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Significance Of 24 Tirthankaras Of Jainism

Tirthankara refers to the famous spiritual Gurus of Jainism. The Gurus, who earlier gave the spiritual messages to Jains. They are also known as the creator of Tirtha(Sasra), a navigable passage through a sea of births and deaths. Tirthankaras are considered no less than a God, so they are famous as ‘Teaching Gods’ ‘Ford-Makers’ ‘Crossing Makers’ and ‘River-Crossing Makers’. Some of the ancient scriptures of Jain describes Tirthankara as a special form of karma. A soul’s bond with this karma elevates it to the ultimate status of a Tirthankara. As mentioned in Tattvartha Sutra, there are sixteen observances that lead to the influx of karma-free energy. Spiritual figures, teachers, and preachers from the past can be Tirthankaras. At the time when Jainism does not believe in the existence of God, Tirthankara was a rewarding title that represents the supreme deity for Jains. Every occurrence in Tirthankara’s life is auspicious to Jains and is commemorated with great fanfare. Now, before we check the list of 24 Tirthankara, let us understand the meaning of Panch Kalyanaka.

About Panch Kalyanaka

The Process Of Samavartana

Known Facts About Tirthankaras

List Of 24 Tirthankaras

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