Darsha Amavasya 2022: Know Important Dates And Timings

Amavasya is basically a lunar phase of the new Moon. On this day, spiritual and important rituals are performed to remember our ancestors. On the occasion of Darsh Amavasya, Moon will not be visible to us with naked eyes. It is said that negative forces may come into action on this particular day. So, some of the devotees also perform rituals in the wake of evil spirits.

These evil forces may have adverse effects on our lives. Some people may fall prey to mental illness or may become mad. Also, newborn babies succumb to illness on this inauspicious day. Darsha Amavasya marks the end of Krishna Paksha, and it is considered one of the crucial days in the Hindu Calendar. People also offer food, donate eatables, clothes and other materials to Brahmins or poor people. However, if Amavasya falls on Saturday, then it is known as Shani Amavasya. The Sun and Moon unite in the same Nakshatra. During Amavasya night, people may receive positive energies to overcome the bad effects or obstacles. There is also a belief that powerful radiations and energies are released on Amavasya night.

How Devotees Celebrate Amavasya Day?

India is a country of diverse religions and colourful festivities. Talking about the festivals, how can we forget the lightning festival of Diwali? Well, you will be pleased to know that Diwali is also celebrated on the day of Amavasya. Yes, Diwali night is considered the darkest and most inauspicious night of the year. Therefore, we worship both Goddess Kali and Maha Lakshmi on this day. If Amavasya falls on Monday, then many negative forces can be eliminated.

Besides, other important rituals are also performed in order to please our ancestors. The sincere prayers and other ceremonies are performed on this day to prevent any harm to the newborn baby. This may keep babies mentally or physically fit. To avoid the ill effects of unnatural spirits, devotees also worship Goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Narshima and Lord Shani. Other than that, Amavasya is the another name of “Achhoda Manasa Putrika”.

The Proceedings And The Ritual

On the Day of Darsha Amavasya, devotees wake up early and take a bath in the holy river. They keep fasting from early morning till the end of the Darsha Amavasya Tithi or only after observing the Moon. Also, people donate food, clothes and materials to needy ones. In the evening, people keep a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree. Blue flowers, black sesame seeds, and mustard oil are offered to Lord Shani on this day.

If it is the day of Shani Amavasya, then numerous people visit the Shani temple to worship Shani Dev. Black Sesame seeds are also offered to the deity. This can be performed at home or near a banyan tree. Devotees avoid eating things made up of wheat, rice, lentil, and other grains. They only take fruits and milk for the whole day. Those who have Pitra Dosha should offer water to the Peepal tree to avoid the ill effects of the dosha. Many people also utilize their time in reading Darsha Amavasya Vrat Katha. By doing this, they may feel relaxed and may achieve mental peace.

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Important Dates, And Timings Of Darsha Amavasya 2022

Date & MonthDay Tithi & Timings
Jan 2, 2022SundayBegins - 03:41 am, Jan 02 Ends - 12:02 am, Jan 03
Jan 31, 2022MondayBegins - 02:18 pm, Jan 31 Ends - 11:15 am, Feb 01
Mar 2, 2022WednesdayBegins - 01:00 am, Mar 02 Ends - 11:04 pm, Mar 02
Mar 31, 2022 ThursdayBegins - 12:22 pm, Mar 31 Ends - 11:53 am, Apr 01
Apr 30, 2022, Saturday Begins - 12:57 am, Apr 30 Ends - 01:57 am, May 01
May 30, 2022MondayBegins - 02:54 pm, May 29 Ends - 04:59 pm, May 30
Jun 28, 2022Tuesday Begins - 05:52 am, Jun 28 Ends - 08:21 am, Jun 29
Jul 28, 2022ThursdayBegins - 09:11 pm, Jul 27 Ends - 11:24 pm, Jul 28
Aug 26, 2022TuesdayBegins - 12:23 pm, Aug 26 Ends - 01:46 pm, Aug 27
Sept 25, 2022SundayBegins - 03:12 am, Sep 25 Ends - 03:23 am, Sep 26
Oct 25, 2022TuesdayBegins - 05:27 pm, Oct 24 Ends - 04:18 pm, Oct 25
Nov 23, 2022WednesdayBegins - 06:53 am, Nov 23 Ends - 04:26 am, Nov 24
Dec 23, 2022FridayBegins - 07:13 pm, Dec 22 Ends - 03:46 pm, Dec 23

Benefits Of Observing Fast During Darsha Amavasya

It is believed that keeping fast on the Amavasya may eliminate your life problems. You may win against your troubles related to mental or physical illness. Below are some benefits of observing a day-long fast.

  • You may achieve mental peace, also keeping your house free from dirt and dust or having each corner of the house neat and clean may ensure happiness in the house. After evening prayer, light a lamp in the temple and place an oil lamp under Tulsi Plant.
  • During your fast, you can hoist a yellow triangular flag on a Vishnu temple to nullify your hidden enemies.
  • Observing the fasting rituals might help you overcome difficulties and obstacles in life.
  • You may appease Lord Shani by fasting and offering the below items:
    a) Mustard Oil
    b) Black Urad Dal
    c) Black Cloth
    d) Iron Piece or Utensils
    e) Blue flower

While offering all these, you should recite
“Om Nilanjan Samabhasam raviputram Yamagrajam,
Chayamartandsambhut Namami Shanaishchara”

  • You may resolve your job-related problems, cut a lemon into four halves, and throw each piece in a different direction to find success.
  • While fasting does not pick Tulsi leaves. If you wish to offer Tusli leaves, pluck them before a day.
  • Offer clove, sindoor, oil, and black Urad Dal to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa and do Hanuman Puja to receive maximum benefits of this day.

Wrapping Up

Darsha Amavasya is all about the marking the victory over the evil forces around us. In other words, if we follow the rituals of Amavasya, we may win against our enemies as well. We learned how keeping the fast for a day can help us eliminate the life challenges. Therefore, there is a sheer importance of Darsha Amavasya. So, moving forward, don’t forget to observe the fast on this day as you may get blessed by the positive results in life. Hope you have pleasant reading this, switch the tabs until we come up with something new.

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