Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

As the month begins, there would be an increase of competition and stiff resistance at your work place. The difficult picture will not last long and you would see some positive rays gradually due to the support of Jupiter. The impact of South Node indicates that some old financial issues may surface and likely to demand your attention. Due to the lack of support from Venus, you may not be able to spend required quality time with your beloved. If you are desirous of admission in higher studies, you are likely to get success. Favorable impact of Mars and Mercury may also grant the chances to explore new avenues that you have been waiting from a very long period around the mid of this month. It will be a favourable time for your investments hence be ready to take a new leap. You may feel gradual relief as your beloved may start getting attracted to you. But disturbance caused by the South Node can make your task more challenging in your studies. You need to keep applying patiently. The impact of North Node may cause some stiff problems but the favouable planetary impact would eventually lead you towards a major betterment in your career during the latter half. If you are in business, there will be enhancement in business growth. Your interest in studies might wane as lethargy and indulgence in entertainment will be apparent indicates the North Node. The period around the month end can be very important as Jupiter indicates that the commitments that you make during this phase is likely to have significant impact on your love life. Mercury is going to frustrate you at times but your intelligence and hard work will help you flourish in your studies and examination. Your immune system will be somewhat weaker around the month end.