Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon: You should know this if you are a Fire Dragon

If you are a fire dragon you really need to know this about yourself and if you don’t know which type of dragon you are, we will help you to find it out.

In this article, we will go through what a dragon zodiac sign is all about? Basically, a Dragon sign is one of the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycles. The people born in the years 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024 represent the Chinese Zodiac Dragon.

Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon: Personality Traits & Types

Dragon Male Personality Traits

Male Dragons are futuristic experts and people who like to work actively. They have a pre-planned routine that keeps them occupied throughout their day. Although they are sometimes overconfident about themselves, they mostly come out to be excellent at leadership and managerial abilities. In terms of adverse situations, they react very quickly and manage things like a King.


Faithful: The Dragon male are considered very sweet in nature; they never give their friends and lovers any chance to question their faithfulness and contribution. They are faithful and sweethearts.

Competent: When it comes to competition and career, male Dragons are very serious about it. They are very focused and work professionally till the last breath to come out with the desirable results. When it comes to their career, they focus on their career to become successful in life.


Low IQ: The Male Dragons are generally with low IQs that if someone doesn’t show a clear picture of anything try to manipulate them for their own benefits, they find it obvious and believe in people easily. They might skip the minute but important things in life which will create debt in future.

Blind: Although the Dragon males have a very strong personality, they are always afraid of loneliness, and this FOMO often leads them to indulge in sheep walks blindly.

Female Dragons Personality Traits:

The female Dragons often act in an opinionated way as they have their own aura, and people are attracted to them and respect them, which helps them control the masses. They are strong and fierce fighters and often work for the welfare of others.

They are passive in terms of love and relationship and consider friendships as a part of life. They are independent and focused when it comes to their career and don’t often seek to get married in the early stages of their life unless they are well settled.


Have a Big Heart: they are rarely surrounded by health problems related to mental health. They don’t hold grudges about people and forgive them easily, which helps them become easygoing in life.

Energetic: they are very rigorous and hardworking when it comes to work and never give up easily on difficult tasks. In fact, their colleagues will rarely see any signs of fatigue with them.

Generous: they are frank, enthusiastic individuals, which makes them fun-loving and people’s people. They are caring and loving towards their friend’s circle and family. They often think from others perspectives which makes their impression beautiful.


Careless: They have a very careless personalities. They don’t often recognise their small mistakes and need people to remind them of their negligence.

Emotional: the female dragons are very emotional and not good at handling their emotions; they are considered very volatile in terms of emotions and might end up disclosing their emotions in an unpredictable way during hardships.

Proud: They have a proud and Grandiose side, but they have often been seen as failed when tested. They are very proud beings and talented at the same time, but because of their passive behaviour, they often lose it.

Although there are five elements to every zodiac sign, there are 12 zodiac signs in which each metal related to a particular zodiac sign has a life cycle of 60 years; that is, it repeats itself after every 60 years in the same zodiac sign.

Dragon’s Important Dates According to its Five Elements

Chinese Zodiac Element Dragon 1976: Personality & Characteristics of Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon 1976: Fire Dragon from Career Perspective

Fire Dragon in Business

Fire dragons are self charmers with their own goals and ideas. They believe in achieving their individual goals and always strive to achieve them. Therefore they can work well in a business environment as they are good at maintaining healthy relations with people.

Best business investment for Fire Dragons: The fire dragons are best suited for investing in a bar. There are several reasons for this. Firstly they are very clear about their investments, and they rely on their instinct for taking any decisions.

Secondly, they have a warm and outgoing personality which will help them in building relations and finding more customers for their business. All together, they are the most suitable zodiac type to invest in a bar business.

Fire Dragon in Job/Work

The people belonging to this sign are very creative, hard-working and dynamic in terms of work. They shouldn’t indulge in work related to manual labour as they are not made for it. They should invest in something like art, political and academic activities.

Best occupation for Fire Dragons: These people are good at literature and language; therefore, they can think of becoming a writer or teacher. They are smart, active and talkative, which makes them more suitable for some diverse personalities like journalists.

They are also suitable for work like a quality inspector, priest, cashier, financier, pharmacist, electrician and politician.

Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon: Wealth

Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon in Love and Compatibility

Who is Fire Dragons Most Compatible with?

People born with this zodiac are mostly passive in making relations and doing for others, whereas when it comes to self, they are active, generous and self-disciplined. They are seldom bothered in matters of love affairs as they believe in natural love rather than working with this.

They are idealists when it comes to love. They don’t leave it so easily after breakups and often take a lot of time to come out of their past lives, which makes them a lot of time to get married. However, they lead a smooth and harmonious life after it.

Perfect Matches for Fire Dragons:

Rooster: Both Rooster and Dragon are hardworking, and they will lead a happy life as they both are independent and work towards building a well financial life.

Rat: Both of them share a lot of things in common. They know each other very well, and their wavelength has a different match altogether. They will lead a successful married life if they get married.

Monkey: One of them is good at giving protection and love, and the other is good at money and life. They are both very romantic and love to socialize, which makes them a great match altogether.
Their compatibility and cooperation is the key.

Health of Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon

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