Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Mercury may bring some promising opportunities at your work place in the beginning of this month. As the month advances, Jupiter seems supportive for increasing earnings. The combined impact of Mercury and Venus will boost your love life. You will focus well on your studies and hence there will be marked improvement in your status. However, Saturn indicates your low resistance or weak immune system may make you prone to some seasonal health problems. As the month advances, Jupiter may bring many opportunities for growth and gain in your profession. However, North Node may continue putting hurdles on your way to progress. Love will thrive among committed couples. But senior members of the family may create problems and disrupt the harmony of the family. You are likely to make encouraging progress in your studies. If you are suffering from any ailments, you may get cured around the mid of this month. During the latter half, Saturn will bring many obstacles. As the month advances, your stronger financial status may bring more material pleasure. However, you must not make any ambitious investments as there are chances of wrong judgment under the influence of North Node. Mercury indicates that you should be able to study well and finish your projects within the deadlines. North Node indicates that you may get irritated by constant pressure by seniors as the month approaches its end.. It will be a good time for buying a home, investment in land or vehicle around the month end. The combined impact of Venus and Mars indicates wonderful time for your love life and relationship. Your good grasping power may make you able to manage to learn various subjects quickly. Saturn may help you improve your health and fitness.