Know the reason to celebrate Father’s Day

We live in a world full of technological advancements and gadgets. The internet is all over the globe with fancy mobile phones, computers, and social media platforms. Especially, social media has influenced our lifestyle and festival celebrations. Festivals and other special occasions are a way of expressing our love and care for each other. Virtual celebrations have taken over in-person fathers day celebrations.

Fathers Day is also a very special occasion for everyone in the world. A father is a role model for his children and always guides them to live a happy and successful life. On this day, children express love and respect for their father. They post lovely status updates, messages, stories and photographs with their father. 18th June will mark father’s day date in 2023 in India.

Let us decode the history and true sense of celebrating fathers day.

What is Fathers Day?

Fathers Day History and Importance and How Do We Celebrate it?

Celebrating Father’s Contributions to Children

Gift Ideas and Activities


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