Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

In the beginning of this month, due to the impact of shadow planets, you are likely to face some fresh challenges and you may require hard and sustained efforts to get desired success in your career. Venus would bring some moments of amusement and bliss in your love life. Mercury may make you able to grasp complicated subjects very efficiently which may help you to make progress in your studies. There will be some periods in the beginning which might make you uncomfortable with your health and fitness level. If you are doing business, you may expect to get some good news regarding some pending deals around the mid of this month. However, it will not be smooth sailing as Saturn may force you to work hard to achieve what you have set out to. There may be gradual improvement in your relationship and greater clarity now. A lots of positive energy of Jupiter may help you make good progress in your education. It may also help you improve your stamina and fitness. Mercury will make you able to handle resources efficiently and likely to empower your strength during the latter half. You will earn good rewards and appreciations for your creativity. Better support of luck shall help you to strengthen your financial status You may have ample planetary support but carelessness or some misunderstandings created by Mars may make your relationship vulnerable. South Node is going to bring in a lot of disturbance n your studies. Jupiter will enhance your vitality during this week however, as the month progresses it may also make prone to some health problems. Your financial position would stay satisfying and there will be an addition in wealth around the month end. Due to the impact of Mars, some deep rooted feelings both passionate and somewhat stressful, could come to fore strongly. Mercury may help you creating a strong positive environment to expand your knowledge base.