Mesha Sankranti 2023: Significance Of Celebrating

Mesha Sankranti commemorates the New Hindu Solar calendar., which occurs on the first day of the solar cycle year. The Hindu calendar also has a lunar new year, which is more religiously important and occurs on various dates.

People believe that on this day, it reflects a particular solar movement. As per Indian astrology, this day marks the entry of the Sun in the zodiac sign of Aries. Mesha Sankranti serves as the foundation for major Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist festivals, the most well-known festivals are Vaisakhi and Vesak. Now, let us move on to check other interesting facts about this auspicious day.

How Mesha Sankranti Originated?

Mesha Sankranti's Celebration Across India

Important Date And Time For Mesha Sankranti 2023

How People Celebrate Mesha Sankranti?

Wrapping Up

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