Snake Characteristics And Personality Traits

The Snake natives are said to be brilliant, explains Chinese Zodiac and Predictions. But, it also considers Snakes as quite ruthless and dark beings who are sly and insidious. Most of the time, they are labelled as dark individuals. Snakes are also symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. The natives who belong to the Snake Zodiac sign are quite well educated, smart and workaholic individuals. They are also very humorous beings. These natives can become brilliant artists and political thinkers.

Snake Zodiac Eminent Personalities

The natives who belong to the Snake personality are quite enthusiastic people. They might come across as someone very nonchalant. These natives are decent, sophisticated and eloquent people. Some of them are also quite romantic at heart. They enjoy cracking jokes! Others might feel relaxed and comfortable around the native of Snake descent. The Snake natives might very rarely get angry. This is because they are used to thinking thrice before they speak! They are great thinkers and creative people. They come up with a very clear vision. They can make clear plans and goals for their life and career, and it is possible for them to gradually achieve them one after the other. They are also good with spiritual work. In such situations, that might be unfavourable to them. These natives can remain quite calm and composed. They can think straight and rationally. Their innate sense and insightful nature can make them grasp and understand things quite easily. They are not the ones to be deceived easily. The Snakes can make impactful decisions and have the courage to fulfil what they plan.

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Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality

The native of Snake Zodiac, as per Chinese Astrology, might be blamed for being suspicious and stingy. However, the natives who are born in the Snake month will never show their weak side to others. It becomes salsa tough for their close ones to look at the inner dimensions that these Snake natives are so capable of guarding. Hence they might be mysterious, and hence people would prefer to keep a good distance from them. At times these Snakes might get overly curious about the personal life and affairs of other people. They might indulge in gossips. All of this will make others keep a safe distance from them. They might even spread false rumours. The Snakes have a lot of goals and ambitions. However, they are not very persistent to be able to achieve them. They might jealous easily. They might even plan and go against the natives who are better than themselves rather than learning from them.

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Snake Zodiac: Career

Natives of Chinese Zodiac Snake are good thinkers. These natives can be outstanding in the career of history, arts and creativity. These natives are quite bold, and they can face challenges heads on. They are not the ones to give up easily. They have a very strong sense of responsibility in commitments. They are strong enough to deal with all and any kind of difficulties. They have vivid memories, so they can always remember their clients’ tastes and preferences. This can help them a lot in their career. These natives are very smart, and they are acute. Hence they can always find the opportunity to get promoted. They have outstanding leadership abilities. Along with they can execute their projects efficiently. This can support them to climb up the corporate ladder sooner than later. However, the Snakes are advised to remain quite prudent while making investment decisions.

Since the snake natives are born with imagination and creativity, office work is not suitable for them. They would surely need certain jobs in which they could utilize their creativity and intelligence efficiently. They could be good designers, educators, writers, journalists or composers.

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Snake Zodiac : Love and compatibility

Natives are very passionate lovers and seek solace in vigorous love affairs. The Snake personality is quite trendy. Therefore, they like to try out new things while in love. Individuals of this sign are also good at reading their partner’s mind. Hence it will be easy for these individuals to attract lovers and partners. Initially, the partner of the snake might feel that they remain quite indifferent. However, gradually over a period of time into the relationship, their passion and zeal will get multiplied. Of course, with the right kind of partners. When it comes to matters of the heart, a Snake is quite romantic. As per Chinese Zodiac and Compatibility, those born under the Snake Zodiac are very loyal and enthusiastic in Love relationships. The male snakes will gain a lot of female attention throughout their lives. The Female snakes are quite straightforward and frank with their partners. However, they might get quite strict with them over certain situations. On the flip side, the Snakes can get quite possessive of their partners. Hence the love interest of an individual of Snake descent may feel depressed and suffocated. Snakes are quite faithful and loyal in their hearts. However, they should give some personal space to their partners.

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The Year Of The Snake Personality Traits

Those who are born in the birth month of Snake Zodiac are quite decent beings, very well educated, humorous and smart. These natives could be great thinkers or artists, or political leaders. A snake’s personality might seem like a non – chalet however they are quite enthusiastic about life and happenings. They could be called mysterious beings because one would not understand what exactly is going on in the minds of these wise Snakes. They will never disclose their weakness to others. They could also get suspicious.

As per Chinese Astrology, the Zodiac Sign of Snake is symbolic of brilliance, humour and Wisdom. The snakes are generally known to be quite sly, dark and insidious beings. Our history and traditions have many legends and stories that depict the characteristics of this “mysterious” animal snake. And most of these folk tales label this animal with negativity and darkness. However, in reality, a snake is symbolic of Wisdom.

Moving further, let’s dig deeper and understand how Female and Male Snake are similar or different in their personality and attributes.

The Man Snake is not very accepting of others to make him or give him happiness. He can thrive in relationships where sensual pleasures can be experienced more often than not. Just like the Snake Woman, the Snake Man is also extremely seductive. Being a masculine gender, male natives of this Zodiac is quite sensitive. He might get hurt easily by sharp words. He battles others’ attitudes and impressions constantly. The Man the Snake is an excellent lover as per Chinese astrology and Zodiac Compatibility. He is quite an imaginative creature.

This gentleman will never try to impose his desires or himself on anyone else. However, he would like to charm others to side with him. He is a cleanliness freak. The Snake likes to keep himself and his surroundings very tidy. This guy is probably self-obsessed at all. Male natives places a decent deal of significance on his looks, appearances. He very carefully manages every item that is there in his wardrobe.

However, his extremely cautious side may paralyze him, and he might not be able to go beyond. He is overly dependent on other people’s opinion of him, and he would try his best to be in their good books. He is someone who would treat each and everybody with gentleness and care. He might end up being quite frustrated because of his own emotional outbursts. His approach is very simple to adhere to the line that has the least or no amount of friction.

This guy values his peace and harmony more than anything else, and nothing is more significant for him than this. However, he might not be very aware of it. He would truly scrutinize the ground that he is walking on and be very circumspect. He tries to be charming, and this is more because he deeply feels the rejection more often and more intensely than others. He should avoid confrontation with people and completely defuse the threats of hostility and any kind of aggression. To achieve this, the Snake Man never lowers his vigilance and exercises all his abilities.

The Female natives are intensely passionate lovers. They will keep showering you with affection as long as you keep showering them with more and more. This lady demands to be the centre of attention at all times. She should be your world, and if you deviate from giving her the attention, she might not take it lightly, and there can be an instant pause in the relationship.

This lady is unpredictable and wild at times. She has mood swings that could be frequent. Her mood swings are drastic, and these may disturb the others around her. She is someone who is well armed with the techniques of lovemaking, and she knows quite well how to soothe and charm her lover in every way.

The Female Snake is an enthusiastic and sensuous lady. She is quite open-minded. She wants her life to be kept quite exciting, or else she might get bored very easily. Snake Women are considered to be getting overly involved with their new partners, and they can get strongly infatuated by them. They can get engrossed in a new relationship.

The Female lady is full of humour, and she is very witty. She can very easily cut down her enemies verbally. She has that sharp tongue. She is quite an alluring beauty, and it is always possible for her to get what she wants in her life. However, if at all she cannot get what she wants, she can become very bitter. In no way will this lady be modest. She will flaunt her charms to any extent.

This alluring beauty works mostly with her heart and very rarely with her mind. She has this unerring instinct for doing the exact right thing. She is an intuitive being, and her intuition serves as a radar in the life of her choice. She can know the correct answers to most of the problems of the world in a fraction of a second without applying a hint of reasoning. She is never, mostly never ever betrayed by her feelings, likes or dislikes.

These ladies are fulfilled with the safety and tranquillity of their own homes. She is not the one to hit a dance floor or socialize more. She would like to rest her stresses in the quietude of her own home. At the same time, she remains afraid because she will not want to antagonize other people. Her peace and happiness, to an extent, depends on others approval and acceptance.

Ending Note

In Chinese Zodiac and Astrology the Snake is the Sixths of all the twelve Zodiac Signs . These natives are blessed with very deep and complex metal abilities. However if they fall in love they do it with all of their existence. They are sophisticated and wise natives and they value time and effort.

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