Fire Snake Chinese Zodiac: Personality Traits & Qualities

Fire Snake Zodiac and Their Clever, Witty Personalities

The people born in 1941, 1953, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 fall into the Chinese Snake Zodiac. The Fire Snake Zodiac means those born during the snake years associated with the fire element, and the Fire Snake year is 1977.

However, not everyone born in 1977 is a Fire snake, as the Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar, different from the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the natives born between February 18, 1977, and February 6, 197,8 are considered a part of the Fire Snake Zodiac. Whereas the ones born from January 1 1977, to January 17 1977, fall under the previous year’s zodiac and element, Fire Dragon.

The Lucky numbers of the Fire Snake Zodiacs are 2,8,9, and their lucky colours are red, yellow, and black. So now that you know, the basics of the Fire Snake Zodiac let’s look at some of their personality traits.

The Chinese Fire Snake Zodiac And Their Personality Traits

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