Cancer Monthly Horoscope

In the beginning of this month, some excellent options as well as reasonable solutions will make you able to find higher elevation in your work. Some good earning opportunities will be facilitated by the favorable aspects of Venus and Mercury. South Node may bring period of confusions in your love life. Also, the beginning of this month may not offer any major hope for educational development. It indicates reasonable health prospects for you. As the month advances, the measured course of your actions will help you to recover some lost ground. Thanks to Venus’ creative spirit, you will be able to increase the number of customers if you are in business. There will be surprising gains from some new sources around the middle of this month. The impact of planets may bring fresh air of love but some hidden resentments may surface and the North Node can spoil the party. The latter half of this month will be the time for action at your career front. Business meetings, finalizing contracts and some major deals are to be successful, suggests Mercury. You can also expect money from unexpected sources. But as the month reaches its end power struggle is going to set you back a couple of strides at your work place, indicates Mars. But worry not. Jupiter will help you to resolve the problems soon and certainly won't ruin your efforts. All futile expenses have to be cut down to match the uncertain money flows. Venus may bring wealth of feelings and romance in your life. But the South Node may bring some complex conditions and may not allow you to enjoy the true colors of love. This phase will now support your efforts in your studies. Around the month end, you can expect a rush of good feeling, especially if you are doing business. Your health status will be fragile this time around.