Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Mars and Venus seem highly beneficial for your career as the month begins. You will progress in your career with the support of your family, seniors and colleagues. You can utilize this period to expand your business and to increase the volume of your business. But if you are already in a committed relationship, do not take impulsive decision to tie the knot under the influence of Mars. The planetary aspects are not so conducive for educational purposes. There may be some seasonal impact on your health. You may face some challenging times at the career front due to the impact of South Node as the month advances. Conditions may begin to improve and your performance and productivity may also bring positive results around the mid of this month. There will be increased materialistic gains during this phase. If you are in committed relationship, relationship with your mate will be tentative and even small conflicts are likely to blow up significantly around the mid of this month, indicates Mars. The later part of this month seems somewhat complex and here your confidence and discipline shall act as a key to attain positive results in studies. Due to good support of Mars, you will manage to perform well at your work place during the latter half of month. Also, you can expect smooth monetary conditions. But if you are in committed relationship, there may be some issues to face as a results of South Node’s adverse impact. Also, you are likely to face some demanding situations in your studies. The favourable Jupiter will give an upward push to your finances around the moth end. You will have good planetary support from the Venus hence you may have wonderful moments to enjoy with your mate around the month end. You are likely to concentrate on your lessons and do well in your studies. Your awareness for health and fitness will be noteworthy and you will be making all the efforts on increasing your fitness level.