Healing Power of Gemstones: A Detailed Account Of This Precious Stone

Are you curious to know how gemstones work as energy medicine and other healing properties of crystals? Then you are in the right place! In this blog, we will have a detailed understanding of the many attributes of Gemstones. Besides being adorning jewellery pieces and ornamentation for our homes and workplaces, these colourful gemstones come packed with proven medicinal healing properties. They are also known as “Energy Medicines”. It is because they can cure the very core of our human existence.

Gemstones contain within themselves concentrated energy. With their power full and healing energies that resonate profoundly with the human body, mind and spirit, rocks could be easily be called the perfect energy medicines.

Like many other forms of energy medicines, the gemstone also uses the human body, mind and spirit’s inherent healing prowess to heal, nourish and uplift our being in multiple ways. Each variety of gemstone embodies a unique energy that could amplify its healing power and arrive at specific therapeutic effects.

The historical significance of Gemstones as Healing Medicines
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The gemstone healing properties find their mention in the centuries-old Indian Vedic texts and practices. Traditional people who were aware of gemstones’ healing and magnetic benefits believed that these colourful crystals could maximise an individual’s psychological and physical well-being. As per ancient literature, each of the gems has its very unique healing attributes.

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