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Shiv Mantra: Meaning, benefits, & Much More

One of the most significant figures in the Hindu faith is Lord Shiva. His name means “the auspicious,” literally, and “the destroyer” is his most common epithet. In Hindu scripture, he takes many forms and is said to have 1008 names. “Mahadeva,” which means “great god,” is one of his most common names. Most frequently, he is regarded as one of the three holy gods of the Trimurti. Because of his paradoxical nature, he is one of the most complex and mysterious gods in Hindu tradition.

Lord Shiva is known as the god of destruction in the Hindu religion. He is called a symbol of grace as well. People around the world pray to Lord Shiva in different ways, and he is very easily pleased. Shiva Puja includes Shiva Mantras recitation. These mantras are chanted to win over fear and fight. These mantras protect us against diseases, fears, and so on.

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