Shravan Month 2024: Dates, Significance, Puja Vidhi & Fast Rituals

Shravan month, commonly known as Sawan or Shravan Maas, is regarded as a holy month according to Hindu Purana. It is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. Shravan generally comes around July to August month according to the western calendar.

The Hindu month of Shravan is holy and auspicious from both religious and astrological points of view. It is the best time to perform any auspicious ceremony as every day during this month is lucky and spiritually charged. Lord Shiva is worshipped this month.

In fact, Sawan Mahina is all the more auspicious month for Shaivite Hindus as there are various stories and traditions that link the special significance of Lord Shiva to this festival. 

Festivals have always been a huge part of Indian culture, but when festivals also take place during a holy month, it brings another form of celebration for devotees and Hindus in general. The month of Sawan is a whole festivity in itself. But many celebrations arrive within it which have tales of their own.

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Dates and Timings of Shravan Somwar

Dates of Shravan Maas for North Indian States

This year, the month of Shravan 2024 will begin from July 22, 2024, Monday Tuesday, and will continue till August 19, 2024, Monday Tuesday for North Indian states (Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar and Chhattisgar. There will be only four Sawan Mondays this year.

  • Shravana Begins *North: July 22, 2024, Monday
  • 1st Shravan Somwar Vrat: July 22, 2024, Monday
  • 2nd Shravan Somwar Vrat: July 29, 2024, Monday
  • 3rd Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 5, 2024, Monday
  • 4th Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 12, 2024, Monday
  • Shravana End date or Fifth Shravan Vrat: August 19, 2024, Monday

Dates of Shravan Maas for South Indian & West Indians States

  • Shravana Begins *South: August 5, 2024, Monday
  • 1st Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 5, 2024, Monday
  • 2nd Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 12, 2024, Monday
  • 3rd Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 19, 2024, Monday
  • 4th Shravan Somwar Vrat: August 26, 2024, Monday
  • 5th Shravan Somwar Vrat: September 2, 2024, Monday
  • Shravana End date: September 3, 2024, Tuesday

Why the name Shravan?

Shravan mas is one of the holiest months of the year in the Hindu calendar. It is the fifth month of the year in the moon-based Hindu calendar. Are you wondering why this month is called Shravan? Well, there is a mythological belief behind it. On Poornima or a full moon day, or at any time during this month, the Shravan Nakshatra rules the skies; that’s why it is called Shravan month.

Shravan Month Legend

Sagar Manthan (The churning of the ocean) is a very important event in Hindu mythology. It is believed that the Sagar Manthan which took place in search of the immortalising nectar (the Amrit) happened during the month of Shravan mahina. During the churning, 14 different Gems (ratnas) came out from the ocean. The thirteen gems were divided between Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons). But Halahal, which came out after the 13 ratnas ​​was not accepted by anyone because it was the deadliest poison that could destroy the whole universe and every living being. Lord Shiva drank Halahal and kept the poison in his throat. Due to the effect of poison, his throat turned blue, and he came to be known as Neelkanth. 

Such was the effect of that poison that Lord Shiva put a crescent moon on his head, and all the gods started pouring water over Lord Shiva from the holy Ganges to reduce the effect of the poison.

Both these events took place in the month of Shravan, and hence worshipping and offering holy Ganges water to Lord Shiva in this month is considered very auspicious. . 

Rituals of Shravan Month

  • Offering milk to Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan brings a lot of benefits.
  • People wear Rudraksha and use it for chanting. If Rudraksha is worn by offering it to Lord Shiva, it can work more effectively.
  • Offering Panchamrit (a mixture of milk, curd, butter or ghee, honey and jaggery) and bel leaves to the Shiva Linga also invites his grace.
  • You can also chant Shiv Chalisa and do regular aarti of Lord Shiva.
  • Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is very auspicious.
  • Besides, you should fast on all Shravan Mondays. Sawan Somvar fast can be very beneficial to a girl looking for a good husband.

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Significance Of Shravan

As already mentioned in the legend, once upon a time, all gods in the heavens and the demons of hell started churning an ocean. In search of elixir, they churned it for months, gaining all sorts of gifts which also had poison as a gift among them.

Now this poison was consumed by Lord Shiva, resulting in his throat turning blue as he held the poison in his throat. As to reduce the effects of poison, gods started offering water from the river of Ganges to Lord Shiva.

This whole scenario took place in Shravan month. Therefore, devotees believe that offering water and milk during this month help extinguish the fire that poison created in Lord Shiva’s body.

Prayers and other rituals are also performed to please Lord Shiva, as he is considered the kindest of them all. As mentioned before, some people consider fasting on Mondays, especially young women wanting good husbands. Chanting Lord Shiva’s name 108 times is also advantageous.

How Shravan Month is Celebrated?

The Shravan celebration differs for each state. In North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan Shravan is celebrated 15 days earlier than other South Indian states.

During this month, many communities in India like Jains abandon fresh greenery that contains insects in them to not kill them inadvertently. While states like Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka practice vegetarian diets as the rainy season makes it challenging to get seafood.

Devotees practice fast during this month as it helps calm your body and mind. If someone can not hold fast for a month, they do it every Monday of the month. As it is supposed to be the ruling deity Lord Shiva’s day. Some may fast on Tuesday also to appease the Goddess Parvati, his devout spouse. Lord Shiva has a huge contribution to how the celebration of Shravan maas started.

The Astrological Significance of the Shravan Month

Lord Shiva is also worshipped to get rid of the effects of bad planets and to get rid of incurable diseases which come with increasing age. If one is facing misfortune in life, or one is facing evil eye or if, then worshipping Shiva will remove all these problems.

Well, here are some astrological remedies which can be done in the month of Sawan, which can rid you of all kinds of problems.

  • Establish a Siddha Peeth in the home temple and worship it regularly while chanting the Maha Mantra Om Namah Shivaya for peace and prosperity.
  • If you are facing any problem due to negative energy, then wearing an armour made of Rudraksha garland in the month of Shravan will prove to be good. It will protect you and keep you healthy.
  • If someone is having health-related problems, then Mahamrityunjaya Puja is very good in the month of Shravan. This may eliminate any disease of yours completely.
  • If you are unable to conduct expensive worship due to financial constraints, then you can buy a Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, worship the yantra and chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra for at least 3 hours by lighting a lamp.
  • In the month of Shravan, if someone anoints Shivling with sugarcane juice or sweet water, it helps in reducing the problems related to Mars.
  • Recite Shiv Purana in Sawan and donate it to any devotee of Shiva; it will help you win the grace of Lord Shiva.
  • In the month of Shravan, regularly anoint Lord Shiva with coconut water in the Shiva temple and distribute coconut to the devotees.

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How to Worship Shiva in Sawan as per the Zodiac Signs?

  • AriesAries natives should anoint Shivling with curd during Sawan and chant Om Nageshwaraya Namah mantra while offering red gulal and flowers.
  • Taurus – Every Monday during Sawan, Taurus natives should mix water in raw milk and offer it on Shivling. Along with this, offer curd, sandalwood and white flowers. During this, the recitation of Rudrashtak will also be fruitful.
  • Gemini – On every Sawan Somwar, the people of Gemini sign should anoint Lord Shiva Shankar with pomegranate or sugarcane juice and offer them by applying white sandalwood on Bel leaves. During this, chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra.
  • CancerCancer natives should anoint Shivling with pure ghee on every Shravan Monday and offer sweets made of mawa. Chant the mantra Om Somanathaya Namah.
  • LeoLeo natives should pour jaggery mixed water on Shivling every Monday during Sawan and chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Besides, a lamp of cow’s ghee should also be lit in front of God.
  • Virgo – The people of the Virgo sign should anoint Shivalinga by pouring sugarcane juice or water (with Bel leaves) during Sawan Monday. Along with this, you should chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra.
  • Libra – People of the Libra zodiac should offer perfume or fragrant water to Lord Shiva; along with this, recite Shiva Sahasranamams. Offer shrikhand, sandalwood and white sandalwood bilva leaves to Shiva.
  • ScorpioScorpio natives should recite Rudrashtak on every Monday of Sawan by anointing Lord Shiva with Panchamrit. It solves all the business-related problems.
  • Sagittarius – On every Monday of Sawan, you should anoint Shivling by mixing saffron in cow’s milk. With this, apply sandalwood on a bilvapatra and offer it to Shivling. Chant Panchakshari Mantra.
  • CapricornCapricorn natives should anoint God by pouring Kusha in water on every Monday of Sawan. Donate wheat and chant the Panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivaya
  • Aquarius – The natives of Aquarius should anoint Shivling by putting sesame in water every Monday of Sawan and light a mustard oil lamp in front of God. With this, chant the Shadakshar Mantra of Lord Shiva eleven times.
  • PiscesPisces natives should anoint the Lord with turmeric mixed with milk or water on every Monday during Sawan and recite Shiva Tandava.

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The Festivals that Follow during Shravan Month

Nag Panchami

It is believed to offer milk to snakes on this day by people who believe in astrology. It is also known that snakes do not consume milk at all. Snakes are considered holy species as their species have a special place in Lord Shiva’s body.

It is said that when snakes went to Shiva to complain about how men despise their race, due to his compassionate heart, he gave them the honour to be placed around his neck like a precious ornament.

Nag Panchami puja is auspicious as snakes are considered divine creatures, according to Vedas. 

Raksha Bandhan

This festival is celebrated for signifying the bond between brothers and sisters. As the name ‘Raksha’ means protection, it is said that whoever protects you, you can tie a silk string to them as gratitude and promise of protecting you.

Along with Raksha Bandhan, a festival called Nariyal Poornima is also celebrated on the full moon. The coastal Indian natives offer a coconut to the sea to respect the god of the sea and for them to calm down after the rainy season as most natives there depend on the sea for a living.

Wrapping Up

Celebrate shravan 2024 with devotion and zest and have the blessing of Lord Shiva throughout your life.
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