Feng Shui: Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Home Makeover

Welcome to today’s blog edition. You would be amazed to learn about the abundance of positivity that Feng Shui can bring into our lives. Are you looking for cultivating the habit of good Feng Shui? If yes, let us tell you it is not that challenging. Let us unfold the guidebook to know the meaning and benefits of Feng Shui home makeover. So, without any further ado, here we go.

About Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art, which helps you in the decoration and placement of furniture items in your house. If your living space is aligned with all principles of Feng Shui, you are likely to get benefits from it. You may have pink health, good health, wealth, fortune and happiness in your life. Feng Shui works along with the Five Elements of Nature, i.e. Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth. Each of these elements is said to be moving in a certain way. So, it interacts with one another in such a way that it energizes the surrounding environment. Feng Shui is the method to attract harmony and peace in your comfort zone. If you follow Feng Shui, it may fill your life with happiness, positivity and good vibes.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Makeover

When it comes to makeover your home, there is no one can beat Feng Shui. That’s true because it lends support to keep your house filled with positive vibes. Below are the multiple advantages of Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui may help you make remarkable progress in your career
  • Feng Shui may remove your relationship issues and replace it with harmony
  • With the help of Feng Shui, you could add abundance to your wealth and prosperity
  • Your personal life can improve by many folds with the help of Feng Shui
  • You may enhance your personality with the support of the principles of Feng Shui
  • You can expect better health if you follow the principles of Feng Shui
  • It may bring good fortunes and good luck in your life and dealings
  • It may boost your productivity at your workplace or office areas
  • Feng Shui may help you create a balance between your personal and professional life as well

Effects Of Feng Shui Makeover

If you analyse the method of Feng Shui, it activates the “CHI” inside all of us. Yes, Chi is an energy surplus that resides within our body. Feng Shui can ignite the Chi energy via the support of natural light such as the sunlight, electrical light, oil lamp, a candle or a fire. For example, if you are not making any progress in your career as per your expectations, Feng Shui may activate the dimension within you. So, you may have plenty of new opportunities and luck may favour you. Below are the significant effect of following Feng Shui.

Main entrance may add goodness to your health and wealth

The main gain of your home or workplace holds the significance in your life and doings. If your main door is not visible easily from the streets, you may struggle to get the desired wealth. This may also have a negative impact on your health, finances and other aspects of your life. So, you must bring the good energy of “Chi” into your life by placing moving objects like flags, wide socks, water feature or lights along the path. The front door should be clean to welcome Chi into your lives.

Using Metal Energy May Add Digits To Your Income

Metal energy could work as a security to your wealth. Boosting
metal related energy in your home or workspace will support you to reap the rewards of your hard work. A clutter-free space naturally gives us a sense of freedom and can release creativity and ideas. Objects like clocks, domes, arches, stones, gems, metals and crystals can bring more Chi energy into your spaces. Articles in whites, silver and golds, along with being oval or round metal objects, could boost your financial matters.

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I-Ching coins May Enhance Wealth

Individuals should keep I Ching coins together tied with a red coloured thread with the yang side up to the most important file or folder in your office. This will ensure that your cash flow statement remains steady and uprisen all year round. To activate an abundant source of income that is never-ending, so tie three I – Ching coins with a red thread that should be nine inches long and place them safely in your wallet.

Plants and Flowers Helps You Develop Harmony

Plants are considered quite auspicious in Feng Shui as they generate vital positive energy in the house or workplaces. The wood element in Feng Shui represents growth, new beginnings and wealth.
Hence it becomes vital to place home plants in every room of your property. Colourful flowers have the ability to bring a good balance to your lives. Purple flowers can attract great wealth, and hence they should be placed at the main entrance of your home or room. It is said that pink and red flowers promote love.

Effects Of Orange Peel

This is an age-old practice to restore and revive positive ‘Chi’ in your space. If you believe that you need extra protection, you can protect yourself with the help of an Orange Peel. All you need to do is peel an orange early in the morning and cut make nine pieces from it. Carry these peels (in your pocket) wherever you go, so they may absorb negative vibes around you. Nine is a very strong numeral in Feng Shui. It means completing and culmination. As a result, one should put nine pieces of orange peel.


Be it your health, wealth or relationships, we found that Feng Shui offers great help in every area of life. One should not expect the miracles to unfold by Feng Shui. Instead, keep patient and let Feng Shui manipulate the negative vibes around you. Slowly and steady, you may find positive changes in your life. But moving forward, you must get advice from the Astro experts too.

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