Vishwakarma Jayanti 2023: Some Notable Facts About The Day

Vishwakarma Jayanti is known to be an auspicious day as it commemorates the birth of the Hindu deity, Lord Vishwakarma. As per Hindu mythology, all of the Hindu Divine beings and Goddesses’ mansions and their arms and vehicles were created by Lord Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma Jayanti is also commonly known as Vishwakarma Puja. Devotees perform this puja on the day of Krishna Purnima, also known as Kailash Sankramanam.

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Who is Vishwakarma God?

According to Hindu mythology, the idol of lord Vishwakarma depicts that he has multiple arms. He is holding a crown, a moisture, a journal, a tree branch, and weapons in his hands. The Rig Veda further describes him as a lord of destruction. Lord Vishwakarma is the Creator of craftsmen, metallurgists, silversmiths, secret societies, with all those talented in woodworking. Vishwakarma wields power over the sixty-four industrial arts and is said to have introduced the Sthapatya Veda, or fourth Upa-Veda. His multiple features and weapons reflect his multidimensional imaginative force as well as his unrivalled intensity.

He is the designer of the Gods’ flying chariots with modeling every one of the ‘ divine’ sailing spears as well as their axes (with divine attributes). Moreover, he is the architect behind the Gods’ weapons. The Vajra, Lord Indra’s spiritual arsenal, was constructed first from bones of philosopher Dadhichi, and perhaps even the Agnayestra. Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra comes immediately to mind. It’s also the function of Lord Vishwakarma.

In Sri Lanka’s golden city, Ravana was flabbergasted by the uniqueness of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s domicile since he was scheduled to participate the Grihapravesh ritual at Lord Shiva and Parvati’s abode, which was a golden paradise built by Lord Vishwakarma, according to Hindu scriptures. Ravana, fascinated by the elegance and opulence of the paradise, persisted for the golden chapel itself when Lord Shiva asked him to ask for everything he wanted for the Dakshina. Ravana’s prayers were then answered by Lord Shiva, and so he went on to build a glorious Lanka, ‘Ravana’s estate’.

Why Did Lord Vishwakarma Establish The Town Of Indraprastha?

As per mythology, Indraprastha’s architectural marvel and elegance is unimaginable. The everton’s surfaces had such a solid result that they appeared like water, and the reservoirs and pools within the palace gave the impression of a horizontal plane with no steam in them. This structural creation is attributed with paving the way for the Mahabharata war.

Duryodhana accidentally knocked since he betrayed the reservoir for a solid surface once the Pandavas welcomed the Kauravas to explore Indraprastha. Draupadi couldn’t stop giggling and mocked Duryodhana by referring him to his father, who was blind. Duryodhana grew agitated, and it became the chief cause of the conflict.

Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s base, is another establishment, which was constructed by Lord Vishwakarma. As ancient saints believe, it was built in a single night at the time of Mahabharata combat. And later, it became Karma Bhoomi of Lord Krishna. At present, it is well-known as the Hindu pilgrimage site.

The Lord Vishwakarma is also the creator of Satya Yuga (Heaven), the Treta Yuga (Lanka), the Dwapar Yuga (Dwarka – Krishna’s capital), and and the Kali Yuga (Hastinapur and Indraprastha)

Vishwakarma apparently means ‘everything-creator’ (vishwa means ‘all’ and karman means ‘doer’). Vishwakarma is defined in the Rig Veda as the divine architect of the planet, an epitome of the Supernatural Being’s creative genius.

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