Healing properties and meaning of Malachite

At first, Malachite was discovered in parts of Egypt, but it later became famous as a semi-precious stone. At present, it found around various parts of the world. From Russia to Australia, Malachite has been extracted from the ground. Mainly, it is found in places like the Amazon Jungle, Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Australia etc. If you are an astrology lover, you would love to read the benefits and meaning of Malachite stone. So, here we go.

What Is Malachite?

Malachite stone is a semi-precious gemstone, which is also known as the guardian stone, Kidney stone or Dana Phirang. It brings balance in life, abundance, a manifestation of dreams, and brings positive intention to the wearer. It absorbs negative energy, so the wearer may see positive changes around them.

Mainly, this stone is used widely for healing purpose. It stimulates the Heart and Throat Chakras. It is basically copper carbonate hydroxide which is of light green colour. Malachite is used as an ore of copper. It is opaque and sometimes has a patterned surface. Malachite is found in shades of green and sometimes has a white thread-like pattern on it. It is known for bringing positive change to the life of the wearer.

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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Malachite Gemstone?

This gemstone is beneficial for our heart. It is a healer of broken bones and fixes blood pressure related issues. Moreover, it protects you from the toxic flow of negative energy as it is associated with the heart chakra. Malachite has energetic properties so that it helps you and encourages you to let go of old traumas and to step outside your comfort zone. Below are the benefits of wearing Malachite stone.

  • Wearing Malachite stone may protect you from road accidents
  • Malachite stone may remove all the negative energy and protect children from the evil eye
  • Malachite stone can save you from the polluted environment around us by creating a shield around us.
  • It reduces menstrual pain and problems related to periods in women.
  • Diseases like skin issues, asthma, colds, flu, cardiac problems, malaria, arthritis, ovary related diseases may get cured using this stone
  • Individuals associated with the tourism-related business must wear this stone for profitable results.
  • Helps you to get better sleep and will also improve your cell regeneration power.
  • People suffering from stone, liver or kidney related diseases may get rid of them.
  • People with weak nervous systems can also be benefitted.
  • Problems created by Venus, issues between husband-wife or other sexual problems can be resolved by wearing this stone.
  • The wearer may choose a correct path in life.

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Can Malachite Gemstone Be Used In Bracelet Or Jewellery?

This semi-precious stone can also be used in the form of jewellery. One can use it as a bracelet in hand. This amazing stone is chosen for gemstone jewellery, and it looks excellent when worn in the hands. Beyond the aesthetic beauty of its green colour, Malachite is the best way to get all those positive vibrations directly from stone to skin. It is important that the healing crystal should be in contact with your skin in order to get it’s benefits.

Boost up the energy of your Malachite stone by pairing it with other stones that complement its nature. Lapis Lazuli can be used in the company of Malachite, also Tourmaline and Hematite. The latter two stones are extremely well known for healing purposes and can be used as a protective shield. Agate is another great stone that does wonders with Malachite, and together they are quite good for our immune system.

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How To Use Malachite Stone?

Some of you wearing gemstones might know that we need to keep gemstone clean and purified. The same thing goes with Malachite stone, so you need to clean and recharge the gemstone. By doing so, you may keep your surrounding safer and full of positive vibes. So how to do that? It’s simple, keep your Malachite stone inside warm soapy water and a soft cloth to remove the traces. Wash your Malachite every few weeks whenever you find dust on it.

If you feel your Malachite stone needs a recharge for energy, then you can recharge it in few ways. Malachite loves nature, so place it in the garden, beneath a tree or even bury it in the earth or a flower pot for a night to let it soak up Mother Nature’s positivity. For energy back up, you can also leave it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours. But remember, if you keep it in sunlight, you must not leave it for too long as this may lead to fading of the crystal. Never use salt on your Malachite stone, as it can damage the smooth texture of the stone.

This semi-precious stone is not only appealing to the eyes, but it also gives you a feeling of greatness, companionship, positive changes in life and protects you as a shield. It will nurture your mind and soul and will allow good vibes around you.

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Wrapping Up

Malachite stone can be useful in many ways for the wearer. So, one should wear it as a bracelet or as a ring in hand to earn its maximum benefits. But, it is also advisable that individual should only wear the malachite gemstone after seeking proper advice from Astro experts.

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