end decides to keep themselves faithful towards their partner, this relationship will work successfully.

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Who is the Ox Compatible with?

Rat: Both Rat and Ox agree on some points and accept them as implied. They share their responsibilities towards their families and co-operate reasonably, which makes their connection the strongest.

Snake: Both of them are very competitive when it comes to their professional lives, but none competes with each other. Instead, they share common interests, which make their intimacy grow deeper.

Rooster: Rooster and Ox both have their admirations for each other and have desires that need to be fulfilled. Their bonding will make it through thick and thin, and this is what makes them the best.

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