American Diamond – Best Gift for Modern and Traditional Women

People often keep saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. But nowadays, women like to go with the American Diamond. American Diamonds are different from real diamonds in many ways. But the most important difference lies in the American diamond cost. Since American diamond jewellery is more affordable than real diamond ones, people often choose to gift their beloved ladies with American diamond rings.

Not only as a gift but the American diamond gemstone is also used by many astrologers as a remedy to pacify the malefic influence of planetary positions and other doshas built due to the weakness of any planet. But before we understand the importance and benefits of American diamond gemstones, let’s understand what are American diamonds and also see how an American diamond is different from a real diamond.

All You Need to Know About the American Diamond

American diamonds are artificial or synthetic stones that are prepared in certain laboratories. These diamonds are also known as Cubic Zirconia. Many Bollywood divas are often seen donning these American diamond pieces of jewellery at different occasions and events. Later in the article, we shall explore the American diamonds gemstones benefits as per astrology.

There is a variety of Zirconia that are easily available in the market. A few of the Zirconia crystals are enlisted below.

  • White Zirconia – This type of American diamond is the exact replica of the real diamond. It is colourless and has lustre like that of a diamond.
  • Yellow Zirconia – This is a rare American diamond that gives a very rich look to the American diamond sets.
  • Blue Zirconia – It has a beautiful, elegant and bright blue colour that makes it perfect for American diamond jewellery with a rich look.
  • Red Zirconia – This is one of the most popular American diamonds and is always in demand. It has a bright red hue colour that attracts the attention of women, who love to flaunt their expensive American diamond jewellery.
  • Green Zirconia – This crystal is used for making American diamond rings with an affordable price and rich look.
  • Pink Zirconia – Known for its graceful appearance, it is widely popular amongst brides-to-be.
  • There are Orange, Brown and Purple Zirconia also available in the market. These are also used in making American diamond jewellery.

How do American Diamonds and Real Diamonds Differ?

For an amateur, it’s difficult to identify the difference between American diamond and real diamond. But it’s very important to understand the difference, especially if you are planning to purchase them. The knowledge of the difference between American diamond and real diamond will help you in saving yourself from being duped by greedy vendors who sell artificial crystals that are exactly the same as the expensive real crystals or stones.

Many times, people purchase American diamond jewellery and pay in lakhs, thinking it to be a real diamond as projected by the seller or the jeweler. So, here are the major differences between real diamonds and American diamonds.

  • Diamonds are known to be the hardest stones or crystals. It is difficult to break them, and it’s nearly impossible to make even the smallest scratch on them. But American diamonds are not hard and can be tested for breakage easily.
  • Diamonds can have a fog over them for only a few seconds. Whereas American diamonds don’t let fog fade easily. So, try to breathe over the stone. If there is the presence of fog for less than 2-3 seconds, you can know that it is a real diamond, and if the fog remains for a longer period, then it is not a real diamond.
  • Another way to check the diamond genuineness is by looking at some text through the stone. If the letters are not recognizable or readable, your piece is a real diamond.
  • Real diamonds sink in a glass of water, while American diamonds float over the surface of the water. Remember, these are tests that can be performed on loose stones and not on the pieces that are studded in the ring or any other jewellery. So it’s always wise to consult an expert.

American Diamond Gemstones and Its Benefits

The American diamonds are known to possess transcendental properties that fill the wearer with peace and passion. As the American diamond stone price is comparatively low and American diamond jewellery’s online availability is high, it has gained a huge market across the globe. Its popularity can also be credited to the American diamond’s benefits as per astrology. Many expert astrologers have recommended the natives born in the month of December to wear the American diamond stone rings as it attracts good luck and fortune. Its other benefits include:

  • The ruling planet of the American diamond is Venus. Hence, wearing the American diamond gemstone benefits the native in attaining marital bliss and steady love life.
  • The one who wears American diamond jewellery attracts abundance and possesses an attractive personality too.
  • The American diamond gemstone aids in faster recovery from problems related to the reproductive organs and sexual well-being.
  • People who suffer from bronchitis or other lungs related problems are advised to wear an American diamond gemstone ring on the middle finger of the right hand.
  • The gemstones also help in treating insomnia in patients.
  • The American diamond ring helps in instilling self-confidence in its wearer.
  • The American diamond gemstone maintains the physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium in a person’s life.
  • It helps recover the ailing muscles.
  • The American diamond gemstone benefits a pregnant woman and helps in easy labour.
  • It removes negativity and gives the courage to face challenges.
  • The American diamond gemstone helps in transforming dreams into reality.
  • The American diamond stone is helpful in recovering from kidney and stomach diseases.

With so many known benefits of American diamond stone, it has indeed become the favourite remedy of many people. The best part is that the American diamond price is affordable for most people and the American diamond doesn’t cost a fortune. Call us to order your piece now and get a heavy discount!

Let’s Talk About American Swiss Engagement Rings

Engagements and marriages are the biggest fascinations for anyone. And when you need a jewellery piece to lock your love bond, then the American Swiss Engagement Rings are the best options these days. Especially for women, possessing an American diamond ring is a matter of pride. And if the ring is the American Swiss engagement ring, then the feeling is altogether elated. The American Swiss Engagement rings’ price can range from around Rs 5000 to Rs 25,000 or more. It depends upon the size and weight of the American diamond and the metal used to fix the diamond. If the American diamond ring is studded in gold, then it will cost you higher as compared to the one that is fixed in silver.

But it is important to keep in mind the astrological significance of the American diamond stone and hence, one should wear it only after consulting an expert astrologer who can guide you with the correct type of gemstone that you need to wear. Ask our expert astrologer about it today!

Closing Note - Have a Wonderful Collection of American Diamond Jewellery!

With such an oceanic knowledge about the American diamond gemstones benefits and significance, you must be eager to have your own collection of American diamond jewellery and sets. And of course, another reason to possess the American diamond sets is that it suits women of all ages and generations, whether traditional or contemporary and modern.

Another advantage is the easy accessibility and wide range and choice available of American diamond jewellery online. The lightweight and the rich and classy look compel people to have an American diamond ring glittering on their fingers. The internet has a plethora of platforms that offer a huge variety of American diamond jewellery at affordable prices for women of all classes, be it a housewife, working woman, college girl or just a bride to be. The various designs and colours available in American diamond jewellery make the whole idea so tempting that even men can’t resist it and they land up purchasing it for their beloved woman or spouse or mother or even sister. The American diamond rings are the most affordable and the best gifting option these days. The American diamond stone price may vary from Rs 2000 to Rs 50,000 or even more, depending on its size, weight and quality. That doesn’t sound too expensive for such a beneficial gemstone, isn’t it?

Moreover, the astrological remedies that have come out into public, has aggravated the passion for American diamond gemstones. The American diamond stone is used to strengthen Venus in the horoscope. The American diamond ring not only adds to the beauty, but it also absorbs positivity and makes people fall in love with their partner as it acts as a trigger to aggravate the act of strengthening Venus and its positive influence. American diamond makes its wearer courageous to look within self and improvise. The American diamond gemstone is also effective in maintaining good physical and mental health. In short, the American diamond is a gift to all those who face difficulties and problems in their married life. Moreover, the American diamond stone helps in forming a positive social image of its wearer and it helps in earning a respectable position in society. As per the astrologer, if a person is under the influence of Antardasha or Mahadasha of Venus, they are advised to wear American diamond to lessen the suffering or to gather the courage to face the problems. Wearing the American diamond ring can also help in recovering from diseases related to stomach, kidney and sexual well-being. People prefer to wear American diamond rings to get rid of challenges and sufferings. Who wouldn’t like to wear a beautiful piece of American diamond jewellery to lead a happy, prosperous and successful life with family and friends by their side always? Call us today to know more!

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