Healing Power of Gemstones: A Detailed Account Of This Precious Stone

Are you curious to know how gemstones work as energy medicine and other healing properties of crystals? Then you are in the right place! In this blog, we will have a detailed understanding of the many attributes of Gemstones. Besides being adorning jewellery pieces and ornamentation for our homes and workplaces, these colourful gemstones come packed with proven medicinal healing properties. They are also known as “Energy Medicines”. It is because they can cure the very core of our human existence.

Gemstones contain within themselves concentrated energy. With their power full and healing energies that resonate profoundly with the human body, mind and spirit, rocks could be easily be called the perfect energy medicines.

Like many other forms of energy medicines, the gemstone also uses the human body, mind and spirit’s inherent healing prowess to heal, nourish and uplift our being in multiple ways. Each variety of gemstone embodies a unique energy that could amplify its healing power and arrive at specific therapeutic effects.

The historical significance of Gemstones as Healing Medicines
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The gemstone healing properties find their mention in the centuries-old Indian Vedic texts and practices. Traditional people who were aware of gemstones’ healing and magnetic benefits believed that these colourful crystals could maximise an individual’s psychological and physical well-being. As per ancient literature, each of the gems has its very unique healing attributes.

Healing Powers Of Gemstones: Learn About Different Variants

Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Sapphire or “Pukhraj” stimulates and strengthens the wearers’ digestion and related organs. Expert uses it for healing diseases like typhoid, jaundice and tuberculosis.

Emerald: Emerald or “Panna” has a special mention in Vedic Astrology. It helps to protect the wearer from illness and misfortunes. It was called to treat various psychological ailments along with diseases of the nervous system.

Ruby: Ruby was believed to be a magnificent antidote against poisoning as per Vedic Astrology. It was called to treat heart-related ailments, weak eyesight, fluctuating blood pressure and poor blood circulation.

Natural Pearls: Natural pearls found in the ocean’s depth bring about a calming and soothing effect on the human mind, body and soul. They were used as natural purifiers which could absorb all the negative energies and create a fresh balance in the body to cleanse it of all that was harmful.

Other than these stones with healing properties, many other popular gemstones have been used over the centuries like Aquamarine, Amethyst, Diamonds, Coral, Garnet, Opal, Onyx, Lapis, Topaz, Zircon and many others.

How do gemstones work as an “Energy Healing Medicine”?
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Just like you would put FaithFaith in your family doctor and the medication that they prescribe to you in the event of any illness or ailments, you will have to place similar FaithFaith and trust in the healing power of stones. There is this old saying that faith can move mountains”, and with gemstone powers, you need to practice only FaithFaith and nothing more. Let us have an understanding about our Aura. Our physical body has a second body, or the subtle body, which we call an “Aura”. We have many layers of Aura surrounding our physical body. The crystals and their healing properties work with our Aura Body or the Subtle Body. They impact our Subtle Body and our Subtle Body, which bears an impact on our Physical Body. The whole process at work is with the benefits of energy and vibrations. The essence of the power within the gemstones are transferred to our physical body. Such empowering energy of the Crystals would generate remedial benefits and positive vibrations in our existence. Balance and harmony are restored in our existence through these crystals. Each of the above-mentioned crystals vibrates at a unique and different frequency that impacts their colouration. Hence as per the properties of respective gemstones, each one has additional benefits for the various conditions of the human body, mind and spirit.

Healing Powers Of Gemstones: A Boon For Stress Management

One of the safest, subtle yet profound ways of healing our body and mind and doing away with negative energy are wearing or possessing gemstones. Isn’t it interesting how they are capable of impacting us in fabulous ways just by having them around us? Gems can restore the harmony between our physical and Aura bodies. They aid in keeping us mentally and physically healthy. We are all leading very stressful lives nowadays. And one of the primary reasons for all our mental and physical ailments is stress and anxiety. With the kind of lifestyles that we are living, we often become so occupied that we often forget to relax. Gemstones could bring about a calming effect in our lives in a big way!

When we undergo these magical crystals’ healing treatment, we can easily let go of all the unnecessary baggage from our body and mind and immediately feel lighter and better. Gemstones can heal us from within from intense cellular levels. You will feel the difference instantly once you start wearing a gemstone. You will feel energetic and vibrant throughout the day. And at night you will have a peaceful and sound sleep.

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Healing Powers Of Gemstones: A Cure For Emotional And Physical Pain

When you are in any pain, either physical or emotional, you will naturally not feel good. It is our body’s way to tell our mind that something is wrong. You might need to get in touch with your doctor to seek guidance. However, you would find many doctors, maybe off the record, would agree that gemstones possess multiple healing benefits and that these crystals could be used along with the regular course medication to expedite the healing process. When it comes to healing emotional wounds, stones could be the most powerful. A gemstone can effectively cure any emotional trauma. Effective dynamic healing properties of crystals could mitigate a death in the family, a divorce, a job loss or relocation and many other emotional disturbances.

Suppose we feel low and sad due to any of such tragedies, small or big. In that case, a gemstone could support our healing process by releasing the negative emotions and replacing them with positive thoughts and vibrations. They could instantly bring our being into harmony.

Healing Powers Of Gemstones: Best For Meditation and Chakra Awakening

A gemstone is an effective tool for mediation. All you would have to do is wear it while meditating or place it where you are likely to mediate and remain undisturbed. Once you are seated comfortably, you should close your eyes and quieten your mind. Then with your mind’s eye, you should place the gemstone at the very root of your chakra, at the base of the spinal cord. Gradually then, you could point the gemstone upwards through all the chakras of the Aura body until you reach the very top of your head or at the Crown Chakra. During this process, you could visualise that the magical crystals are pulling negative energies from every bit of your body and expelling it all through every pore of your skin. It might sound a bit grandiose and challenging to perform initially, but this process will become very easy with some practice. After observing and realising the positive effect of the healing crystals in your body and mind, you will place your confidence in the healing powers of these magical stones.

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Healing Powers Of Gemstones: Why Quality and Shape Is Significant?

Over many generations and years, people’s efforts to derive gemstones’ healing benefits have been met with varying degrees of success and failure. Until recently, we have not been very successful in discovering a systematic method to unlock the real potential of the crystals’ therapeutic powers. We are on the verge of unlocking the potential of therapeutic Gems for long-lasting and consistent results. However, a gemstone with top-notch quality and with an ideal shape can give us near-perfect results.

To understand why the success of using the gemstone for healing of mind and body was elusive, it is upon us to have a look at the quality of the gemstone that we use. For every medicine to be successful, the most essential aspect is the nature of its composition. Similarly, for the gemstone to be most reliable, it should be high in quality and should be pure. This aspect should not be overlooked while availing of the healing benefits of the Gemstones. Such requirements could actually either make or break the gemstone’s therapeutic worth.

As per Vedic Astrology, the shape of a gemstone can profoundly impact its ability to express its energy and bring about its healing properties. The ideal shape when it comes to Gemstone and Crystal healing is considered to be a sphere. Cutting a raw crystal in sphere shape can profoundly increase its properties to reach depth and heal the very energy of our existence where the root of all our ailments resides. Sphere Gemstones radiate bountiful positive energy that can mitigate all our distress and cure our mental, physical and spiritual existence.

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Healing Powers Of Gemstones: The Lasting Words

The year that has gone by and the times we live in has posed unimaginable risks to human life like never before. COVID-19 underlines and needs us to address various health-related ailments like respiratory issues, immunity-related problems and minor and major infections. We see the whole of existence battling with the very novel enemy. In such grim and pessimistic scenarios, we are all craving for a healing touch.

We could turn towards the various positive and therapeutic benefits of gemstones and crystals during such uncertain times. However, we suggest you Talk to Astrologer to understand how gemstones can supercharge your body, mind and spirit and take care of your overall well being.

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